Claire Danes Joins James Corden for Katy Perry-Lyrics Soap Opera (Video)

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Jack McBrayer kissed a girl — and he liked it. Apparently, so did Christine Baranski.

The two joined Claire Danes and James Corden Tuesday night for “The Late Late Show’s” late latest version of “The Bold & the Lyrical.” This time, the CBS series used all Katy Perry lyrics to tell a (melo)dramatic tale.

First, Corden and Danes wake up together in bed, possibly married. They’re not alone, however, as “30 Rock” alum McBrayer made it a crowd — and a threesome.

Soon, “The Good Fight” star Baranski joins the mix — and she seems to have had an eerily similar evening. This all leads to Corden getting the taste slapped out his mouth multiple times.

That’s what you get for waking up in Vegas, we suppose. Watch the video above.

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