How ‘The Get Down’ Compared to ‘Stranger Things,’ ‘The Crown,’ ‘Vinyl’ in Viewer Demand

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Netflix had never canceled an original scripted drama series — until this week. On Wednesday, the streaming service pulled the plug on “The Get Down,” one of the most expensive series in television history, with a first season that cost at least $120 million for 10 episodes. Despite recent assurances that creator Baz Luhrmann that… Read more »

9 Worst New TV Series of 2016, From ‘Rush Hour’ to ‘Good Girls Revolt’ (Photos)

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Plenty of great TV shows premiered in 2016. But you won’t find any of them here. This is about worst TV.  Click on to recall – for one last time – the year’s most-likely-to-be-forgotten bombs, clinkers and stinkers. Yep, worst TV.

“Rush Hour”/CBS

A TV show based on a hit movie – what could go wrong? Everything. “A dispiriting, derivative buddy-cop comedy,” according to USA Today.


Oh, this legal procedural was notorious, all right – mostly for its rotten reviews. “It’s like the writers are just throwing ideas on a wall to see what sticks,” TheWrap’s Amber Dowling wrote.


When Mick Jagger teamed up with Martin Scorsese to tell the story of the ’70s record biz, what resulted was … a curio that never clicked with viewers. HBO renewed the drama for a second season, then changed its mind and killed it after all.

“Good Girls Revolt”/Amazon

A period piece that got the period all wrong, “Good Girls” told the kinda-sorta true story of women who took on discrimination at a newsweekly. So many liberties were taken with the facts, it became hard to take the show seriously.

“Second Chance”/Fox

“Not a Chance” is more like it. A convoluted sci-fi fable loosely based on “Frankenstein,” this Fox drama never figured out what it wanted to be.


Not a good year for medical soaps, especially this one, which USA Today dubbed “badly cast, risibly written.”

“Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency”/BBC America

A major disappointment, considering the pedigree (Netflix/BBC co-production of a Douglas Adams novel series, with Elijah Wood costarring). But hey, BBC has already ordered season two, so ….

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