Pamela Adlon’s Goal for Her ‘Better Things’ Set: ‘Model for a Kinder, Gentler Work Place’

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“Better Things” co-creator, star, writer and director Pamela Adlon “had already seen some s–t” in this business by the time she was 19, which is the current real age of Mikey Madison, the actress playing her eldest TV daughter.

Now the 53-year-old Adlon, who began working in entertainment at age nine, is “trying to make a model for a kinder, gentler work place,” she told reporters Monday at FX’s Television Critics Association press tour.

She doesn’t want Madison or other FX daughters Hannah Alligood and Olivia Edward to go through what she  has.

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“I think I was 15-years-old and I did an independent movie and a director asked me to drop my towel, and that it would be so funny to see my butt — and I was like a little girl,” she told TV critics at the Pasadena media event. “So, I like now, that I’m in a place that I hire people and I make a safe space.”

Adlon has seen some “ugly air,” as she put it, in Hollywood and throughout other businesses: “Abuse of power, people being rude… mismanaging, wasting people’s time, hurting people psychologically and emotionally,” she rattled off.

And it’s not only men who can let a high-level position to go their head, Adlon warned, nor is such abuse always sexually motivated. Season 3 of “Better Things” will tackle exactly these issues — it premieres Thursday, Feb. 28 at 10/9c on FX.

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SXSW 2019: Olivia Wilde, A$AP Rocky and Jeffrey Katzenberg Among Featured and Keynote Speakers

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South by Southwest Conference and Festivals has announced new keynote and featured speakers for the 2019 event, which will include A$AP Rocky, Quibi founder Jeffrey Katzenberg and singer David Crosby.

Actress Pamela Adlon, Chairman and CEO of Vox Media Jim Bankoff, co-founder of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Priscilla Chan, Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Cameron Crowe, author Tim Ferriss, author Neil Gaiman, United States Senator Mazie Hirono, journalist Soledad O’Brien, Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti, Quibi CEO Meg Whitman, Bird founder Tavis VanderZanden and Henry Winkler are also among the featured speakers announced Tuesday.

“Each of the Keynote speakers announced today reflect bold and innovative talent transforming their respective industries,” Hugh Forrest, Chief Programming Officer, said in a statement. “The breadth and diversity of the Featured Speakers make the 2019 event an even stronger and more compelling place for creatives, innovators and storytellers alike.”

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Olivia Wilde, who is attending SXSW Film Festival with her directorial debut, “Booksmart,” will also be a keynote speaker alongside newly announced Endeavor chief marketing officer Bozoma Saint John and Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger. Previously announced Keynotes include Marti Noxon, Jessica Brillhart and Joseph Lubin.

“We’ve been fortunate to have Olivia Wilde at SXSW numerous times as an actress and producer, and we’re always impressed by her talent and her intelligence,”  Janet Pierson, Director of Film, added “We could not be more excited to have her here as a Film Keynote on the eve of her outstanding directorial debut, ‘Booksmart.’”

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SXSW 2019 will take place from March 8 to March 17 in Austin, Texas.

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Optimus Prime Sends Your Favorite Transformer on a Mission in New ‘Bumblebee’ Trailer (Video)

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Paramount Pictures has released a new trailer for “Bumblebee,” which shows Hailee Steinfeld forming a relationship with lovable transformer, Bumblebee.

“Bumblebee” will take the series back in time to the 1980s, thus serving as a prequel to the main series as well as a spinoff. In the trailer, Steinfeld’s character Charlie Watson finds a VW bug in a Californian junk yard, only to discover that the yellow car isn’t just a vehicle.

Turns out, Optimus Prime (or the ghost of the Transformer) sent Bumblebee on a mission to earth to protect the humans from war — and the Decepticons.

See Video: First ‘Bumblebee’ Trailer Is Heavy on Feels, Light on ‘Transformers’ Action

“There is only one way to end this war,” Optimus Prime says in the trailer. “You must protect Earth — and its people.”

The film is directed by Travis Knight of “Kubo and the Two Strings” fame, and is written by Christina Hodson.

The cast includes Steinfeld, John Cena, Pamela Adlon, Stephen Schneider, Jason Drucker, Kenneth Choi and Ricardo Hoyos.

See Video: Sick New ‘Bumblebee’ Footage Teases Transformers ‘Origin Story’

“People can be terrible about things they don’t understand,” Steinfeld says in the trailer.

“Bumblebee” will hit theaters on Dec. 21.

Watch the video above.

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Emmy Predictions: Can A ‘Marvelous’ Newcomer Knock Off Category Regulars On Her First Try?

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‘Bumblebee’ Comic-Con Panel’s Sick New Footage Teases Transformer’s ‘Origin Story’

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Paramount Pictures took “Transformers” fans back to the ’80s with a look at new footage and a trailer for the upcoming prequel “Bumblebee” that answered at least one question about the movie’s villains.

During Paramount’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, “Bumblebee” director Travis Knight called the “Transformers” prequel an “origin story.” The panel also revealed that the movie will include portions that take place on the Transformers’ home planet of Cybertron, and Knight told fans that the jet fighter Transformer featured in the first “Bumblebee trailer” is none other than the Decepticon Blitzwing — not Starscream, a beloved “Transformers” villains, as some had guessed.

“Bumblebee” dials back 27 years before the first of the modern “Transformers” films, and focuses on Bumblebee, the yellow Autobot who’s a primary figure throughout the series. Bumblebee winds up befriending a teenage girl named Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), and the pair go on the run after a government enforcer, Agent Burns (John Cena), tries to capture Bee.

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Of course, it wouldn’t be a transformers movie if there weren’t a bunch of other giant robots to fight on Earth as well — and eventually, Bee and Charlie run into them.

Paramount showed off new footage from the movie during the panel, which gave fans some more insights into the story teased in the film’s first trailer. It found Bumblebee being chased by Burns with a squad of armored vehicles, before the pair are interrupted by Blitzwing, who fires off rockets at everyone and grabs Bumblebee and drags him to the top of a nearby mountain before declaring that he is “sentenced to death.” And then drops him off that mountain.

Bee is still alive, just barely, once he hits the ground. As his systems begin to fail we see him, as his last act before passing out is to scan a yellow VW Beetle.

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When we next see Bumblebee, it’s in footage from the first trailer, in which Charlie discovers the beat up Autobot in a salvage yard in his Beetle form, which leads into an extended version of the sequence from the beginning of the first trailer, with Charlie meeting Bee and very cautiously getting to know him.

A new trailer also came out of the Comic-Con panel, which suggested that Burns might even be working with the Decepticons in the movie.

The story of Bumblebee is an interesting one because he’s been on Earth for quite a while before the events of the “Transformers” movie franchise, or even the prequel. In “Transformers: Last Knight,” it was revealed that Bumblebee has been around on Earth since at least World War II. It seems the prequel might give fans a look into what went on with the Autobots before they appeared in the first “Transformers” in 2007.

“Bumblebee” also stars Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Pamela Adlon, Marcella Bragio, Kenneth Choi, and Justin Theroux and Angela Bassett voicing villainous Decepticons. It’s set to hit theaters on Dec. 21.

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24 Stand-Up Comedians Turned Auteurs, From Donald Glover to Bo Burnham (Photos)

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Emmy Nominees Are Gratefully Honored to Be Thrilled Into Over-the-Moon Shock

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Emmy nominations were announced Thursday morning, and with them came the flood of reactions from those lucky enough to score a nod.

If you’re already done processing TheWrap’s breakdown of nominations by networks and programs, read on for our tally of just how thrilled, honored, grateful and proud this year’s nominees are, according to a semi-scientific survey of our in-boxes.

As of this writing, gratitude was a big winner, with 15 nominees declaring themselves grateful in one way or another — though Brian Grazer and Ron Howard went the extra mile and declared themselves “incredibly grateful” for the nomination in the Outstanding Limited Series category that “Genius” received.

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Honor also made a strong showing, with no fewer than 14 nominees declaring themselves honored or that it was an honor to be nominated.

And what would Emmys nomination day be without some thrills? Seven nominees either said it was thrilling or they were thrilled to be nominated, while “Stranger Things” star Millie Bobby Brown and the “Fuller House” gang took the extra step of declaring themselves “beyond thrilled” about their nominations. “Absolutely thrilled” also landed a mention, via truTV president Chris Linn’s reaction to the Emmy nomination for “At Home with Amy Sedaris.”

Another annual favorite, pride, made a strong showing, with six nominees saying they were proud and “immensely proud” also making a showing.

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Of course, every year there are new additions to the canon, courtesy of nominees who set themselves apart from the piles of thrills, honors and gratitude. Thus, Pamela Adlon was “completely over the moon” about her Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series nomination for “Better Things.” “GLOW” actress Betty Gilpin, meanwhile, found herself in a “shock and denial paralysis.”

And Joseph Fiennes? Well, he was left “a little dumbstruck and elated” by his first Emmy nomination, for “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

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Good luck in September, nominees! In the meantime it’s been a thrilling and gratitude-filled honor to react to your reactions.

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‘Better Things’ Creator Pamela Adlon On New Sense Of Authorship As Series’ Sole Director & Showrunner In Season 2

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In busy times, as the executive producer, writer and star of her first television series—FX’s Better Things—what more could there be for Pamela Adlon to do?
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