‘Derren Brown: Miracle’ Trailer: British Illusionist Returns to Netflix to Chew Glass and Heal His Audience

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The last time Derren Brown had a special on Netflix, he claimed that his next streaming work would “push a lot more buttons.” A few months after “The Push,” we now have a first look at his latest offering, “Derren Brown: Miracle.”

Taking his psychological crowd work from an audience of one to a packed theater, “Miracle” has Brown in front of a giant crowd putting on a more recognizable show. If “The Push” was all about looking at the average person’s faith in their fellow humans, this looks like Brown tackling that same idea on a grander scale.

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Some illusionist greatest hits are on display here: levitation, hypnosis, disappearances. But as the end of this trailer hints, Brown is putting the focus back on everyone assembled. And for everyone who enjoyed — or cringed — at him making James Corden eat glass, this is a window into the idea that Brown is more than willing to do that himself.

“Derren Brown: Miracle” is the second of a trio of specials that Brown is set to premiere on Netflix. An as-yet-unnamed third — an original work — is still on its way.

Watch the full trailer (including some frightening nail work) below:

“Derren Brown: Miracle” premieres June 22 on Netflix.

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