Watch Cynthia Nixon, Andrew Cuomo Trade Zingers in NY Gubernatorial Debate: ‘Can You Stop Lying?’ (Video)

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Cynthia Nixon and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo faced off Wednesday night in their first — and likely only — debate ahead of the state’s upcoming gubernatorial primary election, and for those wondering if there was any love lost, the answer is definitively no.

“Can you please stop interrupting? Can you please do that?” asked Cuomo at one point during the debate, held at Hofstra University on Long Island.

“If you stop lying,” replied the former “Sex and the City” actress replied. “I will stop interrupting.”

“As soon as you do,” Cuomo said.

That was pretty much the tone throughout as the pair debated everything from Cuomo’s record as three-term governor of New York, to the war on drugs, to New York City’s ailing subway system. And, in one memorable exchange, whether or not Nixon is a person or a corporation.

Cuomo called Nixon a “corporate donor” to contrast against her self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist campaign, citing the corporation she established to handle her business affairs (a common practice by freelancers, for tax reasons). During one particularly heated exchange, Cuomo asked more than once, “Are you a corporation?” Nixon’s reply: “I am a person.”

There’s plenty more, and you can watch the whole thing above. As for who won the debate, that’s a question that will be settled during the primary election on Sept. 13.

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