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Great Job, Internet!: In 1986, “Weird Al” gave bored office workers a song to call their own

On October 21, 1986, “Weird Al” Yankovic suffered his first major flop with the release of Polka Party!, his unsuccessful fourth LP. The lead single, the James Brown parody “Living With A Hernia,“ failed to catch on despite an excellent video, and the album tanked. But Polka Party! did contain at least one cult classic: a Talking Heads pastiche called “Dog Eat Dog.” That track, never released as a single, made it into Yankovic’s Permanent Record box set in 1994 and was included in his live shows for years as well. In the liner notes for Permanent Record, he explained the song’s origins:

It’s inspired by Talking Heads and also by my days working in the traffic department at [radio network] Westwood One, my first and hopefully only desk job. At first I thought it was kinda cool that I had a phone and a desk and …

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