‘Morning Joe’ Slams Trump as ‘Caveman-Like’ and ‘Obsessed With Money and Sex’

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The set of “Morning Joe” wasn’t very impressed with President Trump’s preposterous claim that the parents of Korean war veterans had asked him to press the North Koreans to return the remains of veterans of the conflict.

As many, many people have have since remarked, those parents would likely be well into their hundreds by now.

“It’s hard to really read this stuff with a straight face. It is clear the president is stunningly ignorant, probably the most ignorant president we will ever have,” show co-host Mika Brzezinski.

“The guy is ignorant and warped,” she continued over co-host Joe Scarborough’s joking protestations. “He’s ignorant, he’s warped, he’s obsessed with money and sex and he finds his power through those two things and that is the strategy of this president. It’s pretty base and caveman-like and I’m not going to dance around questions to be objective.”

Scarborough — who no doubt has become adept at recognizing his own show’s viral moments — laughed into his hand during the soliloquy.

“No no, come on Mika, that’s not, Mika, Mika, Mika, that’s just not fair, he’s not ignorant, he’s not ignorant, he’s actually lying,” he said through Brzezinski, at one point loudly huffing off-camera.

“Thank you, Mika,” he added.

While the show once regularly made headlines for lengthy, colorful monologues denouncing President Trump, the set has toned it back in recent months. Scarborough himself has often reined in speculation about the billionaire’s mental or physical condition after critics accused the show of performing on-air diagnoses.

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