Derren Brown Aims to ‘Create a Hero’ in Trailer for New Netflix Special ‘Sacrifice’ (Exclusive Video)

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Derren Brown is amazing — and he’s also back on Netflix. The English mentalist and illusionist returns mid-month with his latest mind-f— of a special, “Sacrifice.”

The trailer, which is exclusive to TheWrap, is classic Brown mind control — especially for those stateside fans who anxiously watched “The Push.”

Unlike that 2016 release, in which Brown aimed to convince four regular people to murder a man, “Sacrifice” attempts to turn an anti-immigration everyman into a hero for one illegal alien.

Yes, Brown believes he can coerce this possibly racist white dude, Phil, into taking a bullet for a Mexican stranger. Good luck with that.

Watch the trailer above.

“Sacrifice” debuts Oct. 19 on Netflix.

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