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Newswire: Jimmy Kimmel hires Doctor Strange for a kids’ birthday party

In an effort to promote a project under the Disney corporate umbrella—and perhaps help us all get used to Benedict Cumberbatch’s American accent—last night Jimmy Kimmel aired a bit in which he invites Stephen Strange of Marvel’s upcoming Doctor Strange over to entertain a kids’ party. The thing is, Strange is a magician, but not that kind of magician:

Still, the gruff doc isn’t one to turn down a crisp $150 either, and devises a grand plan to entertain the children: Balloon creations. They might not be very good, but as one boy learns, it’s really not worth insulting him.

Perhaps all these jokes will make a lot more sense to the general public when the movie about this fairly obscure superhero actually comes out November 4. Regardless, Cumberbatch is obviously a pro at playing the type that can’t be bothered with silly …

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