TV Club: An undisciplined It’s Always Sunny squanders Dee’s darkness

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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is such a finely calibrated comedy engine that, when it goes wrong, you can just hear the mismatched, ill-assembled parts clunking like actual monkeywrenches. “PTSDee” has some laughs, and a lot of pieces that should be pleasing to fans, but, in operation, the episode jerks gracelessly to its finish. For all its darkly comic disreputability, a good episode of It’s Always Sunny lands with an improbably unified gracefulness. “PTSDee” lurches.

The traditional Sunny plot breaks the Gang into factions, but, here, the three parallel storylines barely intersect. The episode opens with Mac and Frank playing a virtual reality video game called Fallujah, a conceit that gives Rob McElhenney and Danny DeVito an opportunity to dress up both in army fatigues (in the game scenes), and goofy VR gear (wheeling around frantically inside Paddy’s). Apart from the fact that Mac’s attempts to ...