Tucker Carlson Blasts Guest: ‘Why Do You Always Bring It Back to Race?’ (Video)

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson and DNC chair candidate Jehmu Greene got heated on Monday night over her using the word “alleged” to describe the election in which Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton and repeatedly invoking race when discussing the Democratic party.

Carlson asked, “Did you mean that it’s an election that didn’t actually take place? Or we should pretend [it] didn’t happen? What did you mean?”

Greene said, “Americans, something happened in this election with Russia. Something happened that was so significant that Democratic members of congress who got that briefing stormed out of that room… we may never know what that is, if it stays classified.”

Carlson quickly became perceptibly annoyed, accusing Greene of blaming Hillary Clinton’s loss on Vladimir Putin.

“Don’t put words in my mouth, Tucker,” Greene fired back before explaining what Democrats need to do better in future elections.

Carlson asked what Democrats can do to win back the white voter and asked about a recent comment by a Bernie Sanders surrogate that “we don’t need white people leading the Democratic party right now.”

Greene didn’t want to discuss the comment but Carlson continued to press her to either embrace or denounce it.

“I’m tired of these types of conversations,” Greene said. “I’m not gonna let you divide us.”

At one point Carlson pretty much laughed in her face and accused Greene of retreating into talking points. They went on to argue for several minutes before Carlson called the interview “silly.”

When Greene eventually brought up Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Carlson asked, “Why do you always bring it back to race?”

Check out the video above.

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