TV Club: The Magicians takes a journey through mourning and body part replacement

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After coming off an episode in which the order of the show was upended, it makes sense that this week’s Magicians is a much slower and more downbeat affair. Everyone is struggling to make sense of what they’re left with, post-Beast. And Quentin makes what might be his most unexpected decision yet: He leaves Fillory.

Imagine Hogwarts was real. Or Narnia. Or Pern. Imagine going there. Then give it up. Quentin is the fanboy/girl’s avatar, the embodiment of every geeky person getting to live out their fantasy. That Fillory has manifestly sucked for him is about as soul-crushing as it can get for someone like him. What’s worse, he doesn’t even bother to stay there that long. Sure, he could explore the country some more, see what other wonders await him. But it’s become clear that whatever he might discover will pale in ...