Watch the Exact Moment Katie Nolan Says She Decided to Quit Fox and Go to ESPN (Video)

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Quite a number of ESPN personalities have left for Fox Sports in recent years, but at least one prominent member of the sportstalk media went the other way: Katie Nolan has told GQ why she did the exact opposite in October. In a way, it’s all Cris Carter’s fault, and we’ve got the video evidence.

Nolan was a young, rising star when Fox debuted “Garbage Time With Katie Nolan” in March 2015. By February 2017, Nolan was literally taking her show on the road for Super Bowl LI — those live versions in Houston, featuring co-worker Carter as a main-chair guest, are where it all went wrong.

We’re mostly kidding about Carter being the problem, but his appearance and the argument that ensued turned out to be the impetus. Bigger-picture-wise, it was others meddling in her unique comedy/sports-hybrid format that put “Garbage Time” on the trash heap, Nolan now says.

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Below is the relevant part of her GQ profile, which was written by Clay Skipper. He’s the son of ousted ESPN boss John Skipper, who stepped down in December, citing a “substance addiction.”

I think that I’m so worried that someone else that isn’t as invested in this as I am is going to touch it and f— it up and they’ll just go, Whoops, and go on to their next thing. So I am so protective of all my things. I could have moved [Garbage Time] out to LA, could have grown it to an hour daily show on FS1. Right before I left I went to the Super Bowl and we did my show live, an hour daily from the Super Bowl.

Before we got out there, I said, “Look, we’re booking a panel of people to be on this show with me. They need to be people that understand what this show is. I don’t want you to get me big name athletes that have no idea who I am or what I do. They’re just going to be confused and it’s not going to work on the show. I also don’t want you to get me a panel of people that all work at Fox. Those are my only two things. I will do whatever else.”

The night before the first show live from the Super Bowl they were like, “Such and such missed his flight. So the first show is going to be you, Nick Wright, Cris Carter, two FS1 personalities”–and then a girl I had booked, Sarah Tiana, a very funny comedian. I was like, “Okay, this is going to be a disaster.” They were like, “It’s gonna be fine.”

Cris Carter brings up Deflategate. I’m like, okay so now I either have to, out of respect for him, let him talk about this on my show or be like, “It’s my show. Shut up Cris.” So I chose the second option. We got into it. It was a mess. It wasn’t good TV.

I wasn’t mad at him, I was mad at the network. Like, “I told you. I know this show better than anyone else. Cris Carter is incredible, but he will not work on this show. It’s not going to work for him.” They didn’t listen. So that was the moment that I was like, I’m not coming back to Fox.

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It all made for a re-watchable 10 minutes of TV, at least — and thank goodness for YouTube.

Watch the video above. Read Nolan’s full interview here.

TheWrap gave Fox Sports the opportunity to respond to Nolan’s remarks in GQ profile (and thus, this piece), but we did not immediately har back.

“Always Late With Katie Nolan” streams on ESPN+.

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Cris Carter Tears Up Over CTE, Aaron Hernandez: ‘I’ve Had Teammates Who Killed Themselves’

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NFL Hall of Famer receiver Cris Carter reflected on CTE, football and his own career on Friday during his Fox Sports 1 show — after a study of Aaron Hernandez’s brain showed the ex-New England Patriots tight end, who took his own life in April while serving a life sentence for murder, had an advanced form of CTE.

During an empassioned eight-minute conversation on “First Things First,” Carter said, “I wonder what’s going to happen to our generation?”

.@criscarter80: Am I scared? Yes I’m scared but football has given me everything I love in life.

An emotional Cris Carter on CTE in the NFL

— First Things First (@FTFonFS1) September 22, 2017

Carter added, “I’ve had teammates who killed themselves: Andre Waters, teammate of mine in Philadelphia. I’ve had good friends of mine: Junior Seau, Dave Duerson. Great men, guys that have done tremendous things in their community. All of a sudden they became violent and took their own lives. So I worry. I worry what my future is.”

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All of the former players Carter mentioned suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a neurodegenerative disease linked to devastating hits to the brain from playing the sport.

During his 16 years as a wide receiver in the league, Carter said he didn’t sustain “any recorded concussions” and added that while he hasn’t experienced any CTE symptoms, he is still scared he may have the disease, “I would say there is some type of fear.”

“[There is a] fear of the unknown,” he added.

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Would Carter change anything in his own career if had the knowledge of CTE when he was younger?

“I wouldn’t change a thing,” said Carter. “Football gave me a sense of purpose. It gave me a sense of me. There’s not a whole bunch of options in America for a black man. But sports gives you that opportunity … so where would my life be without football? I don’t know. And I hate to think about. … So for me, I still encourage young people. The game is safer now than it’s ever been.”

“I hope the rest of my life works out well,” added Carter, “but I’m willing to suffer the consequences of what it’s done for me.”

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ESPN Talent That Jumped to Fox Sports, From Cris Carter to Skip Bayless (Photos)

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ESPN may be synonymous with sports, but plenty of stars have bailed for Fox Sports lately. Have a look at some the big names.

Chris Broussard

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Cris Carter

Once Cris Carter caught touchdown passes on the field. Now this Hall of Fame receiver will analyze them from the booth for Fox.

Jamie Horowitz

This is the guy who might be responsible for all these talent defections. Horowitz, president at Fox Sports, has brought programming secrets learned at ESPN to his new employer.

Colin Cowherd

The sports anchor fled ESPN in 2015 and now hosts “The Herd” on FS1.

Jason Whitlock

The ex-ESPN sportswriter co-hosts “Speak for Yourself” on FS1.

Chris Spielman

A former NFL All-Pro, Spielman worked at ESPN for years but now has a gig as a game analyst for Fox NFL.

Shannon Spake

An experienced sidelines reporter, Spake hustled for ESPN for 10 years but switched to Fox in 2016.

Rob Parker

The former member of ESPN’s “First Take” has resurfaced on “Fox Sports Live.”

Chris Spielman

A former NFL All-Pro, Spielman worked at ESPN for years but now has a gig as a game analyst for Fox NFL.

Shannon Spake

An experienced sidelines reporter, Spake hustled for ESPN for 10 years but switched to Fox in 2016.

Rob Parker

The former member of ESPN’s “First Take” has resurfaced on “Fox Sports Live.”