Legendary Signs ‘Y: The Last Man’ and ‘Runaways’ Creator Brian K. Vaughan to Multi-Year Overall Deal

Legendary Entertainment has signed prolific comic book writer Brian K. Vaughan — known for co-creating comics including “Y: The Last Man” and Marvel’s “Runaways” — to a multi-year overall deal.

The exclusive deal, Vaughan’s first with a studio, will have him adapt his own works, and produce and develop new projects exclusively for Legendary across TV, film and other platforms.

“Through truly inspired storytelling, Brian has created immersive, compelling worlds that are devoured by fans worldwide,” Nick Pepper, president of Legendary Television Studios said. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to work with Brian to bring his visions and extraordinary library of work to the screen.”

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Vaughan has created several award-winning graphic novels and comics, winning 14 Eisner Awards, 14 Harvey Awards and a Hugo Award. His “Runaways” comic series for Marvel was adapted by Hulu, and debuts its second season on Dec. 21. FX is currently developing an adaptation of “Y: The Last Man” with Michael Green and Aida Croal and just finished shooting the pilot. Vaughan is an executive producer on “Last Man” and an executive consultant for “Runaways.” He also developed the adaption of Stephen King’s “Under the Dome” for CBS and was a writer on ABC’s “Lost.”

Additional comic book series created by Vaughan include “Sage,” “Paper Girls,” “Ex Machina,” “Barrier” and “We Stand on Guard.”

“Legendary was instrumental in helping to revolutionize the way the world thought of ‘comic-book movies,’ so it’s a tremendous honor to work with them on adaptations of some of my and my talented collaborators’ past and current comics, and I’m looking forward to hopefully creating a few wholly original stories with them, as well,” Vaughan said.

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Bill Lawrence Signs New Overall Deal With WBTV, Sells Department Store Sitcom to NBC

Bill Lawrence has signed a new multi-year overall deal with Warner Bros. Television.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the agreement keeps the “Scrubs” creator and his production company, Doozer, at the studio that he’s with since 2011.

The first project covered under the deal is an untitled workplace comedy from “Undateable” duo Brett Morin and Matt Hausfater, which the company has sold to NBC.

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Co-written by Morin and Hausfater, with Morin attached to star, the untitled workplace comedy is set in a fashionable department store where Morin’s character is forced to work retail after losing his dream job.

Lawrence and Jeff Ingold of Doozer will serve as executive producers on the project alongside Morin and Hausfater. Liza Katzer will co-executive produce.

Doozer has a few other projects in the works this broadcast development season, including an adaptation of the DC Comics series “Secret Six” and an hour-long dramedy inspired by the life of “Scrubs” star Sarah Chalke.

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Samantha Bee Launches Documentary Production Company, Signs First-Look Deal With TBS

Samantha Bee is launching her own production company and signed a first-look with TBS, the network that airs her late-night series, “Full Frontal.”

Bee’s company, Swimsuit Competition, will be focused on narrative and documentary content. They will be seeking great ideas from people flying under the radar, or whose work has been underestimated in the past. “The Rundown with Robin Thede” producer Kristen Everman, who also produced the “Full Frontal” special “Not the White House Correspondents Dinner,” will serve as head of development.

“Fine, if none of you are gonna make TV I want to watch, I’ll make it myself,” Bee said.

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Swimsuit Competition will initially focus on developing content for television, but could expand to other platforms. “If your senior superlative was ‘Most Unaware of His or Her Appeal,’ call us!” Everman said. “Or rather, email us, because honestly voicemails feel kind of rude.”

Bee’s deal echoes the pact that TBS made with its other late-night host, Conan O’Brien, whose Conaco production company is creating content for numerous Turner-owned platforms. This also isn’t the first time Bee will develop shows not named “Full Frontal,” having co-created the TBS half-hour comedy “The Detour” with her husband, Jason Jones.

Everman began her career in entertainment at “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and also previously worked on “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire,” “Come Here and Say That,” “Difficult People” and “Odd Mom Out.”

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Do the ‘Destiny 2: Black Armory’ Designs Tease Involvement of Rasputin and SIVA?

If you’ve you’ve been living in the world of “Destiny” for a while, you know that it is full of running story threads — very few of them being fully resolved. And as we get our first look at next week’s “Black Armory” expansion for “Destiny 2” I can’t help but think that some old story topics are about to resurface very soon.

In particular I’m thinking of SIVA, the substance that wrecked parts of Earth in the “Rise of Iron” story in the original “Destiny.” It was a little bit frustrating that this spring’s “Warmind” expansion didn’t really do anything with SIVA, considering the AI Rasputin was the reason SIVA had been wreaking havoc in the first place — he was basically using it to defend himself.

But after spending a lot of time staring at some of the new designs for armor, weapons and ships in “Black Armory,” I feel like there’s a good chance that “Destiny 2” is about to pick up those threads. So let’s take a look at one of these real quick.

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This is a shot of one of the forges that will be the subject of the new horde mode that “Black Armory” is adding to the game. Let’s look at a couple others real quick.

A few things immediately stand out: the forge itself on the left, which looks pretty much exactly like something out of a warmind bunker; the red in the armor being the same sort of dried blood red as SIVA; the rubbery textures and geometric shapes recalling the Yuga Sundown robes that players can earn from Escalation Protocol on Mars, seen below.

In the long history of Destiny armor there’s really not much to compare these new sets too — they really are kind of their own thing. So it’s really tough to look at them without seeing the SIVA red and all those triangles.

It’s important to note that SIVA has not ever looked solid like that. What we saw in “Rise of Iron” always kinda looked like a bundle of ropes. But SIVA was a programmable building material that could be used for essentially any purpose, so it would follow that it could be molded into say, armor plating.

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It’s also important to note that these forges are from the Golden Age, back when people actually knew how to use SIVA. All the SIVA we saw in “Rise of Iron” was either mindlessly running rampant or being hacked together by the Devil Splicers in a way that it was certainly never intended to be used.

Now, these new weapons and armor were not designed by Rasputin — if they were those guns would just be new IKELOS weapons. They were designed, rather, by the humans who built the forges. But there’s still so much we don’t know about “Black Armory” and it makes it difficult to piece all this together. And I’m guessing that, since this expansion will roll out over time, with only one forge available at the start, that it’s going to take some time to figure it out.

But just based on these shots, I’d bet the Farm on Rasputin and SIVA being involved somehow.

And I hesitate to even go in such a direction, but where have we seen black triangles before? That’s right, the post-credits scene for the vanilla “Destiny 2” story campaign, in which some mysterious black triangle ships lit up when the Traveler awoke. I’d say this would be an odd place for those to be teased, but last month we spotted a hologram of on of those triangle ships in Mara Sovv’s court. So they’re at least starting to give us some movement on that front.

How the triangle ships would have anything to do with the armory or the forges I have no idea. It’s more likely that it’s just a cool design thing, or if Rasputin is involved it’s just because he likes triangles and other basic geometric shapes, as we’ve seen with the IKELOS weapons and the Yuga Sundown robes. But anything is possible here. The use of black as the primary color, for example, probably is not a coincidence given the way “Destiny 2” has been taking more of a shades of grey approach with “Forsaken” and the the Drifter and all that.

But it looks like we’re going to have to wait until next week for any other substantial clues about what’s in store with “Black Armory.” So sit tight.

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