‘Night Gallery’: Reimagening Of Rod Serling’s Anthology Series In Works At Syfy From Jeff Davis & David Janollari

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EXCLUSIVE: Another classic Rod Serling anthology series is getting a revival. In a competitive situation, Syfy has landed a re-imagination of Night Gallery, from Teen Wolf creator/executive producer Jeff Davis and Midnight, Texas executive producer Dav…

‘Strangers’ Drama Based On Dean Koontz Book In Works At Fox From Jeff Davis & Josh Berman

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Fox has given a script commitment plus penalty to Strangers, a one-hour drama based on the bestselling book by Dean Koontz, from Teen Wolf and Criminal Minds creator Jeff Davis, Drop Dead Diva creator alum Josh Berman and Sony Pictures TV, where Berman…

Dean Koontz’s Novel ‘Strangers’ to be Developed as TV Series by Fox

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Fox is developing a one-hour drama based on Dean Koontz’s 1986 novel, “Strangers.”

The project, which has a script-plus-penalty commitment, will be penned by Jeff Davis, who created CBS’ longrunning “Criminal Minds” as well as MTV’s TV reboot of “Teen Wolf.” Koontz and Davis will executive produce, along with Josh Berman and Chris King.

Sony Pictures TV is on board as a co-producer, along with Berman’s Osprey Productions.

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Here is the logline for the adaptation, per Fox:

“Strangers” tells the story of several different people, thousands of miles apart, from different walks of life, finding themselves struck by unusual fears and sudden phobias. A novelist in California suffers unbearable sleep terrors. In Boston, a surgeon’s intense panic attacks threaten her career. A priest in Chicago dreads the rise of the moon. An ex-Marine develops a paralyzing fear of the dark. They’re all connected by a forgotten trauma, repressed memories now surfacing and leading each of them to one destination: a small motel in Nevada where a dark secret lies hidden-one that could change the course of humanity itself.

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‘Rick and Morty’ Creator Dan Harmon Is Producing a Comedy Rap Album Because Why Not

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“Rick and Morty” and “Community” creator Dan Harmon has several small screen projects in the works, so naturally, now is the perfect time to step into the world of music too. Harmon is executive producing a comedy rap album from New York-based comedian Rob Tanchum — and that’s no joke.

“Disturbed, Depressed, Inadequate” is a comedic concept rap album about Tanchum, a depressed loser from Earth, who is abducted by alien scientists (Harmon and his “Harmontown” podcast co-host Jeff Davis) who probe his unconscious mind and extract a concept album of self-loathing, id-driven rap songs.

“He could just keep going forever, he’s like tapioca pudding,” Harmon said of Tanchum. “It’s good stuff. It’s about his own maniac high anxieties and weird cathexes and it’s beautifully written,” Davis added.

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Here is the official description for how Harmon, Davis and Tanchum teamed up, per Tanchum’s camp:

The album came about after Rob, a longtime Harmontown fan, tweeted an original rap song to Dan Harmon called “F**ed Yo Mama,” a reference to one of the many freestyle rap bits Dan Harmon does on Harmontown. Harmontonwn co-host Jeff Davis, who originally saw the tweet, played Rob’s entire rap on Harmontown for Dan, who loved the song and asked to meet Rob. Turns out Dan coincidentally had been working on a rap album of his own for Starburns’ newest venture: SBI Press. Rob flew to LA and collaborated on a few songs with Dan for his album. Dan loved Rob’s musical stylings so much, he asked him to do his own album for the tape of the month club. The single “IDFSG (I Don’t Feel So Good)” was soft-released in June and has already created buzz in the Harmontown universe and beyond. (You can listen to that track here.)

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Featured artists on the album include Harmon, Davis, Iman Europe, Sinsay, and Kaleigh Young. The album was written by Tanchum, with music composed and produced by Superfool (Kevin Hall & Shawheen Keyani). The title of the album comes from one of George Constanza’s outbursts on “Seinfeld,” after he is coldly rejected by yet another date.

“Disturbed, Depressed, Inadequate” will be released on Aug. 21, both digitally on streaming services Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, etc. and on cassette tape by SBI Press’ “Tape of the Month” club, which will contain 35 minutes of bonus material including alien outtakes from Harmon and Davis, a 10-minute improv scene with Tanchum and Harmon, 15 minutes of Harmon insulting Tanchum to his face, behind-the-scenes freestyles and more.

See the track listing after the “Also Read” below.

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1. Intro
3. Thought Spiral ft. Dan Harmon
4. Someday ft. Iman Europe
5. Unplanned Shave
6. Yo Ambulances ft. Sinsay
7. Self Medicate/ Blackout
8. Poop Ya Pantz Dance
9. Ruined Ur Birthday
10. Dr. Patel ft. Kaleigh Young
11. Introspective Flex Outro

Deadline first reported the album news.

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‘Aeon Flux’ Live-Action Reboot Series in the Works at MTV

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MTV is rebooting “Aeon Flux.”

A live-action version of the ’90s animated series that ran on the Viacom-owned cable network is currently in development, a person with knowledge of the production tells TheWrap.

The TV reboot will be written and executive produced by “Teen Wolf” showrunner Jeff Davis. “The Walking Dead”s Gale Anne Hurd — who produced the 2005 feature film version of the story, starring Charlize Theron and Frances McDormand — will also executive produce.

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“Aeon Flux” is set in a future dystopian state and revolves around a young assassin who teams with a group of biohacking rebels to save humanity as she becomes the titular hero known as Aeon Flux.

The original series — created by animator Peter Chung — debuted on MTV in 1991 as six shorts included in its Liquid Television animated series. “Aeon Flux” came back with five more shorts in 1992 and then in 10 half-hour episodes in 1995.

“Aeon Flux” is the latest in a string of series to get the revival treatment at the younger-skewing network, with returns of “Jersey Shore,” “Yo! MTV Raps” and “TRL” in the works.

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The movie version of “Aeon Flux” was both a box office and critical failure, with a 9 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes.

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‘Teen Wolf’ Showrunner Jeff Davis Reflects on Series Finale, Shares Revival Idea

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Back in 2011, Jeff Davis’ TV adaptation of “Teen Wolf” premiered and quickly became MTV’s first scripted hit. Now, more than six years later, the series has aired its 100th and final episode, and Davis is ready for some time off.

The original “Teen Wolf” was a campy ’80s comedy best remembered for a scene where Michael J. Fox surfs on top of a van in goofy creature makeup. Davis took that initial premise and turned it into something entirely different, a dark mix between fantasy-drama and high school romance.

Even in the post-“Twilight” explosion of genre movies and TV aimed at a young audience, “Teen Wolf” set itself apart from the pack and became a huge hit, building up a dedicated fanbase and turning its leads from little-known teen actors into bona fide stars over the course of its six-season run.

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But after all that success, “Teen Wolf” finally came to an end on Sunday, and Davis reflected on the journey and bringing the series to a close in an interview with TheWrap.

“There is a feeling of sadness in letting go and saying goodbye to these characters,” Davis said. “[But] I never wanted to get to the point where we were really just phoning it in. I’m very proud of the last episode, and I hope the audience likes it. We definitely put our all into it.”

As for what comes next? Davis said he has a few projects in the works, including another adaptation for MTV. This time he’ll be tackling “War of the Worlds.” And, who knows, maybe one day a “Teen Wolf” revival. But first up, a vacation.

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Read TheWrap’s full interview with Davis below:


TheWrap: First of all, congratulations on “Teen Wolf.” Six seasons and 100 episodes is nothing to sneeze at.
Thank you! It’s been a good run. It’s been seven years since I started working on this show.

What comes next for you? What do you have lined up?
I’m working on a couple of things, actually. One one of them is with MTV, a “War of the Worlds” reboot for TV. We just handed the script in, and hopefully the network likes it. We’ll see what happens. I’ve got a couple of other things brewing, but I sort of wanted to take a vacation after this. It was quite grueling to get through this many episodes of a TV show. Especially at the pace we did them.

How does it feel now that it’s over? Are you ready to move on or sad to let it go?
It’s both. I guess that’s why when people get to this point, they always use the term “bittersweet.” There is a feeling of sadness in letting go and saying goodbye to these characters. [But] I never wanted to get to the point where we were really just phoning it in. I’m very proud of the last episode, and I hope the audience likes it. We definitely put our all into it.

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Was there ever a point that you thought the show could keep going, or did this always feel like the natural end point?
I felt if the show was going to go on longer, it would probably have to do it without me. I felt this was probably the natural end for me. If I was going to continue doing it, I wouldn’t have put all the effort into it that I could’ve. So I would’ve hoped that new people would’ve took the baton and told their own stories within this world. I’ve had great collaborators along the way, but when it’s something this personal that’s very much in my voice, you do have to put so much time into it. And I feel ready to move on to new things. I know a lot of the actors wanted to continue on. A bunch of them weren’t ready to let go just yet. But I’m sure they’ll find new projects and new characters to inhabit that’ll inspire them.

Every time the actors would talk about working on the show, they’d talk about how much they loved being a part of it, and how much it felt like a family.
That was definitely a conscious effort. There are so many places in Hollywood, and so many TV shows you hear about where everybody is miserable and they hate each other. Or two actors refuse to be in a scene with each other. But I think we got really lucky with the group of people we had and making sure the crew we had made it feel like that. It was a great place to go to work everyday.

How long have you been working toward this ending? Did you always have this particular ending to the show in mind, where Scott takes this new werewolf under his wing?
I had different ideas on how to end the show. At one point I thought the ending of Season 5 was going to be it, and then the network called. Back in Season 4 though, I did have this idea of doing a flash-forward storyline where Scott meets this young, new werewolf. In the series finale it’s the character of Alex, played by Ben Stillwell, and he says those same words to him: “You’re not a monster, you’re a werewolf like me.” And what he’s essentially saying to the audience is if you’re an outsider, you will find people like you. You will find a place to belong. So I like the fact that it carries this message. As for other things, like being able to bring Colton Haynes back, that was on my wishlist. But I didn’t know until this season, a few months into the season, that it would be possible. So some things were happy surprises.


You ended up bringing a lot of familiar faces back this season, and it was fun to watch them all come through, especially in the finale.
The nice thing about that is that they definitely didn’t do it for the money [Laughs]. A lot of times when you see characters come back, they got paid. We couldn’t afford it, so you know with a lot of these actors that it was really for the love of the show and for the people they work with.

And Scott’s final battle was almost like a “greatest hits” collection of the show’s villains. Did you ever worry about having too many callbacks? Was there a line you were careful not to cross?
Definitely. You definitely worry that you’re just throwing people in for a cameo, so it could end up being a kind of roll call that just feels silly. But bringing the villains back in this way was sort of organic to our story. This was a creature that gets into your head and tried to use every fear that Scott ever had against him. So it was organic to the story, and it was also a way of saying in the moment that Scott had faced these fears. When he said to the Anuk-Ite, “You can’t beat me, I’m not afraid anymore,” he’s saying he’s conquered these fears. [The scene] is also a testament to the rogues gallery we’ve built up over the years. We’re very proud of our bad guys.

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A lot of the finale takes place back at the high school, where none of these characters are even students anymore. But those are iconic “Teen Wolf” sets by now. Did it ever start to feel silly to you to always have these characters back at school?
Oh, of course! But when you’re on a cable show, you’ve got this set, that set and this set. So a lot of the time it was, “Hey guys, we’re out of money and can’t go on location. Do you want to have the fight scene happen in the tunnels, the hospital or the school? Your choice” [Laughs]. So some of it is economics. But I also think it’s a bit poetic to end this story and have the fight for Beacon Hills at the school, since that’s where it started. I do like the fact that we shot the opening and the ending in downtown Los Angeles and set it there. I think that opened the world up and gave it a more global feel.

Fans seem to be split down the middle over the Scott and Malia romance that blossomed this season. What was your thought process in pairing those two?
I was kind of in the middle when we started it, too. But I kind of said, “What the hell, let’s go for it.” You wonder if the main character has to have a romance? Does there always have to be romance in a story? But I like them together. I thought they had chemistry, and I thought they worked. It’s a dark show at times and you want to give some characters moments of happiness. I do like that romance myself, I was really happy with it. But I’m totally fine with people hating it as well, because if everybody liked everything in the show, there’d be nothing to talk about.



Dylan O’Brien came back for two episodes this season, and he discussed in a recent Vulture interview returning to finish off the show after his accident. What was it like having him back?
He was there so little time, and I was off doing re-writes and editing, so I didn’t get to be on set as much as I would’ve liked. But when I saw him walk up the steps at our stage in his FBI intern outfit, I thought “Oh, this is perfect. This will be great”… I was on set with him when we had him in the Void Stiles makeup again, and he said it was really fun to be able to play this character one last time. I remember seeing him bursting out of the doors carrying Derek, and then doing the opposite version from Derek’s perspective. It was really fun to be able to write those scenes and being able to see the actor inhabit all the best qualities of that character.

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And, of course, the question that comes up anytime a TV show ends nowadays is when it will come back. I know you’re just putting the show to bed, but have you ever thought about what the show might look like if it came back?
The only idea I had in my mind is if you set it in a completely new place. It’s so hard for me to see a “Teen Wolf” revival without Tyler Posey. The idea I could see happening is Tyler a the Professor X character, and he brings in a whole new crew of werewolves and teenagers and they’re his new pack under his tutelage. I could see that, sort of like how the “Dark Knight Returns” comic book ends where old Bruce Wayne has a whole new team of proteges to train. I could see that, that would be fun. And I know Posey would probably be up for it. [Note: Yes, he would.]

Is that something you would actually see yourself wanting to do one day?
I don’t know. It’s funny, unless we edit ourselves, we all tend to sound like Daniel Craig talking about how he’d rather shoot himself in the face than do another Bond movie. But you give yourself a few months, a year or two maybe, and you go, “I actually have another idea and this could be really good.” So who knows. I have such a love for the world and the characters. We’ll see. But it is such a nice challenge to take on a new world and new characters.

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‘Teen Wolf’ Finale: Tyler Posey Talks ‘Sad’ Death, His Secret Tears, Hope for Spinoff

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Teen Wolf” sends the fur flying one last time with Sunday’s series finale, and star Tyler Posey admits to getting emotional about the end of the MTV show’s run — even if he didn’t always want his co-stars to know about it.

Posey, who has played alpha Scott McCall for six seasons, told TheWrap that he felt it was his duty to give a few heartfelt speeches to his cast in the final days of filming.

“There were a couple times when there were these impromptu speeches during one of our lunches leading up to the last few days,” Posey said. “I felt compelled to say something, so I would stand on the chair. I didn’t have anything planned, so just was rambling on. I got really emotional — I didn’t break down or anything, but I was choking back tears.”

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However, there was another time when he was unable to avoid the waterworks, which happened while the core cast members were shooting one of their final scenes together.

“It was perfect and it was raining,” Posey said. “We were in L.A., and we had a skyline behind us, just really beautiful. And I got a little choked up then, too, but no one knew. I kept that one to myself.”

The actor reveals that he actually had a hand in writing the first sequence of the finale, as it was an idea he had pitched a while back to series creator Jeff Davis.

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“It really sets a new tone for the show,” Posey explained. “It matures the show a lot and kind of opens up the door for a new setting for ‘Teen Wolf’ and Beacon Hills in the future, if MTV wants to come back to the show. So I’m really excited about that.”

Last week’s episode featured Deucalion (Gideon Emery) getting shot down by Monroe (Sibongile Mlambo) and her team, and the character meets his demise in the finale. Posey refers to the death as “sad” but adds that the character’s heroic end is “a good way to go out — it’s kind of cool.”

As for recent comments from MTV brass about a possible reboot, Posey said he is “absolutely” open to returning to as Scott.

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“I’ve always thought that the show was going to go on forever,” he said. “I know that ‘Teen Wolf’ is going to come back one day. I don’t know when or how, but I’d love to be a part of it. I grew attached to the show, and it became a part of me.”

“If it comes back, I’m more than happy to be a part of it,” the star continued. “And if not, if they don’t want me to be a part of it, I’m more than happy to pass the torch to somebody else and let ‘Teen Wolf’ live in another name. I think we built a great little legacy, and I don’t think the world’s ready to see it end yet. Just a little break.”

“Teen Wolf” airs its series finale Sunday at 8/7c on MTV.

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‘Teen Wolf’ Creator to Develop ‘War of the Worlds’ Series at MTV

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“Teen Wolf” creator Jeff Davis is executive producing a series adaptation of “The War of the Worlds” currently in the works at MTV.

Based on the H.G. Wells novel, the drama series will be written by “Teen Wolf” writer Andrew Cochran and executive produced by Davis, alongside Josh Barry and Jeff Kwatinetz of The Firm.

First published in 1898, “The War of the Worlds” details an invasion of Earth by Martians, and has been adapted multiple times, including a hysteria-inducing radio broadcast in 1938 and a 2005 movie directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise.

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Earlier this summer, Davis and MTV announced at San Diego Comic-Con that the current season of “Teen Wolf” would be the supernatural drama’s last. Davis also has an adaptation of the vampire novel “Let the Right One In” in development at TNT.

In additions to “Teen Wolf,” Cochran’s previous credits include Lifetime’s “Restless Virgins” and the film “Adult Behavior,” starring Emma Roberts, Evan Peters and John Cusack.

Cochran is repped by Verve and Anonymous Content. Davis is repped by WME and Magnet Management.

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