Mark Fuhrman: 5 Facts About the N-Word-Spewing Cop Who Helped Free OJ Simpson (Photos)

Mark Fuhrman, whose frequent use of the N-word was the basis of OJ Simpson’s successful defense in his double murder case, will provide commentary for Fox News when OJ Simpson seeks parole for his robbery sentence.

Let’s learn more about the man whose racial slurs helped OJ Simpson go free.

1. Before the Simpson case, Furhman took part in taped interviews with a screenwriter in which he used the N-word 41 times. Judge Lance Ito determined that in all uses, Furhman was using the word in “a disparaging manner.”

2. The defense almost immediately focused on Fuhrman as a weak point in the case against Simpson.

A July 1994 New Yorker story included evidence that in the 1980s Fuhrman was either “dangerously unbalanced” or had faked mental problems to win a pension.  In that story, Fuhrman denied planting a bloody glove on Simpson’s property to frame him for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

5. There Was a Gross Mark Fuhrman-Nicole Brown Simpson Rumor

There were unsubstantiated reports that Mark Furhman (Steven Pasquale) bragged to other officers about having sex with Nicole Brown Simpson and complimented her “boob job.” Two detectives who were said to have heard of the alleged bragging later denied they had.

Johnnie Cochran repeatedly brought up the “boob job” talk in court on Sept. 1, 1995. Here’s the transcript.

5. Darden’s book, “In Contempt,” says Cochran tried to warn him about Fuhrman. Via Newsweek:

Still, Cochran may have tried to give me a break — on Fuhrman. Back in court one day, from behind, Cochran embraced me and put his mouth near my ear.

“We can’t ever do that kind of thing again,” he said about the way we’d argued the N-word. “This shouldn’t be your issue. Let these white people get up there and argue about Fuhrman. OK?”

“I can’t do that,” I said, staring forward.

“Why not?”

I wasn’t going to be limited by my race and I told him so.

“Just don’t put him on,” Cochran said.

5. Darden wrote in his book, “In Contempt,” that Fuhrman told him, in a roundabout way, that he collected Nazi medals. Here’s an excerpt, via Newsweek:

“What are your hobbies?” I asked.

“I like to collect World War II memorabilia.”

“What kind of memorabilia?” I asked.

“Well, medals.”

“Any particular kind?”

He shifted in his chair.

“Well, don’t take this the wrong way, but I collect German medals.”

In World War II, “German medals” meant “Nazi medals.”

In interviews with screenwriter McKinny, Furhman used the N-word 41 times in what Judge Lance Ito determined to be “a disparaging manner.”

Among his uses of the word were, “”…all these n—ers in L.A. City government…all of them should be lined up against a wall and fucking shot,” and “we got all this money going to Ethiopia. For what? To feed a bunch of dumb n—ers that their own government won’t even feed.”