Hollywood Hair-Trigger: 11 Films and TV Shows Impacted by Sexual Harassment Accusations (Photos)

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The downfall of Harvey Weinstein has created a domino effect across Hollywood, as women are coming forward to expose the sexual harassment that has run rampant in the industry. As producers and celebrities go down, the films and TV shows they were involved in have gone down with them. Here’s a running list of the projects that have been delayed, paused, or outright axed as a result of these scandals.

“All The Money In The World”: After Kevin Spacey was accused of sexually harassing actor Anthony Rapp as a teenager, among others, Sony pulled this historical drama starring him as J. Paul Getty from AFI Fest and then announced that all of Spacey’s scenes would be reshot with Christopher Plummer in the role.

“I Love You Daddy”: Louis C.K. wrote, starred in, directed, edited, and funded this film about a man whose teenage daughter starts dating a 68-year-old director who is Woody Allen in all but name. But after The New York Times published a story in which five women accused him of harassment, The Orchard cancelled the film’s premiere and is considering changing the release date after buying the film in Toronto for $5 million.

HBO: Louis C.K. was also pulled from HBO’s charity special “Night of Too Many Stars” following the scandal, and all of the comedian’s work has been pulled from HBO’s on-demand service.

“House of Cards”: In addition to Rapp’s claims against Spacey, members of the crew of Spacey’s hit Netflix show have come forward with stories of Spacey’s misconduct. In response, Netflix first paused production on the show’s sixth season, which they later announced would be its last. Then, Netflix severed all ties with Spacey, meaning the show will have to finish filming without him.

“Gore”: Netflix’s decision to drop Spacey means his biopic about Gore Vidal, which explores the writer’s relationship with a younger man, is now without a distributor. The film had completed filming and was in the midst of post-production when Spacey was accused.

Untitled Hugh Hefner Biopic: For years, Brett Ratner has held the rights to make a movie about the life of late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. But after the LA Times published a story about Ratner’s history of harassment, Playboy announced that the biopic was going on hold.

“The Current War”: The ongoing Harvey Weinstein scandal has brought his studio, The Weinstein Company, to the verge of bankruptcy. As the remnants of the company fight to stay alive, the company has moved all the remaining films on this year’s slate to 2018, including this Thomas Edison biopic starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

“Polaroid”: The TWC scandal has also affected its genre wing, Dimension Studios, as it pushed this horror film about a camera with deadly powers to 2018 as well.

“Wind River”: TWC has even made moves to protect films that have already had their run in theaters. “Wind River,” TWC’s only box office success this year, has had all trace of the studio’s logo scrubbed for the home release.

Amazon David O. Russell Project: The Weinstein Company was supposed to produce a new Amazon series created by “Silver Linings Playbook” director David O. Russell, but after they pulled out of the project in the wake of the Weinstein scandal, Amazon decided not to proceed with the series.

“The Romanoffs”: TWC was slated to produce this series from “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner, but pulled out after the Weinstein scandal hit. Amazon planned to continue the series, but that may not happen after Weiner was accused of sexual harassment by Kater Gordon, a former assistant of his who was promoted to writer and won an Emmy with him before being shockingly fired a year later.