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Newswire: Jia Zhangke may tackle Journey To The West, as a Chinese filmmaker is wont to do

Sure, you probably know that China boasts the world’s largest population, gross domestic product, military force, and annual aluminum production. But did you also know that it’s the world’s largest producer of movies and TV series based on the classic Chinese shenmo novel Journey To The West? The last three years alone have seen a loose adaptation helmed by Stephen Chow and two movies directed by Soi Cheang, and Tsui Hark is currently in post-production on a sequel to Chow’s film.

By most estimates, China will become the world’s largest film market within the next two years, and it will not stop until every Chinese director has made at least one movie inspired by the colorful adventures of the monkey king Sun Wukong, the pig warrior Zhu Bajie, and the Buddhist monk Xuanzang, who is actually the protagonist, but is less fun than either of …

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