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What Are You Playing This Weekend?: Civilization VI arrives just in time for a weekend of world domination

It’s the weekend again, Gameologinistas, which means it’s time we converge on our weekly open thread for the discussion of gaming plans, nagging questions, and whatever the heck else you feel like talking about. This week brought a couple of big game releases that couldn’t be more different—the violent World War I bombast of Battlefield 1 and the creeping world domination of Civilization VI. I know lots of you will be pouring dozens, if not hundreds, of hours into the latter, and judging by what I’ve heard from our very own Alexander Chatziioannou, it’ll be well worth the devotion. Me? I’ve never quite been able to wrap my head around the Civilization series—mine is not a tactical mind—so I’ll be giving Battlefield a spin. Getting shot to death several times a minute while internet doofuses try to blow up zeppelins …

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