Great Job, Internet!: Hanson’s Middle Of Nowhere turns 20 this weekend

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On May 6, 1997, Hanson released its major-label debut Middle Of Nowhere, which went on to sell 10 million copies and, if you were under the age of 15 at the time, be something you either despised or adored, with probably no middle ground.

While the album had a couple of singles, it is best known for “MMMBop,” which is, with the hindsight of age, obviously a remarkably tight pop song. But it’s also one of those songs that sounds inimitably of its time. A lot of the credit and blame for this goes to producers The Dust Brothers, fresh off the success of Beck’s 1996 Odelay! The duo was able to give the scrappy young three-piece band the glossy finish of post-Jagged Little Pill pop, giving the drums a metronomic kick and turning the guitar lines into immaculately clean Glen Ballard-style flourishes. There’s even some ...