Hulu cancels Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner’s Difficult People

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After three vicious and hilarious seasons, Hulu has decided to cancel its comedy series Difficult People. This comes from Deadline, which says the streaming service decided not to renew the show for a fourth season, meaning its third season finale will now have to be its series finale. Difficult People was one of…

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‘Difficult People’ Canceled by Hulu After 3 Seasons

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“Difficult People” has gotten some tough news.

Hulu has canceled the Julie Klausner-created comedy series after three seasons.

Klausner stars with Billy Eichner on the show that premiered in August 2015. Its third season debuted in August 2017.

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The series centers on Julie Kessler (Klausner) and Billy Epstein (Eichner), two struggling comedians who seemingly dislike everyone they encounter except for each other. Andrea Martin, Cole Escola and James Urbaniak round out the cast.

Executive producers for the Universal Cable Productions project include Klausner and Amy Poehler, along with 3 Arts’ Dave Becky.

Becky apologized Monday for how he initially responded to accusations of sexual misconduct against Louis C.K., whom Becky dropped as a client last week after a blistering New York Times exposé about the comedian.

This is a time of transition for Hulu’s comedy slate, as the platform recently announced that “Casual” is ending after Season 4, while the series finale for “The Mindy Project” was released today.

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‘Difficult People’ Canceled at Hulu After Three Seasons

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“Difficult People” has been canceled at Hulu after three seasons, Variety has confirmed. The series starred Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner playing fictionalized versions of themselves. Season 3 of the series saw Julie embarking on a season long quest for happiness. Meanwhile, Billy begins to sour on New York, just as he begins to fall for his […]

‘Difficult People’ Canceled By Hulu After 3 Seasons

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Hulu has opted not to renew its comedy series Difficult People for a fourth season. All 28 produced episodes of the show’s three seasons are currently streaming on the digital platform.
Created and executive produced by Julie Klausner and executive produced by Amy Poehler, Difficult People played an important role in the evolution of Hulu as a home of original shows. It was the first of a new crop of high-end scripted series to debut on the streaming service, followed…

10 Hulu Originals You Should Be Watching, From ‘The Path’ to ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ (Photos)

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Streaming service Hulu might not get all the attention that Netflix or HBO does, but it’s turning out some quality shows that rival the big networks and streaming services alike. Here are 10 Hulu original series you should add to your list of binge-worthy titles.

10. “The Hotwives of Orlando”
Sending up reality TV shows about real housewives, “The Hotwives of Orlando” is has some great casting, including Kristen Schaal of “Bob’s Burgers” and “Last Man on Earth,” and Angela Kinsey of “The Office.” It constantly gets to the best absurdity of reality TV with some great, ridiculous characters.

9. “Chance”
Hugh Laurie is a neurologist who gets mixed up with a mentally ill woman and her corrupt cop husband. He enlists Ethan Suplee to basically be his Liam Neeson from “Taken” to help stop the cop. Watching Laurie deal with his out-of-control life and Suplee deliver intense, subdued violence makes “Chance” worth checking out.

8. “The Wrong Mans”
A mix-up finds a pair of goofy government office workers mixed up in a kidnapping plot in Hulu’s British comedy. James Corden is especially hilarious as a mailroom clerk excited to get wrapped up in an adventure with unreliable fellow office lackey Matthew Baynton.

7. “11.22.63”
Based on the Stephen King novel, “11.22.63” follows James Franco as he travels back in time to stop JFK’s assassination. Franco plays a great everyman driven by a sense of duty to spend years in the ’60s, and the setbacks he encounters — including occasionally supernatural ones — keep the mini-series boiling all the way through.

6. “Shut Eye”
An organized crime drama that’s kinda funny and a bit supernatural. “Shut Eye” is about grifters posing as psychics in Los Angeles, until Jeffrey Donovan (FX’s “Fargo”) hits his head and starts to actually see the future for real. Family drama gets out of control, as do murderous crime bosses.

5. “Casual”
A depressed bachelor brother, a divorced sister, and her teenager struggle to figure out relationships in Hulu’s quick-witted comedy. Dating is a comedic mess no matter what, “Casual” digs in through a lens of online matchups and one-night stands with some fun characters to find even more hilarity.

4. “Harlots”
Set in late 1700s London, “Harlots” finds drama in the feud between rival brothels, both run by often-cutthroat women in a city where one in five women is a sex worker. “Harlots” has a phenomenal cast and some rock and roll sensibilities, but the best parts are the constant struggles against London’s patriarchal and classist society.

3. “Difficult People”
Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner verbally tear apart everybody as a pair of ruthless New York comedians struggling to catch a break. Though they can’t help making fun of everyone, Billy and Julie are also constantly struggling with whether they should be nicer — even though they just can’t bring themselves to be.

2. “The Path”
Things are spiraling out of control in the cult known as Meyerism in Hulu’s drama, which now has two seasons on hulu. Aaron Paul loses his faith and tries to get out, leaving behind his family of believers — but he’s still having weird religious visions. And Hugh Dancy is an unhinged cult leader who’s losing control and slipping back into alcoholism at an alarming rate.

1. “The Handmaid’s Tale”
A dystopian world that subjugates women is the setting for “The Handmaid’s Tale.” There, handmaids — the few fertile women in the wake of a global epidemic that has slashed birth rates — are forced to bear children for the leaders of an authoritarian religious regime. The dark series’ focus on the feminist struggle of Elizabeth Moss feels especially poignant in today’s political climate.

‘Difficult People’ Stars On Pilot’s USA Origins & Working With Hulu — AwardsLine Screening Series

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“People forget, but we originally made this pilot for USA. Hulu didn’t even really exist, certainly in the way it does now, as a network doing original programming, when Julie first wrote this script,” Billy Eichner said last night at an AwardsLine Screening Series presentation of Hulu’s original comedy Difficult People. “All due respect to USA, it’s impossible to think of this show on USA.”
Starring series creator Julie Klausner and Eichner, who play fictionalized…

TV News Roundup: Johnny Galecki Gets Science Channel Series, ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Ratings

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In today’s TV news roundup, Johnny Galecki will executive produce and star in new Science Channel series entitled “SciJinks,” “RuPaul’s Drag Race” has a more-than-solid premiere on its new network, and more. GREENLIGHTS  Science Channel has ordered eight 30-minute episodes of prank series “SciJinks” from “The Big Bang Theory” star Johnny Galecki. He will appear in… Read more »

Hulu Sets Summer Premieres for ‘Difficult People,’ ‘Casual,’ Documentaries

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Hulu has released its summer slate, which includes three original documentaries and two original series. “Difficult People” Season 3 will premiere Tuesday, Aug. 8, and will find Julie (Julie Klausner) and Billy (Billy Eichner) remaining each other’s best friends while still their own worst enemies. John Cho will have a guest arc as Billy’s boyfriend. The third season… Read more »

11 Comedies You Should Binge-Watch, From ‘Chewing Gum’ to ‘Angie Tribeca’ (Photos)

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“One Mississippi” (Season 1 on Amazon)
Amazon has made a name for itself and broke into the awards race with poignant and thoughtful half-hour series like “Transparent” and “Mozart in the Jungle.” That tradition was upheld this year with the premiere of Tig Notaro’s semi-autobiographical “traumedy.” With whip-smart writing by Notaro and “Juno’s” Diablo Cody, “One Mississippi” is a funny, heartbreaking bit of essential TV viewing.

“Girls” (Seasons 1-5 on HBO)
Lena Dunham’s love-it-or-hate-it HBO comedy is coming off of one of it’s best seasons in years, and will return for its final outing in February. That’s plenty of time to catch up on the series, one of the first — and best — depictions of millenial angst on TV.

“Steven Universe” (Seasons 1-2 on Hulu)
Cartoon Network’s “Steven Universe” has earned two Emmy nominations and a cult following in its three seasons on the air for the way it’s managed to incorporate LGBT themes and subversion of traditional gender norms into an animated kids’ sci-fi series.

“Bunheads” (Season 1 on Freeform App)
Amy Sherman-Palladino’s “Gilmore Girls” reboot for Netflix was a happy treat for fans of the original series. But at just four installments, “A Year in the Life” flies by. Those looking for more of Sherman Palladino’s quirky, emotionally grounded style can turn to her short-lived Freeform series starring the inimitable Sutton Foster.

“Atlanta” (Season 1 on FX App)
Few series come on to the air with as much confidence as Donald Glover’s outstanding new FX comedy “Atlanta.” Wickedly funny and emotionally resonant, the series will go down as one of the best of the year. It’s already been renewed for a second season, but those who haven’t yet tuned in can catch up on the FX website.

“Chewing Gum” (Season 1 on Netflix)
Netflix’s British import “Chewing Gum” has flown under the radar since it hit the streaming platform in November, but at just six episodes, the underrated gem is worth a watch. Written by and starring Michaela Coel, the raunchy comedy is the frank and sometimes uncomfortable story of a 24-year-old woman from a hyper-religious background who makes it a mission to lose her virginity.

“Freaks and Geeks” (Season 1 on Netflix)
When it comes to cult TV series, Paul Feig and Judd Apatow’s “Freaks and Geeks” set the standard. With a cast packed with soon-to-be stars like James Franco, Seth Rogen and Linda Cardellini, the high school comedy only lasted for one season, but it’s still being called one of the greatest series ever more than 15 years later.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (Seasons 1-3 on Hulu, Season 4 currently airing on Fox)
Fox’s cop comedy won several Golden Globes for its debut season, but it’s only gotten better over time. Boasting one of the best ensemble casts on television, led by Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” boasts the same heart seen in co-creator Michael Schur’s previous series “Parks and Recreation.”

“Angie Tribeca” (Season 1 on Hulu)
Created by Steven and Nancy Carell, TBS’s profoundly bizarre “Angie Tribeca” is one of the best cop show parodies since “Police Squad!” Starring Rashida Jones and Hayes MacArthur, the series plays like a series of sketches sending up police procedurals like “Law & Order” and “CSI.”

“Happy Endings” (Seasons 1-3 on Hulu)
In an era when networks were desperately trying to recreate the magic of “Friends,” David Caspe’s “Happy Endings” turned the “group of thirtysomethings” format on its head, growing into an offbeat and profoundly funny comedy that now has imitators of its own.

“Parks and Recreation” (Seasons 1-7 on Netflix)
For seven seasons, Amy Poehler played the eternally optimistic Leslie Knope on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation,” a sweet and heartwarming comedy that was egregiously snubbed by the Emmys for its entire run.

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Billy Eichner Joins Netflix Comedy ‘Friends From College’ As Recurring

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EXCLUSIVE: Billy on the Street star Billy Eichner has signed on for a four-episode arc on Netflix’s upcoming comedy series Friends From College.
Starring Keegan-Michael Key, Cobie Smolders and Fred Savage, the series follows Ethan and Lisa Turner, a couple recently returned to New York City who reunites with their friend Max Adler and the other members of their group of college friends. Eichner will play Dr. Felix Forzenheim, a fertility doctor to Ethan and Lisa who…

‘Difficult People’ Renewed for Season 3 at Hulu

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Hulu has picked up “Difficult People” for Season 3, Variety has learned. The 10-episode third season will premiere in 2017. The series stars Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner as the titular people, a pair of best friends who live in New York City. Even in a city comprised almost entirely of difficult people, “Julie” and… Read more »

‘Difficult People’ Renewed For Season 3 By Hulu

Read on: Deadline.

Difficult People is returning for a third go-round. Hulu has ordered a 10-episode third season of the critically praised half-hour comedy series for premiere in 2017.
Difficult People, produced by Universal Cable Productions, stars Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner as two besties living in New York City whose typical, irreverent behavior lands them in some very awkward situations. Also starring are Andrea Martin as Marilyn, James Urbaniak as Arthur, and Cole Escola as…