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TV Review: Beyond The Walls is engrossing fantasy horror for adults

Despite the recent success of Game Of Thrones, much of the realm of fantasy is still considered a young person’s genre, relegated to the margins of serious drama and found in the YA section of your local bookstore. And even when it is given the full berth of “serious drama” consideration, be it the aforementioned HBO series or things like Starz’s Outlander, the only reason is because it partakes of supposedly adult-minded things like nudity, sex, and graphic violence. (Never mind the obvious inference that kids tend to be far more eager to indulge in those subjects at any given moment.) Horror like The Walking Dead may rule television, and science fiction may have been accepted as legitimate adult fare since before Kubrick lensed the first frame of 2001, but mysticism and magic still somehow find themselves in the less reputable seat more often than not, regardless of …

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