Newswire: The New York Times wins 3 Pulitzers, accidentally spoils it on Facebook

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Today, the Pulitzer Prize board announced the winners of its 2017 awards honoring excellence in journalistic and creative endeavors, and though the belligerent potato currently stinking up the White House probably won’t appreciate it, three of the winners happen to be from one of his favorite targets: the so-called “failing” New York Times. The paper’s staff won the award for International Reporting, C.J. Chivers won for Feature Writing, and photographer Daniel Berehulak won for Breaking News Photography.

In a fun peak behind the curtain, though, it looks like the New York Times may have been tipped off about its win before the Pulitzer people had even made any announcements. As reported by the Associated Press, the New York Times Facebook page shared a post earlier today promoting an upcoming Facebook Live event during which “The Times’ recently announced 2017 winners” would talk about how it feels to ...