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Newswire: Watch an exclusive clip from the creepy new miniseries Beyond The Walls

The A.V. Club is quite happy with the new French TV miniseries Beyond The Walls, giving it an A- and saying that it’s “a superlative example of open-ended and imaginative storytelling that nonetheless moves at an efficient and captivating pace.” It’s also a good reason to sign up for Shudder, the horror-based streaming service oriented around curating only good things from the world of scary entertainment.

But if you’re still gun-shy about either, we have an exclusive clip from the three-part horror fantasy series below. The narrative follows Lucy, a shy and reclusive woman dealing with some personal issues, who inherits a large old house across the street from her apartment. The catch: She’s never met the man who left it to her, and there’s something strange going on inside. Without giving anything away, this two-minute excerpt gives a good sense of the vibe …

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