Megyn Kelly Talks Harvey Weinstein in First Appearance on MSNBC – and Dings Fox News (Video)

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Megyn Kelly made her first appearance on MSNBC Wednesday for a doozey of an interview with network lion Andrea Mitchell.

In her inaugural appearance Kelly spoke at length about Harvey Weinstein and larger issues of sexual harassment in the media/entertainment community — in the process she also referenced some dirty laundry from her former employer Fox News.

“I’m new over here in the NBC family, and I come from Fox News and Fox News’ problems on this front have been well-documented and well-publicized,” said Kelly. “But it isn’t just Fox either and I hope our own industry looks at itself and does a cleaning of house and gets honest about anybody in their companies who they’ve had to pay out repeated settlements for because at this point if that gets unearthed, if there is such an executive as these other companies, it’s on you. You’re on notice to clean up your house.”

Mitchell opened her interview with a question about what the latest Weinstein drama says about the industry, and Kelly was no less blunt.

“We as women have a long way to go. A long way to go. This is further evidence of that,” she said. “Why did the press have to break this? Why wasn’t it somebody at the Weinstein company?”

Once one of Fox News’ brightest stars, Kelly left the network for NBC after a dramatic public feud with Donald Trump during the 2016 election. Around the same time, her accounts of ex-Fox News chief Roger Ailes’ sexual harassment helped put the final nails in the coffin of his career.

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