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‘Walking Dead’: All 36 Main Characters in Rick’s Group, Ranked (Photos)

34.) Lizzie and Mika
There was a long stretch of “The Walking Dead” where you just could tell the writers were frustrated at being saddled with these two and were trying to figure out a way to write them off. Having Lizzie murder Mika because she can’t tell the difference between walkers and people, and then having Carol kill Lizzie was probably the most “Walking Dead” thing that ever happened. That’s not a testament to them as characters, though.

32.) Shane
Shane’s demise was one of the most important deaths in the entire series, but now that Jon Bernthal has moved on to world of Marvel, we can’t help but imagine how The Punisher would do in “The Walking Dead.” We’re guessing he’d become the walkers’ natural predator.

31.) Carl
Rick’s son has all of his old man’s corruption narrative but with twice the heartbreak (and half the eyeballs). There’s a reason he’s the only one who doesn’t flinch at the prospect of Negan braining someone to death with ol’ Barbie. He’s become numbed to the sight of people dying around him constantly, much like a good chunk of this show’s audience.

30.) Lori
Oh, Lori. You tried so hard to cling to pre-apocalypse life. Unfortunately, you just became an example of how life among walkers is often just a daily struggle to not die. And also how it can make you pretty insufferable to be around. Not that she’s unique in that regard!

29.) Beth
She went from having barely any lines in season 2 to getting added to the main credits and having her own major arc in season 5. Of course, getting upgraded from extra to major character on “The Walking Dead” is often the TV equivalent of getting fattened for slaughter. And, uh, yeah.

29.) Abraham
Has a tendency to be really unchill — which we get, given his depressing backstory. And yet he’s still pretty annoying most of the time. And his facial hair is stupid.

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