Summer 2018 TV Shows With the Richest and Poorest Viewers (Photos)

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Ever wonder how the other half lives? How about what they watch on TV? Well here’s the complete list of broadcast TV shows this summer, ranked by the median income of its viewers. (It’s worth noting that a lower median income in many cases can simply mean a younger median viewer, which is certainly not a bad thing for networks.)

Rank: 1
Show: “The Bachelorette”
Net: ABC
Viewer Median Income: $73,800

Rank: 2
Show: “So You Think You Can Dance”
Net: Fox
Viewer Median Income:$67,900

Rank: 3
Show: “American Ninja Warrior”
Net: NBC
Viewer Median Income:$66,900

Rank: 4
Show: “Elementary”
Net: CBS
Viewer Median Income: $64,300

Rank: 5
Show: “America’s Got Talent”
Net: NBC
Viewer Median Income:$63,800

Rank: 6
Show: “Deception”
Net: ABC
Viewer Median Income: $63,600

Rank: 7
Show: “The Crossing”
Net: ABC
Viewer Median Income: $63,200

Rank: 8
Show: “Instinct”
Net: CBS
Viewer Median Income: $62,900

Rank: 9
Show: “MasterChef”
Net: Fox
Viewer Median Income: $62,800

Rank: 10
Show: “Running Wild With Bear Grylls”
Net: NBC
Viewer Median Income: $62,700

Rank: 11
Show: “Shades of Blue”
Net: NBC
Viewer Median Income: $62,600

Rank: 12
Show: “World of Dance”
Net: NBC
Viewer Median Income: $62,300

Rank: 13
Show: “The Proposal”
Net: ABC
Viewer Median Income: $61,900

Rank: 14
Show: “Taken”
Net: NBC
Viewer Median Income: $61,800

Rank: 15 (tie)
Show: “Take Two”
Net: ABC
Viewer Median Income: $61,400

Rank: 15 (tie)
Show: “Lucifer”
Net: Fox
Viewer Median Income: $61,400

Rank: 17
Show: “Quantico”
Net: ABC
Viewer Median Income: $61,000

Rank: 18
Show: “Reverie”
Net: NBC
Viewer Median Income: $60,600

Rank: 19
Show: “Ghosted”
Net: Fox
Viewer Median Income: $59,700

Rank: 20
Show: “Code Black”
Net: CBS
Viewer Median Income: $58,800

Rank: 21
Show: “The Last Defense”
Net: ABC
Viewer Median Income: $58,700

Rank: 22
Show: “Love Connection”
Net: Fox
Viewer Median Income: $58,500

Rank: 23
Show: “Celebrity Family Feud”
Net: ABC
Viewer Median Income:$58,100

Rank: 24
Show: “The Gong Show”
Net: ABC
Viewer Median Income: $57,300

Rank: 25
Show: “24 Hours to Hell and Back”
Net: Fox
Viewer Median Income:$57,100

Rank: 26
Show: “Match Game”
Net: ABC
Viewer Median Income: $56,300

Rank: 27
Show: “Ransom”
Net: CBS
Viewer Median Income: $55,900

Rank: 28
Show: “The $100,000” Pyramid”
Net: ABC
Viewer Median Income:$54,400

Rank: 29
Show: “To Tell the Truth”
Net: ABC
Viewer Median Income: $53,300

Rank: 30
Show: “Beat Shazam”
Net: Fox
Viewer Median Income: $51,800

Rank: 31
Show: “The Four”
Net: Fox
Viewer Median Income: $51,300

Rank: 32
Show: “Undercover Boss”
Net: CBS
Viewer Median Income: $51,000

Rank: 33
Show: “Marlon”
Net: NBC
Viewer Median Income: $50,600

Rank: 34
Show: “Little Big Shots”
Net: NBC
Viewer Median Income: $49,300

Rank: 35
Show: “Showtime at the Apollo”
Net: Fox
Viewer Median Income:$40,900

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