Zack Snyder’s Justice League trilogy would’ve been real cool if the first one hadn’t been so bad

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Did You Catch the ‘Superman’ Reference in ‘Aquaman’?

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Now that “Aquaman” is out in theaters and doing boffo business, did you catch the cool “Superman” reference in the movie?

“Aquaman” not only has a “Justice League’ reference, but a “Man of Steel” reference as well.

According to Heroic Hollywood, in a key exposition scene that takes place in Atlantis, Patrick Wilson’s King Orm presents holograms to Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry that depict how the surface dwellers have polluted and destroyed the oceans. In one of those holograms, an oil rig explosion can be seen that is very similar to the one from “Man of Steel.”

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Previously in 2013’s “Man of Steel,” director Zack Snyder confirmed that Aquaman had some involvement in that moment. The scene in “Man of Steel” featured Superman being rescued by whales after the oil rig explosion. Snyder confirmed that the whales were indeed sent by Aquaman. Both Superman and Aquaman would finally meet in 2017’s “Justice League.”

“Aquaman” continues to be the hottest ticket of the Christmas movie season, adding $22 million on Christmas Day to push its domestic total to $105 million. The Warner Bros./DC film joins “Sherlock Holmes,” “Avatar” and the last three “Star Wars” December releases as the only films to gross over $20 million on Christmas Day.

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Does ‘Aquaman’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

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“Aquaman” is the first DC Comics movie since the ill fated “Justice League” in 2017, and thus serves as sort of a soft reboot for the cinematic DC universe. It’s the polar opposite of the old Zack Snyder-driven DC Extended Universe, bringing an overwhelming color palette and fully embracing the weirdness of Aquaman’s world rather than trying to ground it in any way.

Up until “Justice League,” the DC Snyderverse was conspicuous for bucking the superhero movie trope of including a bonus scene after the credits to tease future movies or just have some fun (or both, as is the case with most Marvel movies). None of “Man of Steel,” “Batman V Superman” or “Wonder Woman” included a post-credits scene, but “Justice League” did — teasing a direction for the DC movies that may or may not ever happen.

In any case, the James Wan-directed “Aquaman” represents a new day for DC on the big screen. It’s a film that has no obligations to the way past DC movies worked, so whether its predecessors had post-credits scenes isn’t relevant to whether “Aquaman” has one.

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So let’s get down to it: Does “Aquaman” have any extra scenes after the credits you need to stick around for, or is it safe to head out once the credits roll if you need to?

The answer is yes, “Aquaman” has one extra scene, which comes mid-way through the credits. This mid-credits scene reveals the fate of Black Manta, and teases his future working alongside Randall Park’s alarmist pundit character, Dr. Shin, who made a brief appearance early in the film.

For more info on what all that means, you can check out our explainer here.

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That is the only extra scene in “Aquaman” — there’s just this scene in the middle of the credits, and nothing at the very end of the credits. So once you see the scene I described above, you’re all set. Though, of course, we do always encourage all moviegoers to stick around through the credits in appreciation for the many people responsible for bringing the film to life. But if you’ve gotta go, you can rest assured knowing there’s just the one extra scene, and no post-credits scene.

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‘Aquaman’ Mid-Credits Scene Explained

‘Aquaman’ Mid-Credits Scene Explained

Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

(Spoilers ahead for the mid-credits scene from “Aquaman.” You have been warned.)

So here we are, finally, getting the first new film based on a DC Comics property since the maligned “Justice League.” While “Aquaman” does acknowledge that the events of that movie happened, it really is actually kind of a soft reboot of this whole thing, just going its own way in its own style, otherwise totally divorced from the Zack Snyder era of DC movies.

That includes having a stinger mid-way through the credits that teases the next “Aquaman” film when the Snyder films and “Wonder Woman” famously eschewed the practice — though, of course, Joss Whedon’s revamped “Justice League” did have one, but it was hard to tell if that represented a change in standard practice for these movies.

We still don’t know for sure because two instances is not a pattern, but “Aquaman” does tease a potential sequel with a mid-credits scene that reveals the fate of Black Manta and introduces a new villain, Dr. Stephen Shin, played by Randall Park.

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When we last saw Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) in the film proper, he accidentally exploded his own helmet at the end of his battle with Aquaman (Jason Momoa) in Sicily. He fell into the ocean and floated along until he was found by a fishing boat — and on board that boat was Dr. Shin.

Manta gets a sort of briefing on Dr. Shin when he wakes up and sees him on TV being extremely alarmist about the crazy underwater battle from the climax of the film. The other folks on the talk show scoff at Shin’s rhetoric, but Shin insists he’s right, noting the intense seismic activity that the battle caused.

Once Manta wakes fully, Shin excitedly begins asking him about his Atlantean armor. Manta is happy to oblige, knowing that an alliance with Shin could mean another shot at revenge against Aquaman.

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The inclusion of Dr. Shin here is fascinating, as he’s only a minor character in the comics having appeared in only 27 issues since his introduction in 2011. The comics version, like the movie Dr. Shin, is an expert on Atlantis who views the underwater civilization as a threat — though he isn’t one to take any kind of major direct action. He did, however, try to kill Aquaman once.

If Shin is teaming up with Black Manta, there’s a very good chance he’ll be getting a promotion of sorts in “Aquaman 2.” The fact that he’s played by someone like Randall Park means there’s a good chance that Dr. Shin will be the main big bad of the sequel.

That doesn’t mean Black Manta will take a backseat — Manta is one of Aquaman’s chief nemeses in the comics and will likely feature even more prominently in the sequel than he did in this one. Think a teamup between Shin and Manta, with Shin as the brains and Manta as the muscle.

But since the source material doesn’t give us much to go on about Dr. Shin, it’s tough to guess what he might do as the main antagonist of a movie. Which is actually pretty cool!

So that’s something to look forward to, should “Aquaman” do well enough over the holidays to warrant a sequel greenlight. Here’s hoping that if they do get one going that they’ll bring back James Wan to direct again.

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Does ‘Aquaman’ Connect to 2017’s ‘Justice League’ or Just Ignore It?

Does ‘Aquaman’ Connect to 2017’s ‘Justice League’ or Just Ignore It?

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(Some minor spoilers ahead for “Aquaman”)

With “Aquaman” finally hitting theaters, moviegoers are curious as to whether the latest big screen DC adventure actually connects to 2017’s “Justice League,” or if director James Wan and his team opted to pretend that whole thing never happened.

The question arises because “Aquaman” feels an awful lot like a new start for the DC Extended Universe after the troubled “Justice League,” which was the lowest earner of the recent DC lineup and was generally not well liked by critics or moviegoers. So it’s legit to wonder if “Aquaman” might want to make a clean break from the baggage that “Justice League” represents.

While you could certainly refer to “Aquaman” as a soft reboot for DC, it does not cut ties completely with what came before — while “Aquaman” works like an origin story for the superhero, the film does briefly acknowledge that the events of “Justice League” did happen.

In an early scene, Amber Heard’s Mera appears in Amnesty Bay — the cove in Maine where Arthur (Jason Momoa) was raised by his lighthouse-keeper father (Temuera Morrison). Mera appears to Arthur and his father as they both leave Terry’s Sunken Galleon, and warns Arthur about Orm’s plan to attack the surface world. Mera wants Arthur to come with her back to Atlantis to stop Orm, Arthur refuses, and Mera reminds Arthur that he saved Atlantis once before, from Steppenwolf. You know, that guy from “Justice League” who tried to turn the entire Earth into a molten wasteland.

Previously, in “Justice League” Arthur first ventured to Atlantis to fight Steppenwolf, who arrived there to take back the Atlantean Mother Box and attacked Mera. After Arthur and Mera clash with Steppenwolf, they lose the Atlantean Mother Box to Steppenwolf who takes off with it.

The connection between “Aquaman” and “Justice League” is not a clean one, however. Back in “Justice League,” Arthur is seen in the later stages of the movie sporting a proper Aquaman suit — a suit that is never acknowledged, much less seen, in the “Aquaman” film.

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So, yeah, not a clean break from the past of the DC Extended Universe here, but it’s as close to one as James Wan and co. could get without omitting all mentions of “Justice League.”

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‘Deadpool 2′: Every Joke Dunking on the DC Movie Universe

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(Some minor spoilers ahead for “Deadpool 2,” obviously.)

“Deadpool 2” is the rare superhero movie that’s fully willing to break the fourth wall, not just making jokes in the plot, but making fun of other superhero movies.

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) is a Marvel character, and while he has plenty of jokes for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, he saves some of his best jokes for making fun of the rival DC movie universe.

Here are all the gags Deadpool drops about the DC movies in “Deadpool 2.”

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The Martha(s) joke

Toward the beginning of the movie, Deadpool goes through a number of mercenary jobs, taking down bad guys in a bunch of brutal, violent scenes. When he finally gets home to Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) for their anniversary, he arrives a bit late and starts rattling off excuses.

The best one is a big dunk on “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Deadpool tells Vanessa he was” fighting a caped badass, but then I found out that his mom is named Martha, too.” That’s a reference to the battle between Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill). In “Batman v. Superman,” the two caped heroes each believe the other is actually a bad guy, and they come pretty close to killing each other — until they bond over the fact that both their moms are named Martha.

It’s a much-derided plot point, since Batman and Superman don’t actually resolve any of their differences, and “Deadpool 2” perfectly makes fun of a moment that lots of audiences also thought was ridiculous.

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Cable is that dark

Ever since “Man of Steel” came onto the scene, the more recent DC Comics movie adaptations have been known as grittier, darker takes on superheroes than those of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “Deadpool 2” jokes doesn’t let the grittiness escape a joke. At one point during the fight, when Cable reveals he’s from the future, Deadpool asks if dubstep music is still a thing. Cable responds that “dubstep is for pussies.”

“So dark!” Deadpool responds. “You sure you’re not from the DC universe?”


“Green Lantern” sucks

The final DC joke comes at the end of “Deadpool 2,” during its mid-credits scene, which is itself a long meta-joke about Reynolds. It finds Deadpool using Cable’s time travel device to hop around the past, first saving Vanessa’s life, and then “cleaning up the timelines,” as Deadpool puts it.

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Deadpool eventually travels back to find the actor Ryan Reynolds sitting at his desk, looking over the script for 2011’s critically panned “Green Lantern.” Reynolds starred in the movie as DC superhero Hal Jordan — but the movie was derided by fans and panned by critics, earning just a 26 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. As Reynolds remarks that the script is about to get him to the big leagues, Deadpool executes Reynolds, because it would be better to die than star in such a terrible DC movie.

BONUS: Above are the jokes Deadpool made at the expense of DC, but “Deadpool 2” also has few references that weren’t so mean. Not everything he says or does is negative!


It would seem that Deadpool has at least some kind of appreciation for DC movies, because in the scene where he and Weasel (T.J. Miller) are interviewing candidates for X-Force, there’s a gun on the wall behind them with the Joker’s BANG flag from the 1989 “Batman” hanging out of the barrel.

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“Who are you?”

When Cable (Josh Brolin) breaks into the Icebox, a prison for mutants, where Deadpool and Russell (Julian Dennison) are held. When Deadpool realizes Cable is after Russell, he starts fighting to stop Cable from killing the kid. As they start beating each other down, Cable asks, “Who are you?”

Deadpool, responding by putting on a gravely voice, returns with a classic superhero response: “I’m Batman.” It reads like a direct reference to the 1989 “Batman,” in which Michael Keaton’s Caped Crusader gives the same response to a frightened crook as he beats him up during Batman’s first reveal.


Superman of Canada

When Deadpool and Weasel team up to find people to help save Russell from Cable and form X-Force, they meet Shatterstar (Lewis Tan). The hero explains that he’s an alien from a place called Mojoworld, and that he enjoys hanging out on Earth because it’s nice to be in a place where he’s better than everyone else.

Deadpool tells Weasel that just once, he’d like to go to a planet like that — a place full of “functional idiots,” where he can be their god, “like Superman,” he says.

“Isn’t that just Canada?” Weasel returns. Deadpool responds by angrily threatening Weasel for insulting his home country.

And that’s all of them. We have no idea how they managed to skip doing a joke about “Jonah Hex,” which was Josh Brolin’s foray into DC movies a while back. Maybe in “Deadpool 3.”


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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Passes ‘Justice League’ at Global Box Office in 6 Days

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Update: 10:12 AM — A previous headline erroneously noted that “Avengers: Infinity War” has reached $725 million worldwide in four days. The global gross accounts for six days, with the film being released in 21 markets last Wednesday. 

Tuesday is a holiday for many countries observing May Day, and that means “Avengers: Infinity War” got a huge boost from Monday night screenings, adding $85 million to bring its worldwide total to $725 million. That means the third “Avengers” film has eclipsed the $657.9 million global total of DC’s big superhero crossover event “Justice League” — in just six days.

The big overseas returns should continue on Tuesday as May Day moviegoers pour in to watch Marvel’s big tenth anniversary film. That positions the “Avengers ” film to set a new record as the fastest to gross $1 billion worldwide. The record is currently held by “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at 12 days.

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In addition to “Justice League,” “Infinity War” has already passed the unadjusted (for inflation) global grosses of nine MCU films, including the $678 million made by “Doctor Strange” in 2016.

Mexico was the top overseas market on Monday with $5.5 million, pushing its total to over $30 million. The U.K. and Korea remain the top grossing markets with $45.5 million and $43.3 million, respectively. The film opens in Russia on Thursday and in China next Friday.

“Avengers: Infinity War” has set a new record for the biggest domestic opening weekend in box office history with $257.6 million, beating the previous record held by “The Force Awakens” by nearly $10 million. The film also now holds the record for the biggest global opening weekend with $640 million and the record for the biggest opening Saturday and Sunday.

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