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A.V. Undercover: The Day Of The Dead: Shovels & Rope covers Lou Reed

For the second episode of our A.V. Undercover: The Day Of The Dead edition, we wrangled popular South Carolina outfit Shovels & Rope for a trip to the studio. The duo offered up a heartbreaking version of Lou Reed’s classic song “Perfect Day.” It’s a fitting cover, considering how many lives the song has had: It came out in 1972 but got a boost as part of the Trainspotting soundtrack, and then again when it was reworked for a star-studded charity single in 1997. Shovels & Rope’s latest album is Little Seeds, released earlier this month. Enjoy, and look for more Day Of The Dead Undercover videos—presented by El Jimador Tequila—in the coming days and weeks.

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