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Cher, James Corden Duet ‘I Got You Bae’ (Video)

James Corden, you got us again, babe.

The “Late Late Show” host welcomed the legendary Cher on Thursday, when the two updated the lyrics to her 1965 Sonny Bono duet “I Got You Babe” for a new generation. Naturally, this one-letter-off version was called “I Got You Bae,” and it spoke directly to the Tinder-obsessed millennials.

That wasn’t the only modern-day app called out in the ditty.

“When I text you/an eggplant/You send me a nude on Snapchat,” Corden sang.

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“When I watch porn/when I’m all alone/I’ll delete the history before you come home,” he belted out later. That’s just considerate.

Then came their dueling lines, with the CBS personality kicking off the lines and Cher buttoning them up. Here’s our favorites (you know, the ones where we’d click the Twitter/Facebook heart icon for, kids):

“I got you as my date”/”I got you to sext me late.”

“I got you to Netflix and chill”/”And I got you covered ’cause I take the pill.”

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Yes, the “Moonstruck” star can certainly still belt out a tune — and Corden looks surprisingly comfortable in his ridiculous Cher outfit.

Watch the video above. For the youngsters, below is the original version. It was a simpler time, you guys.

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