Move Over, Harry: New Potter Game Puts Hogwarts Girl in the Driver’s Seat (Video)

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Another new Harry Potter game is coming out later this year, and it’s positioning itself as the most inclusive Harry Potter propertyyet.

“Hogwarts Mystery,” developed by Jam City, is the first mobile game in which users can create their own avatar and experience life at Hogwarts as a student.

“This is your Hogwarts story,” the teaser promises.

The teaser for the game features a female Hogwarts student getting her letter, getting sorted into a House (it looks like users actually get to pick Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin), and learning magical spells and meeting new characters along with old favorites.

The game is launching under Portkey Games, which is also behind the game “Wizards Unite,” the game from Pokemon-Go creators Niantic.

You can pre-register to download the game when it launches here.

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