TV Club: Shea gets her moment and Josh his comeuppance in Transparent’s sixth episode

It’s easy to see why women fall for Josh. Aside from the fact that Jay Duplass is the top Duplass brother at the moment—I will fight you on this—the character, in his best moments, is sweetly hangdog. When he’s flirting, he gets a glint in his eye that begs, “Love me.” Shea is the latest to be captivated by that, but she gets a taste of the real Josh very quickly, when is ignorance overrides his attraction. And she deservedly gives him hell for it. Like the season opener, “The Open Road” shows a trans experience vastly different from Maura’s. By leaving the Pfeffermans’ bubble it demonstrates just how small-minded they can be, despite their liberal proclivities.

The episode belongs to Trace Lysette, who long stood on the sidelines of the action. The seeds of a Shea and Josh romance were planted in the third …

Newswire: Brett Gelman joins Stranger Things season 2

Just a few days after making a high-profile break with Adult Swim over disagreements about the network’s hiring practices and attitudes toward women, comic Brett Gelman has lined up a new high-profile gig. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gelman has signed on for the cast of Netflix’s much-anticipated Stranger Things season two.

Gelman will join the series as Murray Bauman, a disgraced journalist who comes to Hawkins, Indiana, to investigate conspiracies surrounding a mysterious cold case. The stand-up comic and podcaster is just the latest name to be added to the hit series’ rapidly expanding roster, with Sean Astin, Paul Reiser, and young actors Linnea Berthelsen, Sadie Sink, and Dacre Montgomery all joining the show for its second year.

Gelman came to prominence in recent years by writing and starring in a number of Dinner-themed comedy specials for Adult Swim, as well as his work on …

Neil deGrasse Tyson Ponders Donald Trump Crotch-Grab

Neil deGrasse Tyson can’t wait to get his hands on president-elect Donald Trump. Or at least a certain part of Trump.

Celebrity astrophysicist Tyson tweeted Friday that he might grab Trump’s crotch when he comes face-to-face with the reality TV host-turned-world leader.

“When I meet President Trump, I may first grab his crotch — to get his attention — then discuss science with him,” Tyson wrote.

It’s unclear when Tyson plans to meet Trump. However, it’s evident that Tyson was referring to lewd remarks made by Trump during a 2005 conversation with then-“Access Hollywood” personality Billy Bush.

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When I meet President Trump, I may first grab his crotch — to get his attention — then discuss Science with him.

– Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson) November 18, 2016

During the conversation, which was leaked prior to the election, Trump bragged that, when you’re famous, women will let you do anything, including “grab ‘em by the p—y.”

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As for the talking-science part, that seems like a logical topic of conversation for Tyson, if not for Trump — the president-elect has in the past claimed that global warming was a concept created by the Chinese “in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive” — a claim that was disputed by Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin this week.

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Black Friday Buying Guide: 13 Hollywood Steals and Deals (Photos)

TheWrap has set up a Black Friday starting point for those focused on Hollywood this holiday season.

Below are 13 steals and deals from popular post-Thanksgiving destinations Best Buy, Walmart and Target.

What? “Deadpool” Blu-ray+DVD+Digital
How much? $7.99
Where? Best Buy

What? Amazon – Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote – Black
How much? $29.99
Where? Best Buy

What? “Gears of War 4” for Xbox One
How much? $29.99
Where? Target

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What? PlayStation 4 500gb Slim Console with “Uncharted 4”
How much? $249.99
Where? Target

What? Apple – Apple TV – 64GB – Black
How much? $159.99
Where? Best Buy

What? Life-size 48” Big Figs (“Star Wars” Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, “TMNT” Michelangelo or Leonardo)
How much? $49.99
Where? Target

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Ted Sarandos And Brian Grazer: Hollywood Is Moving Towards Greater Diversity

This may or may not be the year of the woman in Hollywood, but at Netflix, it’s been the year of the woman for several years running. “Netflix is the home of kickass women,” said Netflix programming guru Ted Sarandos, speaking before nearly 200 women – and a handful of men – during a panel discussion hosted by Visionary Women tonight at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills.
“We’ve filled our executive suites with women,” he said. “It starts with female executives, who hire…

Variety and WWD Salute Stylemakers

Women were saluted for their fashion sense and urged to be confident and fierce at Variety and Women’s Wear Daily’s second annual Stylemakers luncheon Thursday at Quixote Studios in West Hollywood. The event celebrated the intersection of fashion, beauty and entertainment. Actress Lily Collins presented Oscar-winner Albert Wolsky the Costume Designer Honor; singer Kelly Rowland… Read more »

2020 Presidential Candidates, Ranked by Vegas Odds (Photos)

Donald Trump shocked the world and beat Hillary Clinton to become the president-elect of the Unites States. He doesn’t take office until Jan. 20, but gambling site Bovada already thinking about the next election. Here are the top 2020 presidential candidates and their odds to win in 2020.

John Kasich 40/1

The current Governor of Ohio was popular among conservatives during the 2016 primary and famously skipped the GOP convention in his home state because he didn’t support Donald Trump. You still can’t rule him out as one of the 2020 presidential candidates.

Marco Rubio 33/1

The junior United States Senator from Florida famously feuded with Trump during the 2016 primaries, earning the nickname “little Marco.” 2020 might be his time for revenge, if Trump somehow doesn’t run for re-election.

Kamala Harris 33/1

She’s the first Democrat on our list of 2020 presidential candidates. She was just elected to the United States Senate, representing California after previously serving as the state’s Attorney General.

Nikki Haley 33/1

The Governor of South Carolina has emerged as up-and-coming star of the GOP and is under consideration for a gig in the Trump administration.

Trey Gowdy 33/1

The U.S. Representative for South Carolina is known for his tough-talking style and strong legal background.

Kirsten Gillibrand 33/1

The junior United States Senator from New York has vowed to recruit more women for political office.

Ted Cruz 33/1

The Senator from Texas battled Trump for the 2016 nomination and the two have had an extremely interesting relationship.

Catherine Cortez Masto 33/1

The Democratic United States Senator-elect from Nevada has fought for seniors, children, women, consumers, and homeowners and has a strong legal background.

Michael Bloomberg 33/1

The former mayor of New York has been rumored to run for the Oval Office for years and 2020 could finally be his time.

Joe Biden 33/1

The current vice president would have been a favorite for the POTUS gig in 2016 but he didn’t run after the tragic death of his son.

Bernie Sanders 20/1

The Vermont senator is arguably the most popular left-leaning politician in America and came close to upsetting Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. WikiLeaks emails exposed how the DNC favored Clinton, which may embolden supporters who argue it’s his turn.

Amy Klobuchar 20/1

The senior Senator from Minnesota is extremely popular in he home state and was widely rumored to be a candidate for U.S. Attorney General back in 2014.

Hillary Clinton 20/1

She was so close in 2016, but does the former First Lady, Secretary of State and Senator have another run in her? We’ll fine out eventually.

Julian Castro 20/1

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is a Texas native and considered a rising star among Democrats.

Cory Booker 20/1

Booker is a talented campaigner who is one of America’s most prominent African-Americans. The New Jersey senator is extremely popular among his peers, and his speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention was widely praised.

Tim Kaine 14/1

Clinton’s running mate knows his way around Washington and may be the de facto candidate given his role as her understudy.

Paul Ryan 10/1

The House Speaker is a rising star among traditional conservatives but he must prove he can play nice with Trump to emerge as a serious contender.

Mike Pence 10/1

The vice president-elect will be in charge of unifying the GOP under President Trump. He could wind up the default candidate in 2020 if Trump doesn’t work out.

Donald Trump 2/1

The president-elect will be an overwhelming favorite for a second term is he can unify the nation and accomplish all of his campaign goals while staying out of trouble.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of 2020 presidential candidates ranked by odds.

Donald Trump’s Alleged Hollywood Star Vandal Could Get 3 Years in Jail

The man accused of destroying President-elect Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame could face up to three years in prison, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office told TheWrap on Thursday.

James Otis was charged with one count of felony vandalism earlier in the day for allegedly destroying the star in October.

Otis is scheduled for arraignment on Friday.

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Deadline posted video of the incident and reported that the man identified himself as Jamie Otis, who said he was hoping to remove the star and auction it off to raise money for the women who have publicly accused the GOP presidential candidate of sexual misconduct. Trump has denied all allegations.

A police cruiser reportedly arrived on the scene at 6:15 a.m., but according to Deadline, Otis was already gone. An LAPD spokesperson told TheWrap the department received a vandalism call at 6 a.m. and was investigating the incident.

A pick, sledgehammer, construction vest, construction net and construction hat were recovered at the scene. The LAPD spokesperson estimated the damage at $2,500, which is a felony.

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During a press conference following his arrest, Otis (pictured) said that he hopes he gets his day in court, TMZ reported.

“Yes, I do hope it goes to trial,” Otis said. “That’s what happens when you do something wrong; there are consequences.

“As well as [for] Mr. Trump,” he continued. “There are no consequences for him. He thinks he’s in charge all the time. He makes lies; he’s a serial liar, a misogynist.”

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Newswire: Rob Reiner explains how Steve Bannon got all that Seinfeld money

Sorry, comedy fans, but just burning your New Balances isn’t enough to distance yourself from the white supremacist (or, as Jimmy Fallon would probably put it, “totally wild”) elements that buzz around the Trump campaign like flies on a Porta-Potty. You’ll also have to stop watching Seinfeld.

Earlier this year, back when he was simply Trump’s third campaign manager and not an alarming household name, we wrote a Newswire explaining that Steve Bannon is a partial owner of Seinfeld syndication rights. That means that every time you tune in to reminisce about the Clinton administration through the medium of Elaine’s terrible dancing, you’re throwing a few pennies to the man responsible for headlines like “Birth Control Makes Women Ugly And Crazy” and “Data: Young Muslims In The West Are A Ticking Time Bomb, Increasingly Sympathizing With Radicals, Terror.”

That’s still true today, and …

STX Finds Fast Footing: ‘Bad Moms’ Spinoffs, ‘Edge of Seventeen’ Raves and Martin Scorsese

Following its success with the highest grossing R-rated comedy of the year, “Bad Moms,” young studio STX Entertainment will mark its eighth theatrical release this weekend with the well-reviewed coming-of-age dramedy “The Edge of Seventeen.”

Just more than two years since the young media company launched, with a television division, growing investments in virtual reality, a merchandizing team, and, of course, its film unit. As of now, STX is currently No. 8 in terms of box office market share — just behind Lionsgate.

That’s not bad for a fledgling film unit that has only released five titles so far this year. (That’s 17 less than Lionsgate.) If we were the grading types, we’d give it a B+.

“The Edge of Seventeen” stars Hailee Steinfeld as a curmudgeonly high schooler with a sharp wit, and also features Woody Harrelson and Kyra Sedgwick. It has a stellar 94 percent on Rotten Tomatoes — with critics making comparisons to John Hughes classics “The Breakfast Club” and “Sixteen Candles.”

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Modestly budgeted at $9 million, the movie is expected to open to $10 million this weekend. Those are far from “Fantastic Beast” numbers  — the Warner Bros. tentpole is expected to open higher than $70 million — but it’s another sign of vitality for the young studio.

STX didn’t have as much luck with the Matthew McConaughey Civil War movie “Free State of Jones.” Made for a reported $50 million, the summer release earned less than $24 million and wound up losing money (though STX’s own risk came in lower than $10 million, as it was offset by other outside investors).

“Bad Moms” STX looks to be bouncing back, thanks to critical praise and reasonably good projections for “The Edge of Seventeen,” plus the success of “Bad Moms,” which has earned nearly $180 million worldwide.

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Its film division is led by Adam Fogelson, who told TheWrap the company is sticking with its original strategy of making mid-budget movies with big-name talent.

“We are focused on star-driven movies we think are great within their genre… films we believe we can sell with a completely sound and fiscally responsible business plan,” he said.

Early successes include the mystery thriller “The Gift,” one of best-reviewed movies of its genre of 2015. Both “The Gift” and this year’s scary movie “The Boy” came in on the high end of box office compared with similar movies of their kind. And “Bad Moms” was the first R-rated comedy to get an A CinemaScore — graded by opening-night audiences — since the original “Hangover” movie.

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Fogelson said “Bad Moms” exemplifies the STX model and is “the prototype for the films we have going forward.”

STX is tripling down on the success of “Bad Moms,” by greenlighting a spinoff movie currently titled “Bad Dads,” with plans for many more spinoffs. There’s also a soon-to-be announced reality TV show inspired by the film, and also a product line. (Remember the bit about the mom bra? It is among the many aspects of the female-driven comedy that have inspired the company’s merchandizing unit).

Starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn and Christina Appelgate, “Bad Moms” catered to “the vastly underserved female audience,” said Exhibitor Relations senior analyst Jeff Bock. “Which is why ‘Bad Dads’ is such a head scratcher.”

“Producing a sequel and expanding the brand is one thing, but rushing a spin-off could do more damage to the brand than good,” he told TheWrap. “Especially if the focus is now on males, which most comedies already cater to,” he added.

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TheWrap has learned that “Dads,” along with the whole suite of “Bad Moms”-inspired offerings will in fact be geared to its original core audience of women.

“We are enormously proud of what we have accomplished in a very short period of time,” added Fogelson. Before moving to STX, he greenlit Universal hits including, “Ted,” “Bridesmaids,” and “Identity Thief.”

Up next from STX on Dec. 16 is the young adult sci-fi drama “The Space Between Us,” starring Asa Butterfield. Then there’s the horror movie “Bye Bye Man,” coming out in January.

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Also upcoming is a Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan action thriller “The Foreigner,” and the Aaron Sorkin drama “Molly’s Game,” starring Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba and Kevin Costner . STX is also partnering with Amazon Studios on “American Express,” an action comedy featuring Thandie Newton, Charlize Theron, Amanda Seyfried, and Joel Edgerton (whose brother Nash will direct.)

STX has a future slate of movies in development that includes a wide array of genres — though they are heavy on action and comedy.

The studio gained international distribution rights to the Martin Scorsese drama “The Irishman,” slated for 2018 — a prestige play which could also parlay into some solid box office. (Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” earned nearly $400 million worldwide).

Also Read: STX Gets Tencent Investment to Fund Digital, VR and Mobile Expansion

STX is also working on the Action drama “Den of Thieves,” which re-teams star Gerard Butler with his “London Has Fallen” writer Christian Gudegast, who is also directing). “London is Falling” made 68 percent of its nearly $200 million grosses overseas — mostly in China. STX is looking to replicate that success.

Sylvester Stallone action movie called “Godforsaken” is also in the works, as well as a Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman comedy, “Significant Other.” “Sing Street” and “Once” director John Carney will direct Will Ferrell and Josh Gad in a comedy about the making of the 1970 Russ Meyer cult classic film “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.” Music will be a centerpiece, but it won’t be a musical.

The studio also plans a crime comedy starring Jamie Foxx; the romantic comedy “Septillion to One”; and a horror movie, another action thriller and also an untitled Adam Sandler animated feature — plus an “Ugly Dolls” animated film.

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“I think STX has a solid strategy: Dip your toes in every genre, keep overhead low and stay diversified,” said Bock. “Prestige films, like Scorsese’s, will undoubtedly keep luring top tier-talent to the fledgling studio.”

But he added: “$100 million hits pay the bills and pave the way to longevity. ‘Bad Moms’ can’t be a one-off for the studio. It needs to be a consistent and achievable that outcome with regularity.”

“The Edge of Seventeen” probably won’t be hugely profitable, he said. But that’s okay.

“Unfortunately it will be completely lost in the media blitzkrieg of ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ this weekend,” he said. “Still, it’s nice to see this type of film being given a studio’s full support.”

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‘Bleed for This’ Review: Miles Teller Can’t Punch His Way Out of a Routine Boxing Movie

The boxing drama “Bleed for This” has a powerful story and a strong lead performance in its corner, but falls short of knockout status. Hampered by clichéd writing and stereotypical portrayals, this extraordinary true-life account feels run-of-the-mill. As written and directed by Ben Younger (“Boiler Room”) it’s not a bad movie; it’s just too familiar and conventional.

No doubt the comeback of Vinny Pazienza (a.k.a. “the Pazmanian Devil”) after a near-fatal car crash, a broken neck and paralysis must have felt like a cinematic win from the moment it was pitched. The tale’s powerful dramatic arc is undeniable. But Pazienza’s saga as depicted here feels overly simplified and lacking in heft. The intended uplift falters.

In fact, the notion that such a near-miraculous recovery is simple — which Pazienza asserts — feels disingenuous. Sure, the boxer had unbelievable grit and drive. But he also had the financial means to realize that determination, unlike many other similarly stricken accident victims.

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Inspirational sports movies are a formulaic genre, but films like “Million Dollar Baby,” last year’s “Creed” and even this year’s chess saga “Queen of Katwe” have transcended those limitations. “Bleed for This” falls into the usual traps. The fault lies with a dull screenplay and a glaring lack of character development.

A bulked-up Miles Teller plays cocky boxer Pazienza, a champ in three different weight classes. Pazienza’s story of almost unimaginable will and doggedness is well-known to boxing fans: The mouthy Rhode Island fighter is at the pinnacle of his career, having just won a title, when he takes a drive with a pal that results in a horrific car accident.

Doctors tell him that with spinal fusion surgery he might be able to walk again. He dismisses them. Determined not only to walk but also to box again, he bucks the advice of his nay-saying physicians and worried family.

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In defiance of doctor’s orders he begins to train, undeterred by the impediment of an elaborate halo, a medieval-looking metal device that covers his head and holds his broken neck together. When it’s screwed and bolted to his skull the boxer refuses pain medication for the tortuous agony. That’s how tough he is. And how compulsively single-minded.

Surreptitiously, he trains in his basement, coached by the hard-drinking Kevin Rooney (an almost unrecognizable pot-bellied, balding Aaron Eckhart).

Pazienza’s boxing-obsesssed father, played by the estimable Ciarán Hinds, has pushed and prodded him into the ring. But when his son is so badly injured, he blames himself for having encouraged him to fight.

Also Read: Miles Teller Is Down for a ‘Fantastic Four’ Sequel

Teller is one of the most talented and versatile actors of his generation. It would seem a safe bet to predict a long and impressive career for this 29-year-old, after his vulnerable performance as a young driver who kills a little boy in “Rabbit Hole,” his nuanced portrayal of a troubled teen alcoholic in “The Spectacular Now” and his complicated jazz drummer in “Whiplash.” Playing a cocky athlete is something new for Teller, but he’s already proven to be great at playing compulsives, and the actor dives into this part with evident gusto.

Hinds leaves behind his characteristic Irish gravitas and digs into the role of a Rhode Island boxing aficionado. He nails the accent. Eckhart’s has-been trainer is a less flashy role, but no less effective.

Their lives outside the boxing ring are glossed over, however. While the characters are enjoyable to watch, they feel more like types than fully realized people. And Pazienza’s obsession to return to the boxing ring more often feels dangerously risky, rather than laudable. What fuels his obsession and determination goes unexplored.

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Scenes in the ring are perfunctory and unexciting, at least to this admittedly inexpert judge of boxing matches. Cinematically, they lack that killer punch. Watching the halo apparatus being painfully screwed to Pazienza’s head is more riveting than the fights in the ring.

Oddly, this story of steely determination lacks a sense of urgency, despite all the key narrative ingredients for a blow-out. The trio of main performances are what make “Bleed for This” entertaining, despite the sense that we’ve seen this movie — and variations of the macho lead character — several times before: Pazienza objectifies women, he enjoys taking financial risks, he needs to win at all costs. Perhaps this just isn’t the right movie for this moment in history. Or perhaps it could have been, had the main character’s motivations been more thoroughly explored.

The film will surely draw comparisons to “Raging Bull,” especially given Martin Scorsese’s involvement as executive producer. But where Scorsese delved into Jake La Motta’s egotism, as well as his determination, Younger stops short of examining Pazienza’s. He seems more interested in making another well-worn tale of triumph against the odds. But showing us that triumph without accompanying analysis seems sadly hollow.

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