Letitia Wright, Lakeith Stanfield, Jessie Buckley Among BAFTA Rising Star Nominees

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Black Panther star Letitia Wright, Widows star Cynthia Erivo, Sorry To Bother You‘s Lakeith Stanfield, American Animals actor Barry Keoghan and Wild Rose lead Jessie Buckley have been nominated for BAFTA’s EE Rising Star Award.
The nominees…

Letitia Wright, Lakeith Stanfield Nominated for BAFTA’s Rising Star Award

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Letitia Wright and Lakeith Stanfield are among the up-and-coming actors who have been nominated for BAFTA’s coveted Rising Star Award. The Rising Star Award is the only one to be decided by public vote. Last year’s winner was Daniel Kaluuya, the star o…

11 Breakout Movie Stars of 2018: From Henry Golding to Elsie Fisher (Photos)

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Storm Reid
The 15-year-old actress starred in Ava DuVernay’s “A Wrinkle in Time” and quite frankly, stole the show. Overall, the film disappointed critics, but many praised Reid’s performance as Meg Murray.

Zazie Beetz
Zazie Be…

BAFTA Reveals 2018 New Members: Jodie Whittaker, Hugh Grant, Letitia Wright, Willem Dafoe Among Crop; See Full List

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Hugh Grant, Jodie Whittaker and Letitia Wright are among 386 new BAFTA members. The 2018 intake span the film, games and TV industries across eleven countries. Scroll down for the full list of new members.
Among new members are BAFTA-winner Grant, Doct…

Hot Package: John Boyega, Letitia Wright To Star In Mike Cahill-Directed Sci-Fi ‘Hold Back The Stars’

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EXCLUSIVE: After a slowdown for the elections, the business is kicking back into high gear before the holidays. A hot package creating buzz around town today is one that is built around the Katie Khan science fiction novel Hold Back The Stars. Star War…

‘Black Panther’ Star Letitia Wright On Disney’s Juggernaut: “There Was A Need For It” – The Contenders London

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It was an emotional start to the day for 24-year-old British actress Letitia Wright, who plays Wakandan princess Shuri in Disney’s Afro-futurist superhero hit Black Panther. Catching sight of herself in a brief clip from the film, Wright laughingly wip…

Ryan Coogler to Write and Direct ‘Black Panther’ Sequel

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Ryan Coogler will officially write and direct the “Black Panther” sequel for Marvel, an individual with knowledge of the deal told TheWrap.

Of course, most everyone anticipated that Coogler would sign back on for the sequel, given the success of this past February’s mega-blockbuster that grossed $1.3 billion worldwide and has received critical acclaim. The film is even in consideration for a Best Picture nomination at the upcoming Academy Awards.

“Black Panther” was also written and directed by Coogler. Chadwick Boseman starred as the titular character, with Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Martin Freeman, Daniel Kaluuya and Letitia Wright also having roles in the film.

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The film holds a “fresh” score of 97 on Rotten Tomatoes.

Production on a sequel is set to start in either late 2019 or early 2020. Currently, Coogler is in development for the drama “Wrong Answer,” which also stars Michael B. Jordan.

He will also serve as an executive producer on the upcoming “Creed II” with Jordan, as well as on LeBron James’ “Space Jam” sequel.

Coogler is represented by WME.

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Marvel had no comment. Representatives for Coogler and Disney have not yet responded to TheWrap’s request for comment.

The Hollywood Reporter first reported the news.

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Letitia Wright To Play Lead In ‘Black Panther’ Co-Star Danai Gurira’s Stage Play ‘The Convert’

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EXCLUSIVE: Wakanda forever! Letitia Wright is to play the lead role in her Black Panther co-star Danai Gurira’s stage play The Convert, I can reveal. A hot ticket just became even hotter.
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20 Big Things We Learned From the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Director Commentary

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Fans have been speculating about all kinds of things about “Avengers: Infinity War” since the movie came out. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo and screenwriters Chris Markus and Steve McFeely layered their culmination of 10 years of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies with references that cut right back to the MCU’s beginnings, and there are plenty of clues about what the future might hold scattered within, too.

In the home video release for “Infinity War,” the Russos and Markus and McFeely give feature commentary to go with the movie, and they reveal all kinds of interesting things about the film — plus, they confirm a few fan theories about what’s going on in the movie that might give hints about the events of “Avengers 4.” Here are all the interesting, cool and cryptic things we learned from the director commentary on “Infinity War.”

Kenneth Branagh was the voice of the Asgardian distress call

“Infinity War” opens almost directly after “Thor: Ragnarok,” the MCU movie which takes chronologically right before it. That movie ended with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) leading his people away from a destroyed Asgard. “Infinity War” picks up with Thanos (Josh Brolin) attacking the Asgardian “ark” ship. We hear a distress signal from the Asgardian ship at the start of the movie. Turns out, the person calling for help is Thor” and “Thor: The Dark World” director Kenneth Branagh, or Sir Kenneth if you’re feeling especially British.

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Thanos assaulting Xandar to get the Power Stone was in a previous draft of the script

Markus and McFeely discuss how they went through multiple iterations of the “Infinity War” script, because they were developing it even before other MCU movies — notably “Black Panther” and “Thor: Ragnarok” — were completed, or even written. That meant there were multiple versions of the script. In the finished version of “Infinity War,” Thanos gets the Power Stone, which was left in the care of the Nova Corps of the planet Xandar in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” off-screen — he has it when he attacks Thor and the Asgardians.

One version of the script included a huge battle where Thanos attacked Xandar, but it was cut because it was pretty much a foregone conclusion, McFeely and Markus said. They figured the audience wouldn’t need yet another battle in which Thanos emerged victorious with an Infinity Stone, especially because that battle wouldn’t add much to the characters or plot.

The most interesting part of this nugget, though, was that in that version of the story, Thanos and Gamora ran into each other during the battle on Xandar Meaning in that version the crucial “find Gamora and get her to take Thanos to the Soul Stone” part of the plan wouldn’t just have been the result of an odd coincidence.

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The filmmakers confirm Doctor Strange has a secret plan

One scene that’s key to understanding the later events in “Infinity War” is when Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) uses the Time Stone to look at “alternate futures,” the possible outcomes of the battle with Thanos. In that scene, Strange says he sees only one outcome out of 14 million in which the heroes defeat Thanos. Not much more is said after that, but the implication is that his actions from that point, including surrendering the Time Stone to Thanos to save the life of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), are all part of the sequence of events that need to happen to create that victorious future.

During the commentary, the filmmakers talk about Doctor Strange’s character and what he knows at several points, and more than once the Russos and the screenwriters confirm that Doctor Strange knows a lot more than he’s letting on — the term “ominous prophecy” comes up during that scene. While they’re cryptic about it, they’re still strongly implying that everything that happened on Titan, at least, was part of Strange’s plan based on his vision.

Read more about Doctor Strange’s big plan here.

Hulk isn’t scared of Thanos, he’s tired of bailing out Banner

The “Infinity War” arc for Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) and his alter-ego, the Incredible Hulk, is that Banner can’t summon the Hulk to help fight Thanos’ lieutenants, the Black Order, when they attack Earth. Hulk starts the movie by getting absolutely thrashed by Thanos, and after that, every time Banner tries to get the Hulk to come out and fight, he refuses.

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The Russos put to bed the idea that Hulk refused to come out to fight the Black Order because he was afraid of Thanos after his definitive defeat. Instead, the issue is more of a culmination of Hulk and Banner’s ongoing issues — the two sides of the same person hate each other and are constantly battling for control of their shared body. Hulk resents the fact that Banner only wants him around when he needs to smash things. In the movie, Banner is forced to deal with his own problems, rather than continually rely on Hulk.

They blew on Tom Holland’s ear to make his hair stand up (not really)

When Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is introduced during the Black Order’s attack on New York, his hair stands up — visual representation of his “spider-sense” that helps Peter detect and avoid danger. In the commentary, the Russos joke that to get Tom’s hair to stand up, they just “blew gently on his ear.” They reference the fact that they made same joke during an “Anatomy of the Scene” video for the New York Times, but don’t reveal how the effect is really achieved in “Infinity War.” Turns out, it’s just CGI.

Even the filmmakers don’t really know how much time passes over the course of the movie

During the scene when Peter Parker sneaks aboard the Q ship, the Russos and the screenwriters took some guesses at just how much time passes between Thanos’ arrival and the snap at the end of the movie. They didn’t have a firm answer, putting it probably about two days, at the outside. They’re just like us!

Thanos’ plan isn’t a plot hole, it’s a character thing

The filmmakers spent a lot of time talking about the inner and emotional life of Thanos, especially in terms of his relationship with his adopted daughter, Gamora (Zoe Saldana). During the scene on Knowhere, in which Thanos uses the Reality Stone to trick Gamora into thinking she killed him, they talk about how messed up Thanos is — because even though he’s manipulative and abusive, he thinks he’s been good to Gamora.

That led to a discussion of Thanos’ overall plan, and a “plot hole” a lot of people have brought up since the movie was released: If Thanos can use the near-limitless power of the Infinity Stones, instead of killing half of all life in the universe (which he says is to stop the suffering and death created by too many people competing for not enough resources), why not just double all the resources in the galaxy?

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Well, apparently that wasn’t a permanent enough solution for ole Thanos, an egotistical maniac with a messiah complex who is on a quest to save the universe his way and no one is going to be able to convince him his plan sucks.

Here’s a bit more about how Thanos’ plan was actually logical — by his own insane standards.

And why not just use the Reality Stone if it can, like, alter reality?

While discussing Thanos’ use of the Reality Stone to trick Gamora, the Russos also brought up a time when a fan questioned why Thanos couldn’t just use the Reality Stone to enact his plan, since it seems to alter the physical makeup of reality. We see it turn real objects to bubbles and people into ribbons or rocks; why bother gathering all six Infinity Stones if this one is so cool? The answer is that, really, the Reality Stone just doesn’t have enough power. The filmmakers also mentioned that while the Reality Stone seems to have an incredible amount of power, it’s mostly illusory. When it turns Drax (Dave Bautista) and Mantis (Pom Klementieff) into rocks and ribbons, respectively, the effect doesn’t last because it’s more of a short-term trick.

The movie’s inciting incident is Thanos finding out about the Soul Stone

One question that lingers in “Infinity War” is why Thanos hasn’t gotten around to grabbing up all the Infinity Stones before now. In the past, we’ve seen him try to gather them using intermediaries — he sent Loki (Tom Hiddleston) to conquer Earth and steal the Tesseract for him in “The Avengers,” which contained the Space Stone, and he dispatched Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace) to get the Power Stone in “Guardians of the Galaxy.” But why did it take Thanos so long to go on his all-out campaign to get the stones? According to Markus and McFeely, the game-changer was when Thanos found out that Gamora knew the location of the Soul Stone.

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The Soul Stone was the only Infinity Stone that was never teased in the MCU before “Infinity War,” and in the movie, Thanos reveals that he tortured Nebula (Karen Gillan) and found out that Gamora knew of the stone’s location. The screenwriters say that it was that knowledge that turned the tide for Thanos; he previously used agents to go after the stones because he didn’t want to tip off the universe to his genocidal plan and have everyone array against him. When he found out that Gamora could lead him to the Soul Stone, he kicked off his campaign to get the other stones in earnest, creating the events of the movie.

Read more about why Thanos took so long to strike here.

Markus and McFeely had ‘a fetish’ about bringing back Red Skull

The idea to make Red Skull (Ross Marquand) the guide to the Soul Stone on Vormir served a purpose for the script, but it also fulfilled a longtime wish for the movie’s writers. The pair have written all three of the “Captain America” movies, and really wanted to bring the Red Skull, who was the villain in “Captain America: The First Avenger,” back to the MCU. Vormir gave them that opportunity, since they said they needed a reliable guide to the Soul Stone whose information audiences would believe immediately.

As an added bonus, go back and rewatch “The First Avenger” to see for yourself how well Red Skull’s appearance in “Infinity War” is supported by his fate in the earlier film.

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The Wakandans’ chants on the battlefield were ad-libs

Portions of “Infinity War” and “Black Panther” were being made simultaneously, which meant that Joe and Anthony Russo didn’t know a lot of the ins and outs of Wakanda. The decision to set the third act of “Infinity War” in the country was made before “Black Panther” was released to critical and audience acclaim. When the “Black Panther” actors showed up for their big battle scene, though, they already knew their characters — so the powerful Wakandan chants led by M’Baku (Winston Duke) and T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) were ad-libs by the actors.

Read more about how the success of “Black Panther” was a real benefit to “Infinity War” here.

The Russos say Shuri is the smartest person in the MCU

It’s not too big of a tease for the future that the “Infinity War” directors consider Shuri (Letitia Wright) the MCU’s smartest super-genius, especially since it’s the reason the heroes bring Vision (Paul Bettany) to Wakanda to get the Mind Stone removed from his head. But with some fans speculating that Shuri could be the successor to Tony Stark and Iron Man in the future of the MCU, it could be loaded comment.

Rocket’s quip about ‘space dogs’ came from a focus group

The Black Order uses an army of multi-limbed alien lizards to attack Wakanda’s energy shield, and the heroes have to fight a horde of the beasts. After the Russos showed the movie to an early test group, one person described those aliens as “space dogs.” The directors said they thought the description was funny enough to turn it into a line for Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper), which he uses while firing away at the creatures alongside Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), shouting, “Come and get some, space dogs!”

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Star-Lord’s joke about his plan for catching Thanos was an ad-lib

On Titan, when the Guardians of the Galaxy, Tony Stark, Peter Parker and Doctor Strange manage to tie up Thanos, they very nearly get the Infinity Gauntlet off his hand. Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) rockets over a few seconds later, as everyone struggles to keep Thanos tied up, and says, “I thought you’d be hard to catch — for the record, this is my plan.” The joke about the plan was an ad-lib by Pratt.

Speaking of the Guardians, read more about the deleted “Infinity War” scene that definitely should have been in the movie.

There was a draft of the script in which Captain America didn’t show up until Wakanda

Markus and McFeely wanted the arrival of Captain America (Chris Evans) to carry a huge amount of weight, coming after the character’s two years of exile following the events of “Captain America: Civil War.” They achieved that with Cap’s entrance in the Edinburgh scene, alongside Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), but in some of the other drafts of the script, the screenwriters wanted to push the entrance even farther. One draft, they said, had Cap’s first appearance being in Wakanda, when he rockets out of the trees to save Vision’s life as he grapples with bad guy Corvus Glaive (James Michael Shaw). The screenwriters say they were told holding Cap back for that long would be a huge mistake — and then, after thinking about it, decided those people were absolutely right.

Captain America’s big character arc is in ‘Avengers 4’

Grappling with so many characters in one movie was tough, which left Captain America without much character development in “Infinity War.” The screenwriters said that, since they knew “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers 4” would be two parts of the same story all along, they were able to leave the bulk of Cap’s personal story to the second part. During the commentary, the filmmakers mentioned that Cap has “a big story” in “Avengers 4.”

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That orange place Thanos goes at the snap is, in fact, the Soul World

Speculation has run rampant about the nature of the Soul Stone, which, in the comics, contains a whole world where the souls of people killed by the stone are trapped and reside. Fans have figured that the orange place where Thanos winds up briefly after he achieves the snap, where he meets a young Gamora, was the Soul World. In the commentary, the Russos said, “Of course it’s the Soul World,” which likely means the place will have a big part to play in “Avengers 4.”

There’s an actual story reason why Spider-Man took longer to die than everyone else

Most of the characters who fell victim to Thanos’ cosmic finger snap turned to dust in a second or two, but Peter Parker managed to hold out for nearly 30 seconds after uttering his much-memed “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good” line. Apparently, according to Joe Russo, they decided when they filmed the scene that they wanted to draw it out a bit to increase the emotional impact of the whole thing, and they justified it by telling Tom Holland that “you’re using your strength as Spider-Man to fight this.” Which is a fascinating, and believable, bit of lore that they apparently came up with on the fly.

Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet were permanently damaged by the snap

When Thanos snaps his fingers at the end of “Infinity War” and gets his wish, a huge amount of energy is expelled, and the Gauntlet and Thanos’ arm are singed by it. In fact, the snap looks like it hurts Thanos pretty badly. The Russos confirmed in the commentary what they’ve said before: using the Gauntlet took a toll on Thanos. What’s interesting is that the filmmakers used the word “permanently” to describe the damage done to both the Mad Titan and his weapon. Sounds like that could have implications for Thanos and the Gauntlet in the future, and maybe, how they can be beaten.

Also, imagine if Thanos is dead at the beginning of “Avengers 4,” having succumbed to that gaping chest wound. Hoo boy.

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The final shot of Thanos contains a comic Easter Egg

Eagle-eyed fans will notice that when Thanos comes out of his hut on the unnamed planet at the end of “Infinity War” after achieving his goal, there’s a figure in the bottom-right corner of the frame. It’s a scarecrow, one made out of Thanos’ armor from the beginning of the movie. That’s a nod to the Marvel comics, in which, after the “Infinity Gauntlet” storyline, Thanos leaves the life of villainy to become a farmer, and uses his armor to make a scarecrow in his field.

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‘Black Panther’: The 10 Most Interesting Things We Learned From Ryan Coogler’s Director Commentary

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There’s a reason that “Black Panther” is the best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies — it goes beyond just being a superhero movie to become a politically charged, symbolic, expertly crafted movie. There’s plenty to pick up while watching “Black Panther,” but if you want the full deep-dive experience, watching the home video release with Director and Co-writer Ryan Coogler’s commentary is the way to go.

Coogler and Production Designer Hannah Beachler, who joins him on the commentary, offer a ton of fascinating insights into “Black Panther” and looks behind the scenes, and into the minds of what the filmmakers as they were creating the movie. Here are the 10 things we found most interesting about “Black Panther” thanks to the commentary.

The use of color is essential to the story

Anybody who watches “Black Panther” can see that how color is used throughout the movie is an essential part of the production design. Wakanda is a vibrant place because of it, for one thing, and how color is used in sets and costumes gives “Black Panther” its intrinsically African feel. Beyond just the obvious application of colors to certain characters that help identify them — T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) in black, Okoye (Danai Gurira) in red and Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) in green — Coogler made heavy use of color symbolically, too. Purple is used for spirituality and royalty, for instance.

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The color that might be used most in the movie, blue, designates colonialism throughout the movie, which is why it’s an essential part of the costumes for Klaue (Andy Serkis), Ross (Martin Freeman) and, of course, Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan). The London scene in particular, where Killmonger and Klaue steal vibranium from an exhibit, is awash in blue. Coogler said the scene even has a slight blue filter applied to it, to really give the whole sequence a specific symbolic feeling.

That London scene had a real-life inspiration

The introduction of Killmonger is his visit to a London museum, where he has poignant interaction with a white curator as she tells him about African history and artifacts. Killmonger plays along with her for a bit, allowing her to show off her expertise, before schooling her on Wakanda, and the fact that she doesn’t actually know what’s in her museum’s collection.

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In the commentary, Coogler said that moment preceding the heist, which plays heavily into the film’s themes of colonialism, was based on a real incident. He said he and his wife experience something similar in a museum — without the following theft and shootout, of course.

The succession fight was inspired in part by Steven Spielberg’s film “Lincoln”

The fight for succession in Wakanda, in which the king must entertain any challengers in a potential fight to the death, pulls double-duty in “Black Panther”: It’s a fun action scene and rooted in tradition, but it also has political overtones of bringing the tribes together and giving them an opportunity to show support, or distrust, in their leadership. Coogler said the animated discussion of politics that occurs when M’Baku (Winston Duke) shows up from the Jabari tribe and calls T’Challa out (before the two men beat the hell out of each other) was inspired by the animated political discussions in “Lincoln,” Steven Spielberg’s movie about the 16th president.

That rhino isn’t a rhino

CGI helps bring the rhinoceros to life when T’Challa visits W’Kabi (Daniel Kaluuya) and the Border Tribe early in the movie. When W’Kabi feeds the rhino an apple in the scene, the part is actually played by a Clydesdale horse. The horse is “wrapped” in CGI in order to create the rhino, whose name M20. That name came from a real-life rhino Coogler saw at a wildlife preserve when the crew was visiting South Africa to scout locations, calling it “the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” Though the real M20 had his horn removed in order to protect him from poachers, it’s preserved in the “Black Panther” version of the animal.

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Names and identities matter

Along with colors, names and identities are another big motif throughout “Black Panther,” Coogler said. T’Challa gains strength from his identity as the son of T’Chaka, and from his name, as seen during the coronation fight with M’Baku. Meanwhile, Killmonger echoes the experience of African Americans — he has had a number of names, and a number of different aspects to his identity, some formed by Wakanda and some formed by his life in the Western World. A big part of the story in “Black Panther” is about T’Challa figuring out who he is and what king he’ll be, and that filters down to Wakanda finding its own identity going forward.

Killmonger lost both his parents

Though it’s not really discussed in the movie, Coogler explained that what N’Jobu (Sterling K. Brown) was doing when T’Chaka (Atwanda Kani) found him in Oakland. He was planning a jailbreak to rescue the woman he’d fallen in love with, who was also Killmonger’s mother. Obviously, that mission never went through, since T’Chaka killed N’Jobu in Oakland. Killmonger’s unnamed mother died in prison as a result, which meant the boy wound up an orphan — which makes his anger at Wakanda and T’Chaka for abandoning him even more reasonable.

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T’Challa’s superpower probably isn’t what you think

The powers that make T’Challa the Black Panther are his strength and speed, as well as his bulletproof suit, but those things are only what make T’Challa good at fighting people. In Coogler’s opinion, the ting that’s actually T’Challa’s power — the thing that makes him a hero to Wakanda and triumphant in the end — is his ability to know who to trust, and building strong relationships. He confides in Nakia about T’Chaka, N’Jobu and Killmonger in order to get her advice, and he survives Killmonger defeating him in ritual combat thanks to his previous actions with his family and M’Baku. Coogler describes T’Challa as a strong judge of character and an inspirational leader, and those are the things that ultimately allow him to be a hero. It’s an interesting perspective on the idea of superheroes in general.

Killmonger had a real-life inspiration

Killmonger is a phenomenal villain because he’s often so relatable. Even though he’s a bad guy who is willing to hurt and kill people to achieve his goals, where he’s coming from and what he believes also makes sense. Jordan plays the role by tapping into the pain of what Killmonger has been through — even though he’s fought and killed throughout his life, he’s not happy about it. Coogler said the character was inspired by a real veteran he met in New York, who told him about his experiences as a soldier. “There was a pain and matter-of-factness to it that stuck with me,” Coogler said in the commentary.

Nakia was inspired by Harriet Tubman

The characters of “Black Panther” and Wakanda are informed by history in a lot of ways, as Coogler described them. The scene in which Nakia manages to spirit away Shuri (Letitia Wright) and Romanda (Angela Bassett) is meant to call up Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad, a historic figure who inspires the character of Nakia in a number of ways. The skills Tubman acquired rescuing slaves she later applied as a spy for the Union Army — much like Nakia, who serves Wakanda as a spy and War Dog.

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Winston Duke improvised that perfect scene shutting down Ross

When the protagonists make their way to the Jabari tribe to escape Killmonger, they seek an audience with M’Baku. As Shuri, Nakia and Ramonda try to convince M’Baku to take the heart-shaped herb and oppose Killmonger, Ross attempts to step up and talk to the leader. M’Baku suddenly starts shouting, invoking the sounds gorillas make, in order to shut down Ross and stop him from speaking. It’s a perfect moment for the movie’s anti-colonialist and feminist themes, since Ross sort of inadvertently steps in to take control from the Wakandan women in the scene, but M’Baku has none of it. Coogler said in the commentary that shouting down Ross and totally preventing him from speaking was an ad-lib by Winston Duke on the day, and it’s definitely one that elevates the scene.

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Cannes Report, Day 3: Women Rule, ‘Cold War’ Hailed as ‘Best Film’ Yet

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Distributors are buying films faster at this year’s Cannes Film Festival than they did at the last Sundance or Toronto fests.

On Thursday, Saban Films bought Gerard Butler’s “Keepers,” Sony Pictures Classics picked up the rights to Lebanese director Nadine Labaki’s “Capernaum,” and Jessica Chastain’s all-female thriller “355” landed a French distributor.

Two clear highlights from the film festival’s third day: “Black Panther” director Ryan Coogler talking about how he loved working with women on his films, and Paweł Pawlikowski’s film “Cold War,” which received mostly glowing reviews. Many early viewers even called it the best film to come out of Cannes yet this year (so far).

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Films screening on Friday include “Ash Is Purest White” and Jean-Luc Godard’s “The Image Book,” the latter of which should get some buzz.

See below for highlights from Cannes, day three:

Saban Films Plays the Game

Saban Films picked up the North American rights to Gerard Butler’s “Keepers,” the distributor announced Thursday.

Kristoffer Nyholm directed the film which also stars Peter Mullan and Connor Swindells. The thriller is inspired by the Flannan Isle mystery where three lighthouse keepers arrive on an uninhabited island for a six-week shift but then discover something life-changing that isn’t theirs to keep. Soon, they have to battle paranoia and isolation to survive.

Saban Films has been at the forefront of the acquisitions game at festivals lately — at Sundance earlier this year, Saban picked up the rights to buzzy film “Lizzie,” which stars Chloe Sevigny and Kristen Stewart.

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Sony Classics

Sony Classics Flips for “Capernaum”

On Thursday, Sony Pictures Classics acquired the North American and Latin American rights to Lebanese director Nadine Labaki’s “Capernaum,” which is set to premiere at Cannes next Thursday in competition.

The Lebanese director previously had two films, titled “Caramel” and “Where Do We Go Now?” premiere at the festival. “Where Do We Go Now?” won the Audience Award at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival and was also distributed by Sony Classics.

Labaki also wrote and also appears in “Capernaum,” which tells the story of a child who rebels against the life that’s been imposed on him and decides to bring a lawsuit against his parents.

Getty Images

Ryan Coogler’s Panel

“Black Panther” director Ryan Coogler took part in a panel on Thursday, one of the hottest tickets on the Croisette. Vulture senior editor Kyle Buchanan posted a thread on Twitter about the conversation — and the filmmaker’s comments about working with strong women were the talk of the town.

When interviewer Elvis Mitchell praised him for working with female cinematographers and female editors for all three of his films, which also include “Fruitvale Station” and “Creed,” Coogler said, “It’s not something to brag about. Honestly, for my first film, I was looking for the best cinematographer I could find. Rachel Morrison was that. She was the best d.p. we could get at the time, and I thought I was getting somebody amazing, but she turned out to be incredible.”

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He also said that the women are “more important” than the men in Wakanda, and he would be into making a film just about the characters played by Lupita Nyong’o, Letitia Wright, Angela Bassett and Gurira.

“A lot of times, in comic books, it’s a little bit of tokenism: You’ve got one black person, you’ve got one woman that fights,” added Coogler. “I was fired up about that, and I didn’t want to blow the opportunity.”

Jessica Chastain’s All-Star ‘355’ Gets French Deal

In general, the topic of female empowerment seems to be the rage at this year’s festival. Cate Blanchett and the rest of the jury faced questions questions about #TimesUp and the number of films directed by women during a press conference on the first day. And on Thursday, Jessica Chastain’s all-star film “355” got French distribution from SND.

The film is a female-led spy thriller that also stars Lupita Nyong’o, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz and Fan Bingbing. Simon Kinberg (“X-Men; Dark Phoenix”) will direct.

“355” centers on the five top agents from organizations around the world uniting to stop a global syndicate from acquiring a weapon that could plunge an already unstable world into total chaos. They have to overcome cultural and political differences to form a bond and work together.

However, TheWrap’s Steve Pond reported that the Cannes Film Festival has had a dismal record of showcasing the work of female directors for decades.  Over the first 71 years of Cannes, a paltry 4.3 percent of the competition films have been directed by women.

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‘Sorry Angel’ Debuts to (Mostly) Glowing Reviews

Christophe Honoré has impressed most with his new film, “Sorry Angel,” which debuted at Cannes on Thursday. The film follows a male student from Britanny who has a love affair with a 39-year0old man. Vincent Lacoste, Pierre Deladonchamps and Denis Podalydes star.

Vanity Fair’s Richard Lawson wrote that ‘Sorry Angel” is a “rich and thoughtful romantic drama that is less about politics than it is about matters of the heart and body. A chewy, handsomely staged novel of a movie, ‘Sorry Angel’ contains moments of piercing intelligence and heartbreaking beauty.”

IndieWire’s Eric Kohn wrote: “The most emotional and understated work from French director Christophe Honoré is a touching tribute to the art and culture of early ’90s France, charting creative obsessions young and old, and strikes a note that’s life-affirming and melancholic.”

However, Peter Bradshaw from The Guardian said “it is often poignant and humorous but also placid and complacent, with performances bordering on the self-regarding and even faintly insufferable.”

‘Cold War’ Also Debuts

Four years after his film “Ida” won the foreign-language Oscar, Paweł Pawlikowski’s film “Cold War” also debuted on Thursday, and The Telegraph’s Tim Robey declared: “By a distance, the best film in Cannes competition so far…” Another Twitter user agreed, writing, “Pawlikowski’s ‘Cold War’ the best feature of Cannes so far. Beautifully shot and performed and with the right amount of fatalism.”

Vulture’s Kyle Buchanan revealed that there was “lots of well-deserved praise for Cannes entry ‘Cold War,’” and TheWrap’s Steve Pond called it “ravishing” and “haunting” in his review.

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See some more reactions to the movie below.

COLD WAR doesn’t waste a frame. IDA had more mystery and wonder, but this is a natural continuation, visually and thematically, for a fimmmaker obsessed with exploring the post-WWII fracturing of European identity. A concise treat. #cannes

— erickohn (@erickohn) May 11, 2018

COLD WAR: the first truly great film I’ve seen at Cannes this year. Delicate and forceful when it’s supposed to be, a tragic romance that reminds you why we find tragedy romantic.

— Charles Bramesco (@intothecrevasse) May 11, 2018

Having now seen Cold War I can report back that it is absolutely brilliant – a heartbreaking story, with astonishing performances and a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack. I would recommend it to all. Cate Blanchett, it’s got my vote! ???????????? #cannes2018 @Festival_Cannes

— Margot James (@margot_james_mp) May 10, 2018

The buzz ahead of Cannes around Pawel Pawlikowski’s ‘Cold War’ is strong. Have heard from a few people that it will be in contention for awards. Certainly looks beautiful and if it approaches ‘Ida’ we’re in for a treat. pic.twitter.com/xANuF9htV5

— Andreas Wiseman (@AndreasWiseman) May 3, 2018

Cold War by Pawlikowski is superb, by some distance the best in the main competition thus far @IFI_Dub @Festival_Cannes pic.twitter.com/2zA289aNGO

— David O Mahony (@David_O_Mahony) May 11, 2018

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The 8 Wildest ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Fan Theories Out There (Spoilers)

Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

(Warning: This post is basically made out of “Avengers: Infinity War” spoilers. You might want to wait until you’ve seen the movie before reading on. Also, if you like this story, you’ll also like this list of the 6 Most Plausible “Avengers: Infinity War” Fan Theories.)

When “Avengers: Infinity War” finally hit theaters, it brought together stories from across the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It also ended with a huge cliffhanger and some major repercussions for Marvel’s movies going forward.

There’s another year before “Avengers 4” shows up to explain what’s happened and resolve the story, and already, fans are putting all their mental powers and Marvel comics knowledge into guessing at what could happen with Thanos (Josh Brolin), the Marvel heroes and the Infinity Stones.

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(Seriously, we’re about to talk about the ending. Last warning!)

Fans mostly are trying to figure out how the heroes might defeat Thanos and undo the end of”Infinity War.” That ending, of course, saw Thanos getting hold of all six Infinity Stones and using them and his Infinity Gauntlet to cause half the people in the universe to cease to exist. In the comics, the heroes manage to undo that action, and fans theorize that the MCU won’t allow half its heroes to remain as piles of dust for long.

“Infinity Wars” fan theories range from relatively plausible to fairly weird, drawing on ideas about multiple universes, cosmic entities and unseen characters. Here are some of the wildest Avengers fan theories out there right now.

Death helps out

“Infinity War” adapts a lot of the stuff about Thanos that makes it into the comics, but it skips over one of his key motivations: He’s in love with Death. That’s Mistress Death, the metaphysical manifestation of the concept, who Thanos repeatedly tries to impress in the comics in hopes of wooing her. Obviously, “Infinity War” skips that part of his whole “murder half the universe” plan. As directors the Russo brothers and writers Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus have put it, introducing a new character in Mistress Death (along with Thanos), plus the idea of living embodiments of metaphysical concepts, was a little too much heavy lifting for the movie.

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But since “Infinity War” gave Thanos a lot of the focus, there could be room to add another character in the sequel. We also know that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been willing to get a little weird with its cosmic goings-on — the Infinity Gauntlet itself is a big wish-fulfilling device, and finding Red Skull (Ross Marquand) as the guardian of the Soul Stone suggests some weird, unknowable stuff. In the comics, Mistress Death stood against Thanos after he wiped out half the universe, along with a ton of other cosmic heavy hitters, such as the Elders of the Universe — including the Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum) and the Collector (Benicio del Toro). Potentially, she could pop up to help out here.

The Quantum Realm leads to the Multiverse

The positioning of “Ant-Man and the Wasp” on the release calendar between “Infinity War” and “Avengers 4,” as well as Marvel’s teasing that the “Ant-Man” sequel will reveal what Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) and Hope van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly) were doing during “Infinity War,” suggests the movie will influence the conclusion of the Thanos story. (For a whole lot more on how “Ant-Man and the Wasp” could factor into “Avengers 4,” read this.) The assumption so far is that the thing that will matter to the Thanos situation is contained in, or has to do with, the Quantum Realm, the super-small, subatomic universe reachable only by shrinking. But nobody knows what might be found there, or what role the Quantum Realm could play.

One fan theory suggests the Quantum Realm might be a bridge to the Multiverse. In the Marvel comics, there isn’t just one universe in which the action takes place, but rather several parallel universes that are all different. In fact, the main comics continuity takes place in one universe (known as Earth-616), while the MCU composes another (Earth-199999). If the Quantum Realm leads to other universes, that could give the heroes a chance to visit places to gather their Infinity Stones from those universes, allowing them to use Thanos’ power against him. It might be a big leap, but travel between the universes has occurred before in the comics, and would expand the MCU in some useful ways.

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Riffing on the Multiverse idea is that Thanos’ universe-massacring “snap” didn’t actually kill anybody. Instead, the Infinity Stones whisked all those folks off to another universe, where they’re still alive — and could potentially make it home to their own universe.

Nebula could wind up the villain of “Avengers 4”

Thanos’ daughter Nebula plays a major role in the “Infinity Gauntlet” comics storyline from which “Infinity War” is largely adapted. In his efforts to impress Mistress Death, Thanos didn’t go straight to gathering the Infinity Stones and killing half the universe. First, he started by torturing Nebula (his granddaughter in the comics) in incredibly horrific ways, burning her and leaving her so broken that she was basically borderline mad.

In the comics, it’s Nebula who ultimately undoes Thanos’ destruction of the universe, after he kills pretty much all the heroes and wrecks most of the super-powerful cosmic beings out there. When Thanos ascends to near-godhood thanks to the Infinity Stones, he takes on a cosmic, ethereal form, with his spirit leaving his body. Nebula grabs the gauntlet off his unguarded body and uses it to heal herself, and then she controls the universe. But she’s tricked into restoring the universe to its state 24 hours earlier, saving everybody. (Here’s everything you need to know about how the story went in the comics.)

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Fans speculate Nebula (Karen Gillan) survived Thanos’ culling so “Avengers 4” could use her in a similar way. If she gets the Infinity Gauntlet off Thanos, she’ll surely get her revenge on her Mad Titan father — but she’s also not the most stable person, and could easily become a problem to be dealt with in “Avengers 4.” Who knows what a Nebula-shaped universe could look like.

Thanos didn’t make it

At the end of “Infinity War,” Thor (Chris Hemsworth) shows up just as Thanos gets hold of the Mind Stone with his new beefed-up Stormbreaker Axe and buries it in the Mad Titan’s chest, doing serious damage. Thanos survives long enough to snap his fingers and make his wish to wipe out half the universe come true. Then he bails, stepping backward through a Space Stone portal to make his escape. Right before that, though, he finds himself in an orange-tinted place with young Gamora (Zoe Saldana) (seemingly the Soul World, a place that exists inside the stone in the comics). In the closing moments of the movie, an injured but alive Thanos settles down to watch the sunrise over “a grateful” universe, but what if he didn’t actually survive the battle?

Thanos appeared to be very hurt by the use of the Infinity Gauntlet, and the events of “Infinity War” are heavily focused on the Soul Stone and how it works. A dead Thanos would fit in a continued focus on the Soul Stone. But his death would also create new issues — specifically, the lack of anyone powerful enough to wield the Infinity Gauntlet to undo what Thanos had done. It might even lead to a new requirement of teaming up with Thanos in order to revive him, if his soul is trapped in the Soul Stone as “Infinity War” might be implying, so that he can fix the damage he’s done.

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Disney XD

Skrulls have invaded Earth, and they have a part to play

Part of the story we know will be told in “Captain Marvel” is that of an alien race called the Skrulls waging a war against another group of aliens, the Kree. We saw the Kree and their interstellar empire briefly in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” but while Skrulls are a major part of the Marvel comics universe, they have yet to show up in any other movies. The Skrulls have shapeshifting capabilities, meaning they can mimic human form and blend in on Earth, and some can even take on the powers of the people they mimic, creating superhero versions of Skrulls. (We’ve got a deeper dive on the Skrulls and “Captain America” right here, and here’s a big rundown of how “Captain Marvel” might factor into the Thanos conflict.)

The Skrulls show up a fair amount in the Marvel comics, and while “Captain Marvel” might resolve the Kree-Skrull war on Earth during the 1990s, it seems doubtful that would be the end of the Skrulls altogether. In fact, there’s some speculation that Loki’s invasion of Earth with the Chitauri aliens in “The Avengers” could have covered for a more clandestine Skrull invasion. If there are still Skrulls on Earth, they could potentially pop up to be a part of the Thanos conflict once they’re introduced in “Captain Marvel,” serving as either villains to be dealt with or, possibly, allies against the Mad Titan. After all, it’s the Skrulls’ universe, too.

There’s a seventh Infinity Stone

Another possibility fans have brought up is that there’s another Infinity Stone out there, one which houses the overall consciousness of all seven stones. We’ve seen in the MCU movies the stones have some kind of sentience or life — in “Infinity War,” the Mind Stone tries to warn Vision (Paul Bettany) about Thanos, for instance. In the “Ultraverse” storyline of the Marvel Comics, the Infinity Stones weren’t just created at the Big Bang: They were once part of an all-powerful being called Nemesis. Lonely, she broke her power apart into the stones and scattered herself across the universe, with the seventh stone, the Ego Stone, housing Nemesis’ consciousness. So there could be another stone out there for the heroes to find and use. It could remove Thanos’ capabilities by reviving Nemesis.

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There’s also another precedent for a seventh Infinity Stone. One short-lived element of the comics stories has Thanos using the stones to create a seventh, synthetic stone, which was able to hold the powers of the other six stones. He planned to extinguish all the stars in the universe with its power. We know Shuri (Letitia Wright) scanned the Mind Stone to save Vision (who might still be alive). Between her information and what Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) discovered in “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” making a new stone could be possible.

There are souls in the Soul Stone, and they’ll fight Thanos

The Soul Stone in the comics is the home of the Soul World, and souls of people killed by the stone wind up inside it, allowing its user to access them and their powers. A prevailing fan theory about “Infinity War” is that everyone who ceased to exist thanks to Thanos’ snap didn’t die, but that instead their souls are held in the Soul Stone. The movie already suggested Gamora’s soul was held inside the stone, so it’s not a huge stretch.

The fan theory about the Soul Stone suggests that the heroes inside the stone could work together to find a way to fight Thanos from within his own seat of power. There’s some precedent for that in the comics, too. In “Infinity Gauntlet,” a character we haven’t seen in the MCU yet, Adam Warlock, basically hung out in the Soul Stone for most of the fighting against Thanos, biding his time. When Nebula got the Gauntlet away from Thanos, Warlock used his connection with the stone to create pain in the glove, causing Nebula to take it off so he could snag it. We don’t know how Doctor Strange or any other heroes potentially trapped in the Soul Stone might oppose Thanos, but their new form could give them an edge the Mad Titan doesn’t expect.

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There are other Infinity Stone seekers, and they’ll matter

When Thanos journeyed with Gamora to Vormir to find the Soul Stone, they ran into its keeper, the Red Skull. The villain of “Captain America: The First Avenger” had some cryptic things to say, but basically, he talks about how the Space Stone rejected his attempts to possess it, and he’s now bound to the Soul Stone, destined to lead people to it but unable to possess it himself. The Red Skull also mentions that Thanos is not the first person to try to take the stone — which raises some questions about what happened to those other folks, and if they actually failed to get it. (Here’s some more on Red Skull’s possible role in “Avengers 4.”)

The theory here is that other powerful beings who attempted to possess the stone and are now, potentially, bound to it like the Red Skull, and could be arrayed against Thanos, maybe even by the stones themselves. The idea of other people who tried to possess the Soul Stone leaves open a big question of who they are and what their deal might be.

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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Posts Biggest Thursday Preview Gross for a Marvel Movie With $39 Million

Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

“Avengers: Infinity War” roared to $39 million at the Thursday box office, posting the biggest preview title for a Marvel movie title ever, and for the superhero genre as well.

It also became the 4th biggest preview gross ever, behind “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” ($57 million) “Star Wars: The Last Jedi “($45 million) and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” ($43.5 million). “Captain America: Civil War” earned $25 million in previews, while “Black Panther” grossed $25.2 million.

The first “Avengers” scored $18.7 million in 2012 in previews, while its follow-up “Age of Ultron” grossed $27.6 million three years later. The first film opened to $207 million, scoring the fourth biggest opening weekend of all time, while “Ultron” scored $191 million and scored sixth place.

See Video: ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Cast Tours Hollywood on James Corden’s Double-Decker Bus

“The Dark Knight” was the previous record-holder in Thursday previews in the superhero genre with $30.6 million, followed by “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” ($27.7 million).

“Avengers: Infinity War” is gunning for the biggest opening of all time. Leading up to its release, the film was tracking for an opening of around $225 million, which would be second on the all-time list and higher than the $220 million launch earned by “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” It would also be the biggest opening in superhero movie history, beating the $202 million earned by “Black Panther” two months ago and the $207 million earned by the first “Avengers” in 2012.

Internationally, the movie has earned $95 million in its first two days after starting its rollout on April 25 in 21 markets. “Infinity War” currently holds a score of 85 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

See Video: ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Reaction: Here’s What We Think of Marvel’s Latest Installment

“Avengers: Infinity War” sees the galactic warlord Thanos (Josh Brolin), who was first teased in the “Avengers” post-credits scene six years ago, finally arrive on Earth as he seeks to gather the six Infinity Stones that will give him godlike power over the entire universe. In the face of this overwhelming threat, the Avengers reunite once more, teaming up with Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), Spider-Man (Tom Holland), and the Guardians of the Galaxy in a war that will forever change the MCU.

Anthony and Joe Russo (“Captain America: Civil War”) directed the film from a script by longtime Marvel Studios writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. The film’s ensemble cast includes Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Bradley Cooper, Don Cheadle, Vin Diesel, Chadwick Boseman, Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Danai Gurira, Letitia Wright, Dave Bautista, Zoe Saldana, Josh Brolin, and Chris Pratt.

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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Cast Tours Hollywood on James Corden’s Double-Decker Bus (Video)

Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

While the world is lining up to see “Avengers: Infinity War” in theaters, the cast of the film took a tour on James Corden’s double-decker bus of Los Angeles, visiting standard coffee shops and brunch places.

“There’s no tour for the stars to take, until now. That’s why I created ‘James Corden’s Star Star tour,’” Corden said, adding that he invested a lot of his own money and cash from “The Late Late Show’s” budget, so he really hopes stars will actually turn up for this tour.

Turns out, Corden’s worries were unnecessary, given that the “Avengers” cast showed up for the tour. Tom Hiddleston was up first, with Paul Bettany, Chris Pratt, Benedict Cumberbatch, Pom Klementieff, Zoe Saldana, Winston Duke, Sebastian Stan, Letitia Wright, Elizabeth Olsen, Don Cheadle, Anthony Mackie and Josh Brolin following.

See Video: Roles You Forgot the Cast of ‘The Avengers’ Played

Weapons, including “Vibranium and Infinity Gauntlets,” were prohibited on the tour. Their first stop was a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, which Corden described as a place where people run to get the star’s coffee should they want one. Cheadle was so mesmerized that he took a photo.

Then the bus drove past people waiting in line for a brunch, a sight previously unseen by Pratt.

“When you say, ‘waiting in line,’ what does that mean?” Pratt asked Corden.

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“It’s like a red carpet,” Bettany clarified.

When Corden asked the team whether anyone died in “Infinity War,” awkward silence ensued until Bettany shouted, “Snitches end up in ditches!”

Then, the bus halted at a comic book store, where the cast signed books for surprised fans. When Mackie was handed a “Black Panther” comic, he shouted, “I wasn’t IN ‘Black Panther!’”

See Video: ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Reaction: Here’s What We Think of Marvel’s Latest Installment

Lastly, the cast sang a beautiful rendition of “We Are the World,” of course with the lyrics changed. At one point, the cast sang, “We’ll probably be doing these movies until we have dentures.”

And that’s the end of the tour. Of course, one Avenger missed the memo and showed up late — Chris Hemsworth, who ended up taking the tour alone.

Watch the video above.

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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ — We Need to Talk About What Happened With Vision

Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

(Note: This post contains spoilers for “Avengers: Infinity War,” obviously! We really recommend seeing it before you read any further.)

(Like for real.)

“Avengers: Infinity War” is all about the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s biggest, baddest big bad, Thanos, coming to Earth to gather up the all-powerful Infinity Stones. That’s bad news for Vision, the partially robotic, partially organic Avenger, because one of the Infinity Stones is stuck in his forehead.

That stone is the Mind Stone, and it’s part of what gave Vision (Paul Bettany) life in the first place, way back in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” The heroes in “Infinity War” want to keep Thanos (Josh Brolin) from getting hold of any of the stones, but in the case of Vision, there’s a personal stake to protect it — and his life.

Also Read: ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ — That Crazy Ending Was Part of Doctor Strange’s Plan

If you haven’t seen “Infinity War,” you should have already bowed out, because this post is full of spoilers and we’re going to talk about some major ones. This is your final warning!

The heroes fighting on Earth in “Infinity War” are primarily trying to save Vision, and a big part of that plan involves Wakanda. While the heroes make their stand against Thanos’ army and his lieutenants, the Black Order, in the most technologically advanced nation on Earth — Shuri (Letitia Wright), Wakanda’s wunderkind princess, is trying to remove the Mind Stone from Vision’s head.

That’s because, as Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) points out, there’s more to Vision than just the stone. He’s a mixture of a number of components. He’s JARVIS, Tony Stark’s old artificial intelligence program; he’s Ultron, the peacekeeping robot Tony (Robert Downey Jr.) and Bruce created in “Age of Ultron” that went a little crazy; and he’s the Mind Stone. Shuri notes that it’s possible to complete Vision’s neural network to bypass the stone and remove that part of him, and she sets about trying to do that in Wakanda.

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It doesn’t quite go to plan, though, and Shuri is interrupted by Thanos’ lieutenant Corvus Glaive (Michael Jame Shaw). And when Thanos shows up, he tears the Mind Stone out of Vision’s head, seemingly killing him.

But just because Vision looks dead doesn’t mean that he is. After all, Vision, or parts of him, have survived certain death before.

Back in “Age of Ultron,” the titular bad guy Ultron attempted to destroy JARVIS toward the beginning of the movie, back when both were just programs in the Stark tower database. JARVIS escaped being destroyed, however, by transferring core portions of his program and personality to the Internet. He routed around Ultron, in effect — which sounds a lot like what Shuri was trying to do for Vision.

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Keep in mind also that while Shuri didn’t finish the job, she did do a lot of work on Vision, “connecting neurons.” She was attempting to make connections past the Mind Stone so that Scarlet Witch could destroy it, and undoubtedly she was able to make at least some of those connections. It might be enough for Vision to have survived Thanos’ assault, in some form or another. While Vision’s body might be damaged, he’s primarily a computer program. So maybe, like JARVIS, he can survive in another form, outside of his body.

As someone so intimately connected to the Infinity Stones, Vision likely still has a role to play in the story of Thanos. We wouldn’t count him out yet, and anything is possible with the Infinity Gauntlet involved.

Speaking of which, we have some ideas about that — at least in regards to how “Ant-Man and the Wasp” and “Captain Marvel” will impact the story being told between “Infinity War” and “Avengers 4,” as well as how some other plot threads from “Infinity War” will play out. Click here for our deeper look into how “Captain Marvel” might impact this distressing plot twist. Click here for our look at what “Ant-Man and the Wasp” might have to do with all thisClick here for a closer examination of Doctor Strange’s actions in “Infinity War,” and how losing this fight might end up being the key to winning it later.

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Letitia Wright Raps About Red Lobster and Vibranium With Jimmy Fallon (Video)

Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

“Avengers: Infinity War” star Letitia Wright took on The Roots’ Black Thought in a freestyle rap battle during her appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.”

The generator popped out words like Disco, Red Lobster and Vibranium, which Wright countered with, “I specialize in that.”

She then rapped: “Check it / Me and Black Thought / Spin your head like a disco ball / Yo, natural disaster / Call your pastor, let him pray for you, yo / Yo, let’s go grab some food at Red Lobster / Roots, tell me how I can win an Oscar / I said Red Lobster / Better tick it off / Ay, yo, yo /And I spit this flow / So free off the dong vibranium got me feelin’ oh so cold / Uh, with this flow/ Ay!”

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Black Thought was up next, and the generator spit out words Yodel, Toothbrush and Snuffleupagus.

“This is such a mean game,” Wright said after seeing the latter word.

But Black Thought slayed his turn, even managing to incorporate the difficult third word.

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“Call my car, I’m going home,” Wright said in response. “That was so good!”

For her final round, Wright had to use the words Hammer, Burrito and Benedict Cumberbatch. This round didn’t go so well, so Fall0n took the mic and did a surprise freestyle rap, finishing it with “you’re my cumberb—-!”

Wright will reprise her “Black Panther” role of Shuri in “Avengers: Infinity War,” hitting theaters on April 27.

Watch the video above.

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10 Big Takeaways From That Bananas Final ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Trailer

Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

Wow, we’re just six weeks away from the cinematic superhero event of the decade, and the final trailer for “Avengers: Infinity War” has us chomping at the bit to see this thing go down. But this trailer is more than just awesome action — there’s lots of little details that can give us some big hints about what’s going to happen in this superhero team-up to end all superhero team-ups.

We previously dug into the first “Infinity War” trailer to see what information could be gleaned. Below you’ll find our observations from some of the key moments from the final trailer.

More Thanos and Gamora history

We know Thanos (Josh Brolin) has a lot of history with two major players from the “Guardians of the Galaxy” films — Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and her adopted sister Nebula (Karen Gillan). It looks like “Infinity War” will lay out more of Gamora’s childhood and her experiences with Thanos, judging by a brief shot of what looks like a flashback in which Thanos takes a young green girl by the hand.

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Gamora and Nebula were taken at a young age and raised by Thanos, and in the first “Guardians” movies, they serve as his agents. Gamora first meets Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) while she’s trying to track down the Orb (which houses the Power Infinity Stone) for Thanos — but she’s really planning to steal it and betray him. She later fights Nebula, who hates her because Gamora was always Thanos’ favorite. The two sisters later reconcile their differences, at least to some degree, in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.”

According to Gamora and Nebula, living under Thanos’ rule was a torturous experience that had them constantly fighting each other. Nebula’s cyborg appearance is a result of those fights (Gamora would always win, Thanos would replace Nebula’s body with robot parts to make her stronger). Since it seems like Gamora will be the character giving the Avengers the low-down on Thanos’ deal in “Infinity War,” we’ll likely be getting a sense of why he’s so scary from a flashback detailing her personal experience with the villain.

Who’s that new baddie torturing Doctor Strange?

When Thanos comes to Earth hunting the Infinity Stones, he doesn’t come alone — he brings along the Black Order, a group of powerful lieutenants that help him wreck planets and conquer stuff. A new one of those powerful baddies shows up in the new “Infinity War” trailer, where he’s seen torturing Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch). It looks to be Ebony Maw, an alien who isn’t much of a fighter, but whose intelligence and abilities more than make up for it.

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In the comics, Ebony Maw has the power to manipulate people and bend them to his will using his powers of persuasion, merely by talking to them. The effect is pretty powerful. He even manages to make Dr. Strange work for him in the comic story, before later erasing Strange’s memory so he has no recollection of helping Maw carry out his plans. The trailer shows Maw torturing Dr. Strange, who we know is in possession of the Amulet of Agamotto, the time-bending artifact that houses the Time Infinity Stone. So Maw might be trying to get the stone from Strange — or he could be working his mind-control abilities on him.

For more about Ebony Maw and what he might be up to with Doctor Strange, check out our breakdown of the character.

Doctor Strange’s cape seems to be doing its own thing

It’s tough to make out, but a shot in the trailer appears to show Dr. Strange’s red and billowing Cloak of Levitation… without Dr. Strange actually in it. This one’s a little hard to understand, exactly, but from the shot in the trailer, it looks as though the cape has a red-clad body of its own (or arms, at least), but pointedly, no head.

We know the Cloak of Levitation is more than just a spiffy piece of clothing. In “Doctor Strange,” the cloak is all but alive, coming to Strange’s aid in his moment of need to save his life. As Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) explains it, the cloak “chooses” Strange to be its master (all “relics,” of which the cloak is one, do this to some degree), and we even see it trying to communicate and acting with a will of its own, pulling Strange in certain directions when it wants him to go somewhere or do something.

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It doesn’t seem too far-fetched that there might be more to the cloak than “Doctor Strange” previously let on. The comics aren’t much help here either, since the cloak is much more of a magical tool there than it is in the movie. But we also know that Thanos’ Infinity Stones have the ability to alter reality, so maybe bringing the cloak fully to life with a body of its own is an unforeseen consequence.

Captain America can hold his own in a fistfight with Thanos

This is kinda wild. We, of course, knew that Captain America (Chris Evans) was really, really strong, but strong enough to be able to keep the Mad Titan Thanos from punching him in the face? We’re very worried the next part of that scene is Cap getting crushed to death.

Hiding Vision in Wakanda?

There’s a part in the trailer where Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is describing a plan to try to play keep-away with the Infinity Stones so Thanos can’t get hold of them. We see Captain America and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) visiting Wakanda, and Shuri (Letitia Wright) looking at a hologram of that shows a floating disembodied head, belonging to Vision (Paul Bettany) — which also contains the Mind Stone.

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So is the big battle in Wakanda going to happen because they’re hiding one or more of the Stones there? The nation’s technological superiority makes it the best place for such a plan, anyway.

Loki in trouble — or on the wrong team

In the final trailer, we see Loki standing with Thanos’ powerful group of lieutenants, the Black Order, and it’s not clear if he’s a prisoner (it looks like the Black Order member that appears to be Proxima Midnight has her weapon trained on him) or if he’s switched sides.

Both are possible. The trailers for “Infinity War” have all but confirmed what fans suspected at the end of “Thor: Ragnarok”: When Thanos comes calling after the Asgardians escape the destruction of their planet, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) hands over the Tesseract, the powerful artifact from “The Avengers” that houses the Space Infinity Stone. Loki previously worked for Thanos in “The Avengers” — it was Thanos’ army of aliens Loki brought to Earth, and Thanos who provided Loki with his mind-controlling scepter, which later turned out to house the Mind Infinity Stone.

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From the look of the trailer, Loki might be taking up a spot among the Black Order in “Infinity War” — at least temporarily. Loki went through some big character changes in “Thor: Ragnarok,” so it seems just as likely that he’s biding his time and pretending to work for the bad guys.

Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy have an adventure before they get to Earth

So we know that Thor manages to escape from Thanos before teaming up with the Guardians of the Galaxy. And we can presume that happens before the Guardians get to Earth, which would mean that in the intervening period they have some kind of adventure of their own involving, as we see in this trailer, a visit to what looks like an old abandoned ship of some sort.

Notably, we have not seen Thor on Earth in either of the “Infinity War” trailers, so this must be some kind of substantial side trip. Maybe Thor will die there? We think, by the way, that the shot from the trailer of Thanos squeezing Thor’s head is from before Thor escapes from the ship that he, Valkyrie and Loki fled Asgard on at the end of “Thor: Ragnarok.” But who knows?

Is that Hulk in the Hulkbuster suit?

Though we did see Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) near the beginning of this trailer, we still have not seen the big green guy in either of these trailers. Or did we? The Iron Man Hulkbuster suit is kind of a weird anomaly in the battle in Wakanda, because there’s seemingly nothing there that would seem to warrant it over any other Iron Man suit. Also, that shot of Banner we mentioned earlier also had Black Widow and War Machine in it — coincidentally, those two are also in Wakanda in “Infinity War.”

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So our thought, at this point, is that the Hulk is actually wearing that Hulkbuster suit himself. Which is awesome.

Iron Man has a weird new muscle suit

Iron Man, meanwhile, has a weird looking new suit of his own that looks kind of like a muscle suit. And he’s got some kind of rocket platform attached to it at one point. It’s probably just a curiosity but it’s worth noting. Since Tony previously had some trouble taking his suit into space, maybe this new design is meant to deal with that problem better than his sub-orbital suit, briefly shown in “Iron Man 3.”

Who’s missing?

It would be a tough task to fit every single major character in “Infinity War” into a trailer, but this thing nearly pulls it off. There are a few key names absent here, and while the previous trailer picked up some of the slack, there are still seven important characters we have not seen at all in either of them. They are: Ant-Man (Paul Rudd), Nebula (Karen Gillen), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), Heimdall (Idris Elba) and the Collector (Benicio Del Toro). Nebula, at least, made an appearance on the new poster, and Idris Elba and Benicio Del Toro are listed among the cast on that poster, even though they’re not seen in the artwork.

That leaves Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Valkyrie and Nick Fury as major question marks at this point. They do get mentions on the iMDB page for “Infinity War,” though, so it seems we should expect them all to pop up at some point.

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