10 Times the National Enquirer Has Been Right: From Michael Jackson to OJ Simpson (Photos)

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The National Enquirer’s report that Prince had AIDS has been derided as distasteful and unethical. Lawyers say the tabloid can’t be sued for libel if it’s wrong, since Prince is dead. Mainstream media outlets have been staying away from the story, but in fairness, the Enquirer has been right on several major stories over the years. To give the Enquirer its due, here are TK of its biggest scoops.

In 1994 the gossip magazine published photos of O.J. Simpson wearing the infamous Bruno Magli shoes after he denied owning a pair.

In 2001 the Enquirer claimed that Jesse Jackson fathered a child with a woman who wasn’t his wife. The activist confirmed the story before the issue hit newsstands.

Rush Limbaugh used to denounce drug use on his radio show. But in 2003 he admitted the Enquirer’s story about an addiction to painkillers.

The Enquirer broke the news of O.J. Simpson’s book, “If I Did It.” Simpson’s own lawyer denied the book’s existence, but Simpon’s lawyer was wrong.

Remember Dog The Bounty Hunter? The former reality star was deemed a racist after the Enquirer dug up recordings of a phone call in which he used racial slurs.

The Enquirer was the first to report Woods’ extramarital affairs back in 2009.

The paper correctly reported that John Edwards had a secret love child with Rielle Hunter, ruining his political career.

Mel Gibson was married for 28 years, but the Enquirer broke the surprising news when it ended in 2008.

The Enquirer eerily reported that Michael Jackson had only six months to live exactly six months before he died.

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The Enquirer took heat for reporting that Steve Jobs was ill. He died a few months later.