John Cena Performs His New WWE Finishing Move on Jimmy Fallon (Video)

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John Cena is hanging up the Attitude Adjustment in his WWE locker. The pro-wrestler/actor has a new finishing maneuver, one he learned from Jackie Chan, who co-stars with Cena in the upcoming action movie “Project X.”

Cena debuted the new move, which translates from Mandarin to English as “Lightning Fist,” at Sunday’s pay-per-view event “WWE Super Showdown.” Cena, paired with Bobby Lashley in Australia, used the special punch to put down the team of Kevin Owens and Elias.

And OK, he still set the “W” up with a classic A.A.

“I’m known for five moves of doom,” Cena told Fallon on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show.” “And I figured it was time to evolve, me having been in WWE 16 years now. So it was time for a sixth move of doom, a.k.a. the doomiest.”

He then told Fallon to stand up.

“We’re friends, so I’m gonna say this right now: Don’t move. Stay right there, don’t move at all,” Cena warned. “No, seriously. Because I have tremendous accuracy with this deadly maneuver, but if you move, I will knock you out.”

“I don’t like this at all,” Fallon whined.

He then tried to outsource the bump to Tariq of The Roots. No such luck.

Watch the video above. Yes, the guys also talk about Cena’s new hair.

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