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Watch This: A foreboding future was the least of Heroes’ problems

One week a month, Watch This offers staff recommendations inspired by a new show coming out that week. This week: The return of Black Mirror has us thinking about TV’s other visions of ominous futures.

Heroes, “Five Years Gone,” (season one, episode 20; originally aired April 30, 2007)

There was a time when the phrase “Save The Cheerleader, Save The World” might have sent a chill down your spine. (Maybe that’s just us.) That was way back in October 2006, when it was first uttered by a soul-patch–wearing Masi Oka in the Heroes season-one episode “Hiros.” (The other Hiro Nakamura referred to in that title was the office-drone version turned wannabe hero.) That six-word phrase was once a rallying cry on Tim Kring’s NBC drama of ever-diminishing returns, uttered by some of the “evolved humans” who faced threats from in and out of their ranks. It …

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