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TV Club: The fight for control motivates Misty and Mariah in Luke Cage

In this episode of Luke Cage, “DWYCK,” the case is made for any one of the number of criminals and villains running around Harlem to fill the vacuum left by Cottonmouth’s death: Diamondback, Shades, Domingo, Dr. Burstein. Diamondback is invested in eliminating the competition and finding Luke Cage. Shades appears to be annoyed that everyone around him is losing sight of the forest for the trees. Domingo just wants to be left standing when the dust clears. It seems a little suspicious that Dr. Burstein has recreated his Seagate laboratory in his basement. These men are motivated by an obsession with Luke or exploiting the criminal order in Harlem. By the end of the episode, the person revealed to be the biggest threat to the criminal order in Harlem is Mariah Dillard.

Her solution to untangle her family and its reputation from the criminal world would entangle the criminal …

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