‘Fuller House’ Season 2: 7 Original Characters We Want to See (Photos)

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“Fuller House” Season 1 was full of cameos, but there’s some familiar “Full House” faces we’re still waiting to see.

Best to get this one out of the way. How much longer can the tight-knit Tanner family go on without bringing in the baby of the family?

If we get Michelle, we want Teddy, her childhood best friend. Good news: Tahj Mowry is still acting so it shouldn’t be that hard to get him.

The Michelle triangle isn’t complete without Denise, who was played as a tot by a very young Jurnee Smollett-Bell.

Marla Sokoloff played Gia, bad girl turned BFF to Stephanie. There’s no reason why they couldn’t have stayed friends throughout the years.

Danny is definitely married to someone else on “Fuller House,” but can we please get Vicky (Gail Edwards) back for some closure?

Kimmy is now having romantic trouble with ex-husband Fernando, but her stoic high school boyfriend Duane (Scott Menville) could probably give him some competition. Whatever.

On “Fuller House,” DJ is already torn between high school love Steve and new guy Matt, so why not throw a third wrench into the mix? David Lipper, who says Netflix has contacted him about Season 2, played rock guitarist Viper, the last time DJ found herself in a love triangle.