‘The Big Bang Theory’ Series Finale Gets Premiere Date On CBS

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The end is nigh for The Big Bang Theory, and now we know exactly when. CBS said today that the sitcom will wrap its 12-season run with an hourlong series finale at 8 PM Thursday, May 16. Check out the rest of CBS’ 2018-19 season finales below.

Life After the ‘Big Bang Theory’: How CBS Is Preparing for the End of Its Long-Running Sitcom

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If you ask CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl, he’ll tell you how he really feels about the upcoming end of “The Big Bang Theory,” which will wrap its 12-season run in May.

“I can’t pretend I’m happy it’s going away,” Kahl told TheWrap. “I don’t know how many other comedies have had such an amazing and consistent run.”

When the series ends, it will finish as the longest-running multi-camera series in television history, with a total of 279 episodes, though Kahl had initially hoped it would go even longer. Last summer, he sounded optimistic that the show would return for a 13th season, but instead now has to figure out how to replace “Big Bang Theory’s” massive shoes. But Kahl believes they already have a ready-made replacement in their own “Big Bang” universe with “Young Sheldon.”

The spinoff, which follows a younger version of Jim Parson’s Sheldon Cooper growing up in Texas, averaged north of 16 million viewers during its debut season, and was handed a two-season renewal last month, a vote of confidence that the series can become the new anchor for CBS’ comedy lineup. Kahl said no decision has been made just yet on whether “Young Sheldon” will inherit the “Big Bang” timeslot leading off Thursdays, but he’s bullish that it can be the same launchpad to lead into new series that “Big Bang” was for so many years.

“We’re fortunate to have another show lined up, a young show lined up and teed up to maybe take its spot. We hope its ‘Sheldon,’ but it’s not necessarily a given to go in that timeslot,” Kahl said, who predicted it will be the top-rated sitcom next season. “It’s good to have that and knowing you can use that to kind of build off of and still have some pockets of strength in comedy.”

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But replacing “Big Bang” will still be a Herculean task, as few series have mattered more to CBS.

It’s been among the top 3 most-watched series on TV for the last seven years, earning 10 Emmy wins including four consecutive Best Actor in a Comedy wins for star Jim Parsons. “The Big Bang Theory” has also been a financial boon for CBS and studio Warner Bros., amassing anywhere between $125 million and $150 million in advertising revenue and more than $1 billion in syndication for studio Warner Bros. TV, according to the Los Angeles Times. (Reps for Warner Bros. and CBS declined to comment on those figures.)

“I don’t think the show has gotten anywhere near the credit it deserves for how good it is,” Kahl said.

During a set visit in February attended by TheWrap, the importance of the show was fully on display.

There was Warner Bros. TV group president Peter Roth walking around the show’s sound stage – Stage 25 – at Warner Bros.’ Burbank studio. Roth was giving giant bear hugs to cast members including Kunal Nayyar (Rajesh Koothrappali), Johnny Galecki (Leonard Hofstadter), as well as series co-creator Chuck Lorre, as each walked by him.

The cast and crew were getting ready to do the run-through for the episode titled, “The Conference Valuation,” which airs this Thursday. This was the first time they would go through the script on the set. The crew of roughly 50-60 people followed the cast around from scene to scene, huddling around as a stand-in for the studio audience, to help the actors know when to pause for laughs.

After the run-through, the cast and grew gathered so Roth could officially re-name the Stage 25 as “The Big Bang Theory Stage,” only the fifth time Warner Bros. has dedicated a specific studio (and the second time for Lorre, who experienced the same thing with “Two and a Half Men”). The room was filled with tears, hugs and everything else you could imagine from a group that’s spent the last 12 years together, which is a lifetime in the entertainment business.

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There was a time when the series wasn’t sure it would make it past Season 1, but it can thank the Writers Guild of America Strike in 2007 to 2008 for inadvertently giving it a second chance. “We didn’t know if we would get a second season,” Chuck Lorre, who co-created “The Big Bang Theory” with Bill Prady, told reporters during the set visit. “We shot eight shows before the strike and they ran those shows over and over and over again, and it built a following.”

In between the show’s first and second seasons, Lorre said he noticed the show was building a following. He recalled when the cast went to their first Comic-Con that summer in 2008, and saw that “thousands” of people were waiting to get into the show’s panel: “That was the first indication that something was happening that we had never anticipated.”

“We were very much on the bubble,” Galecki remembered about that strike-shortened first season. “When something is taken away from you like that, like they say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. We returned [after the strike] with a renewed pride and appreciation for being here.”

After drawing 8.3 million viewers for its first season — ranking No. 68 on TV — “The Big Bang Theory” added nearly 2 million viewers in season 2, moving up to No. 44. It would eventually average more than 20 million viewers by season 7, and was the most-viewed entertainment series during the 2017-2018 season with 18.9 million. Its final season currently is averaging 17.5 million viewers to maintain the top scripted spot on TV, according to the most recent numbers from Nielsen.

Once considered a relic from an older TV era that was chock-full of multi-cam sitcoms like “Seinfeld,” “Frasier” and “Friends,” the multi-camera format is now experiencing a renaissance that “The Big Bang Theory’s” longevity is now tied into. Currently, there are 11 multi-camera comedy pilots (with a few more hybrid splits of single/multi-cam) in contention for next season.

Lorre argues there’s still a lot of life left in the format, even though he himself has a single-camera comedy, “The Kominsky Method,” at Netflix. “There’s a different energy when you’re performing in front of an audience,” he said. “When it works it’s fantastic. And it’s worked, over and over again.”

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‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Kaley Cuoco Gets Flash-Happy in ‘Epic’ Behind-the-Scenes Look (Video)

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Kudos to Kaley Cuoco and the rest of the “Big Bang Theory” gang — they certainly know how to make a flashy exit.

With the hit CBS sitcom rapidly coming to an end with its 12th and final season, Cuoco gifted fans Wednesday morning with a generous behind-the-scenes glimpse of a series tradition: a flash mob.

Cuoco posted multiple videos of the cast and crew surprising the audience with a mass dance routine set to the Backstreet Boys chestnut “Larger Than Life,” telling fans, ” I told you we would go out with a bang!!”

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“A sneak peak of tonight’s epic @bigbangtheory_cbs final flash mob!! Might be one of my favorite moments in 12 years,” Cuoco wrote in the first of a series of Instagram posts about the moment. “I told you we would go out with a bang!!”

In a subsequent video post, Cuoco revealed that series co-creator Chuck Lorre wasn’t on hand for the event but still made an appearance via FaceTime.

“Yes,” Cuoco wrote. “Chuck Lorre was on location and didn’t wanna miss our flash mob, so he FaceTimed in to watch us dance … no words .”

The actress went on to warn fans that there would be “lots of [behind-the-scenes] and teary vids to come during [the] last remaining shows of” the series.

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Cuoco went on to reveal that her crew “rehearsed for months and listened to me yap on and on about this endlessly,” adding, “it was worth it!”

Watch Cuoco and her cohorts get flashy below.

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‘The Kominsky Method’: Michael Douglas & Alan Arkin Talk Approaching Old Age As “Funny Rather Than Tragic” – TCA

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With its Golden Globe wins and its season 2 renewal, the Chuck Lorre Netflix comedy The Kominsky Method starring Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin has plenty to celebrate — so much that they opened the doors to the set of Sandy’s (Douglas) act…

‘Mom’ Renewed for Seasons 7 and 8 by CBS

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“Mom” has been renewed for Seasons 7 and 8 on CBS, the network announced Tuesday.

The addition of two more years of the Chuck Lorre-created comedy beyond its currently airing sixth comes after stars Allison Janney and Anna Faris signed new 2-year contracts with studio Warner Bros. TV.

“We’re exceptionally proud to have ‘Mom’ on our air; a high-quality, signature comedy with characters viewers love, that also brings strength and stability to our lineup,” Kelly Kahl, President of CBS Entertainment, said in a statement. “Under Chuck Lorre’s extraordinary leadership and with his outstanding writing and production team, we look forward to having ‘Mom’ on CBS for many years to come.”

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“We’re fortunate to have the gifted talents of Anna and Allison, with their wit, intelligence and incomparable comic skill, heading up such a brilliant cast on this noteworthy series,” Thom Sherman, Senior Executive Vice President of Programming at CBS Entertainment, added.

“Mom” premiered on CBS on Monday, Sept. 23, 2013 and moved to Thursdays at the start of its second season. Along with Janney and Faris, the series also stars Mimi Kennedy, Jaime Pressly, Beth Hall and William Fichtner.

Lorre, Nick Bakay, Gemma Baker and Warren Bell executive produce for Chuck Lorre Productions, Inc. in association with Warner Bros. Television. The series was created by Lorre, Baker and Eddie Gorodetsky.

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“Mom” is the latest show to be renewed at CBS for the 2019-20 slate, joining the previously picked up freshman series “FBI,” “God Friended Me,” “Magnum P.I.” and “The Neighborhood,” along with the final season of “Criminal Minds.”

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‘The Kominsky Method’ Eyes Season 2 Renewal By Netflix; What’s the Holdup?

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Golden Globes: Alfonso Cuarón Defends Netflix, Glenn Close Discusses Her Mom and 9 More Things You Didn’t See On TV

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Streaming giants had a big night at the Golden Globes on Sunday, as Netflix won for “The Kominsky Method” and “Roma” and Amazon scored with “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” And the debate over streaming’s impact on traditional theatrical and broadcast models continued offstage.

Alfonso Cuarón was asked directly whether the success of “Roma” might mean the death of independent film, and Michael Douglas discussed how streaming has allowed actors like himself to bridge the gap between film and TV.

But that wasn’t all that happened backstage after the Globes. Here are some things you didn’t get to see on TV.

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Michael Douglas is on Team Netflix

Douglas comes from a long line of actors, and he knows all too well that back when TV was a new medium, it was tough for actors to bridge the gap between TV and film. Why pay to see an actor when you could watch for free? Douglas said streaming has given actors the flexibility to do projects they otherwise wouldn’t.

“Streaming has made television much more acceptable to film people,” Douglas said. “A half hour comedy, which can be 25 minutes long, it can be 40 minutes long. You can say whatever you want, there are no commercials. It’s as close as you can get to having a short film.”

So is Alfonso Cuarón

The “Roma” director pushed back hard on a notion that the success of “Roma” might help kill independent cinema. He reacted to a journalist’s notion that now a movie doesn’t need a theatrical viewing window in order to get recognized for awards, and that this will hurt indie distributors of smaller films that get attention from awards.

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Cuarón has long defended Netflix for distributing a foreign language, black-and-white film. Despite its availability on Netflix, “Roma” is still playing theatrically, more than a month after its release. And the director challenged the journalist to look into just how long similar films have hung around in theaters.

“I just hope that the discussion between Netflix and of platforms and theatrical should be over. I think those guys should come together and whatever they’re doing should realize this discussion is hurting cinema,” Cuarón said. He added that the theatrical experience has become “gentrified” with just one specific product, whereas other platforms have welcomed diversity from films and filmmakers.

Mahershala Ali and Octavia Spencer again addressed the “Green Book” backlash

The family of Dr. Don Shirley called the Golden Globe winning “Green Book” “full of lies” and challenged the accuracy of the film and Dr. Shirley’s portrayal. Ali has already addressed this issue, but he and executive producer Octavia Spencer reiterated their thoughts Sunday night.

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“I’m a little troubled that answering that question could cause them any more distress. So what I’d like to say, in lieu of anything direct to the Shirley family, is what it meant to me. It was the first time I saw a person of color with agency,” Spencer said. “So for me it was about the idea that there were people like Don Shirley in the ’60s and we never saw them on film.”

Ali reiterated his past comments and said he wishes the family well, but added, “My job is always the same.”

“Spider-Man” director Peter Ramsey finishes his thought

There were a lot of directors and producers behind the animated “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” and not everyone got a chance to speak as they accepted their Golden Globe for Best Animation feature. Co-director Peter Ramsey was cut off before he finished his thought on why the mixed-race character Miles Morales is so important. But he finished his thought backstage.

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“We all felt deeply the idea that anyone can have this kind of experience. Anyone can share in this kind of myth, this kind of legend, and the story of Miles Morales was a way to crystallize all those ideas into one character,” Ramsey said. “Anyone can wear the mask. Everyone is powerful, everyone is necessary, and we’re all counting on you.”

Richard Madden weighed in on whether he’s been offered James Bond

“They are just rumors,” the actor from “Bodyguard” said. He was a little more optimistic about potentially returning to his character from “Bodyguard.”

“Hopefully he’s going to have some genius ideas,” Madden said of creator Jed Mercurio.

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Ben Whishaw wants to see more gay actors in straight roles

The Golden Globe winner Whishaw for “A Very English Scandal” said there was a time when actors’ personal lives were very hidden, but that now that they’re more public, performers should have more flexibility.

“I’d like to see more gay actors playing straight roles,” he said. “That’s where we should be aiming, I think.”

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Lady Gaga is the real deal

“There ain’t nothing realer than what you’re looking at right now,” Lady Gaga said backstage after “Shallow” won Best Original Song. She pointed out that the “real” side of her isn’t the one on screen but the one who collaborated closely with artists she loves.

Mark Ronson, though, is still starstruck. “I hesitate to use the word genius,” he said. “She’s the master chef, and we’re all just holding up celery. Do you like this, do you like this?”

Chuck Lorre is surprised he won

“The Kominsky Method” mastermind Chuck Lorre took a big pause when he was asked just how long it has been since a show he’s worked on was recognized by a major awards body.

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“Uh…sorry, time’s up. I got a Golden Globe for ‘Roseanne’ in ’91 and for ‘Cybill’ in ’95. So… recently,” he joked. “I’m absolutely stunned, amazed, delighted and grateful, that our work was acknowledged and held up as being worthy, I’m shaken, just overwhelmed.”

Glenn Close gets emotional talking about her mother

In her acceptance speech for “The Wife,” Glenn Close said she thought of her mother. “I’m thinking of my mom, who really sublimated herself to my father her whole life. And in her 80s she said to me, ‘I feel I haven’t accomplished anything.’ And it was so not right.”

Asked backstage to elaborate, Close said, “I understood what she meant.”

“There’s another part of you that has nothing to do with who is in your life and everything to do with what’s in your heart and what’s in your soul and what feeds you and makes you feel you’re giving an important contribution to your life. I’m holding her in my heart, and I’m very moved to get this award for this particular story for her sake.”

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Sandra Oh on that “This is Us” joke

Probably the raciest moment of the evening was a joke as Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh introduced the cast of “This is Us.” Oh said that you’ll need to get out your tissues, not because you might cry, but because you might want to masturbate to all of them.

“All I was thinking about was landing that joke,” Oh said. “It was my last joke of the night. All I’m thinking about is that word, and I’ve got to land it. I thought it was a fantastic, funny, biting line.”

Asked if she would do what she suggested the audience do: “Oh, that’s private. That’s very private,” she said.

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The cast and producers of “Bohemian Rhapsody” dodged questions about Bryan Singer

The departure of director Bryan Singer from “Bohemian Rhapsody” has loomed over the film, despite its awards success, and Best Actor winner Rami Malek and producer Graham King dodged commenting on him.

“There was only one thing we needed to do, and that was celebrate Freddie Mercury,” Malek said. “There is only one Freddie Mercury, and nothing was going to compromise us giving him the love and adulation he deserves.”

“Every single person who worked on this film collaborated and did it out of the passion of the story,” King added.

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Claire Foy, Chuck Lorre to Receive Special Honors at 24th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards

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Claire Foy and Chuck Lorre will receive special honors at the 24th annual Critics’ Choice Awards gala in January, the Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA) and Broadcast Television Journalist Association (BTJA) announced Friday.

Foy, who is nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award for her role in “First Man,” will receive the #SeeHer award, which recognizes a woman who “embodies the values set forth by the #SeeHer movement.” The mission of #SeeHer is to accurately portray women in the media in the hopes that women can see themselves properly reflected in the media by 2020. Previous recipients include Viola Davis and Gal Gadot.

“It’s wonderful to see Claire Foy receive this award,” Fiona Carter, chief brand officer, AT&T Communications, said. “When we shine a light on stories that ring true for all women, and celebrate the creators bringing them to life, we come a step closer to a world in which women are authentically portrayed in media and popular culture. It’s why AT&T, as one of the largest advertisers in the country, is proud to support the #SeeHer movement.”

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Lorre, creator of TV comedies like “The Big Bang Theory,” “Mom,” “Young Sheldon” and “The Kominsky Method,” will receive the Critics’ Choice Creative Achievement Award.

“‘The Big Bang Theory’ has been called the most successful television comedy ever, so it seems like the perfect time to honor Chuck as that show gets ready to ride off into the sunset,” BFCA President Joey Berlin said.  “Thankfully, we still have ‘Mom,’ ‘Young Sheldon’ and his latest gift to comedy lovers, ‘The Kominsky Method,’ going strong to help us get over the loss. For a quarter of a century Chuck has been keeping us in stitches with comedies of remarkable hilarity and consistency, delighting viewers and critics alike.”

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Foy’s other credits include “The Crown,” as well as “Breathe” and “The Girl in the Spider’s Web.” Lorre’s credits include “Disjointed,” “Mike & Molly” and “Two and a Half Men.”

The Critics’ Choice Awards will be broadcast live on The CW on January 13.

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Claire Foy & Chuck Lorre Set For Honors At Critics’ Choice Awards

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The Critics’ Choice Awards will honor The Girl in the Spider’s Web star and The Crown alum Claire Foy and sitcom hitmaker Chuck Lorre at its 24th annual ceremony next month.
Foy, who also recently co-starred opposite Ryan Gosling in Damien …

Chuck Lorre Gets Personal as Kudos Pile Up for ‘The Kominsky Method’

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