Michael Moore Predicts Trump Will Win Re-Election in 2020

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Filmmaker and activist Michael Moore predicted that President Donald Trump will win re-election in 2020 in a Monday interview with Fast Company — but the Trump critic has a plan to stop it from happening.

“I should say re-appointed, because we will have an even larger population that will vote against him in 2020,” Moore told the magazine. “But he will win those electoral states as it stands now.”

Moore, who recently took the Broadway audience from his politically charged, one-man show “The Terms of My Surrender” to Trump Tower to protest the president, was one of the few newsmakers who correctly predicted Trump would actually defeat Hillary Clinton and win the presidency.

“Here’s the good news: We don’t have to convince a single Trump voter to vote differently because we already have the majority,” Moore told the magazine in a reference to Clinton winning the popular vote but not the Electoral College.

Moore pointed to the National Popular Vote interstate compact, which is an agreement between states that they would give all electoral votes to whoever wins the popular vote. Moore feels that if enough states agree by 2020, it will help kick Trump out of the White House. So far, 10 states and Washington D.C. have agreed, according to Fast Company.

“That’ll be an easier way to get this done,” Moore told the magazine. “People should not despair, thinking, well, the Republicans have all this power and all that. Think of the suffragettes. They were trying to get the vote for women. They got [the 19th Amendment ratified] in 35 states to give women the right to vote. Think of that uphill battle.”

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