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Great Job, Internet!: Make Harry Potter even nerdier with detailed stats on all the series’ spells

If there’s one way to take something that’s already wonderfully geeky—like, say, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels—and make it even more magical, it’s statistics. We’re in luck, then, because Tableau user Skyler Johnson has taken the time to comb through all 130,000 words of Rowling’s seven-book series, and put together a handy chart of how often all 80 or so of its magical spells are used.

Apparently, wizards are really into glowing animals, knocking people out, and not moving around much, since the top three spells on the list are expecto patronum, stupefy, and accio. (The “fetching” spell accio tops the list, suggesting that many Hogwarts graduates might need to cast some “cardio” for themselves later on in life.) And lest you think Rowling’s books are all sunshine and light, avada kedavra, crucio, and imperio—the three “unforgivable” curses …

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