Newswire: David Tennant and Billie Piper reunite for new Doctor Who audio stories

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For those who refuse to accept the excellence of the Matt Smith era, David Tennant’s tenure on Doctor Who with Billie Piper’s plucky Rose Tyler were some of the best times on the TARDIS—at least until she got trapped in that stupid alternate dimension. Thankfully, time travel makes pretty much anything possible, especially when used in conjunction with the magic of audio dramas. So now Big Finish has decided to bring Tennant’s Doctor and Piper’s Rose back together again for a new series of Doctor Who audio dramas.

According to The Mary Sue, Tennant and Piper will be featured in three episodes, with Camille Coduri’s Jackie Tyler (Rose’s mom) popping up as well. The first episode is about a an invasion of Earth that “isn’t quite what it appears to be,” the second episodes features Rose and the Doctor meeting a spy ...