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TV Club: The JSA arrives to save Legends Of Tomorrow from mediocrity

Superhero teams are difficult to pull off, and the writers and producers of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow are still figuring out to effectively handle a superhero team on TV. The other CW superhero shows feature ensembles that are almost like superhero teams, but a single lead character anchors those series and gives them more focus. Legends needs a stronger sense of direction, and that’s exactly what “The Justice Society Of America” provides by having the team interact with a group that is precise, professional, and in constant agreement.

As is superhero tradition, the Legends and the JSA first meet by fighting, with the JSA mistaking the Legends for Nazi spies because of their shenanigans last week. The fastest way to make a superhero team appealing is by giving it a thrilling action sequence for its introduction, and this episode gets off to a great start when Obsidian envelops …

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