11 Movies Shot on Smart Phones, from ‘Tangerine’ to ‘High Flying Bird’ (Photos)

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Steven Soderbergh wasn’t the first filmmaker to shoot an entire movie on an iPhone, but with his latest film “High Flying Bird” he’s proved yet again that it’s totally possible to have a professional, beautiful looking mov…

Jim Carrey’s ‘Kidding’ Coming Back For Second Season On Showtime

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It’s no joke and not much of a surprise, but Kidding is bringing its dark and puppeted humor for a second season on Showtime.
“Kidding has established itself as one of the most endearing and inventive shows on television,” declared the premium cabler’s…

‘Las Vegas Love Stories’ Trailer: Gondry Brothers’ Eight-Second Film Series

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A first-look trailer for a series of short films created by Academy Award-winning director Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and his brother, director Olivier Gondry, is out today. The Partizan Entertainment-produced series, Las Veg…

Michel Gondry on flipping Jim Carrey inside out for Kidding

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The first time Michel Gondry and Jim Carrey worked together, they wound up making one of the best films of the 21st century. (Some may go as far as saying that no other movie from the ’00s could touch it.) They stayed in contact in the years following …

Why Jim Carrey’s ‘Kidding’ Is the Anti-‘Breaking Bad’

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If you’re tired of anti-heroes, Jim Carrey’s new Showtime series, “Kidding,” might be just what you’re looking for.

Writer and executive producer of the series, Dave Holstein, went into the project wanting to write a character that “didn’t want to break bad, but wanted to stay good,” he told reporters at the Television Critics Association summer 2018 press tour on Monday

“To me, it was less about finding a character whose journey was a nervous breakdown and more about coming off a show like ‘Weeds’ that’s full of anti-heroes, and having this sort of fatigue of characters who existed because they were… doing drugs or killing people,” he said.

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Holstein is known for writing “Weeds,” another Showtime series about a suburban mother who turns marijuana dealer. “Kidding,” however, follows a man who stars on a children’s show who simply wants to maintain his wise, kind and sunny outlook, even through the implosion of his TV family. As Showtime puts it, “The result: A kind man in a cruel world faces a slow leak of sanity as hilarious as it is heartbreaking.”

“To me it was about finding someone who had a crisis of faith but really wanted to preserve the goodness in a world that is populated by all the dark edges of premium cable, but not the character itself,” Holstein added. 

“Kidding” also stars Frank Langella, Judy Greer and Catherine Keener. Holstein, who wrote multiple episodes, executive produces and serves as showrunner. The series is also executive produced by Carrey, Michel Gondry, Michael Aguilar, Roberto Benabib, Raffi Adlan, Jason Bateman and Jim Garavente.

You can watch the trailer here.

“Kidding” premieres on Showtime on Sunday, September 9. 

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Jim Carrey to Star on New Showtime Series ‘Kidding’

Jim Carrey Returns to TV as a Children’s Show Host in Crisis in First ‘Kidding’ Trailer (Video)

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Jim Carrey is making his return to television as a series star 24 years after “In Living Color” wrapped with his new Showtime dramedy “Kidding,” and you can see what he has in store above in the just-released first trailer.

“Kidding” follows Carrey as Jeff, aka Mr. Pickles, a beloved children’s entertainer who sees his own life upended as his personal relationships begin to implode. The series, which also stars Catherine Keener, Judy Greer and Frank Langella, reunites Carrey with Michel Gondry, who directed Carrey in 2004’s “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

Per Showtime’s official description, Jeff begins to push back against the limits of the well-oiled machine that is “Mr. Pickles’ Puppet Time,” and of his executive producer, Seb (Langella). Seb fears Jeff’s mental state could ruin the branding empire they’ve built, and thus begins preparing the show for a life after Jeff, while Deirdre (Keener), the head puppet maker, grapples with her own personal and professional life issues. Greer stars as Jeff’s estranged wife and their son is played by Cole Allen.

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Gondry is an executive producer on the show, and will direct several episodes including the premiere. “Kidding” was created and is executive produced by Dave Holsteinwho wrote the pilot and will serve as showrunner. Other executive producers include Carrey, Michael Aguilar, Roberto Benabib, Raffi Adlan, Jason Bateman and Jim Garavente.

Carrey and Aguilar also serve as executive producers Showtime’s stand up comedy period drama “I’m Dying Up Here.”

“Kidding” will premiere September 9, following the ninth-season debut of “Shameless.”

Watch the trailer above.

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Jim Carrey and Michel Gondry re-team for new Showtime series

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