17 New Fall TV Shows Ranked by Premiere Viewers (Photos)

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Thus far, 17 new Big 4 broadcast television series have premiered this fall — well, 16 and “Will & Grace,” if you’re going to get all technical about it. TheWrap ranked all of them by the overall TV audience each debut brought in.

Our study comes with a few notes and asterisks, so let’s get them out of the way. First, yes, we chose to include the returned staple from the old “Must-See TV” lineup. Sure, “Will & Grace” is the same show with the same characters, but it’s been a dozen years. Give us — and it, and NBC — a break.

Additionally, “Big Bang Theory” spinoff “Young Sheldon” won’t actually air its second episode until November 2, qualifying its series debut as a preview. We counted it though, time slots be damned. To be fair, we also went with “The Orville’s” own preview premiere numbers, which scored a huge boost from an NFL lead-in. The Fox dramedy’s actual time period premiere pretty much cut that audience sum in half.

Finally, “Star Trek: Discovery” debuted on broadcast TV, but it’s airing all future episodes on pay-SVOD service CBS All Access. We included that one here too, but there are notes throughout the gallery for these random qualifiers.

For now, below are a few random examples of the standings:

Rank: 15
Show: “Marvel’s Inhumans”
Net: ABC
Total Viewers: 3.752 million

Rank: 12
Show: “The Gifted”
Net: Fox
Total Viewers: 4.899 million

Rank: 9
Show: “Me, Myself and I”
Net: CBS
Total Viewers: 7.455 million

Rank: 4
Show: “SEAL Team”
Net: CBS
Total Viewers: 9.873 million

Scroll through our gallery to see all 17.

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