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TV Club: The Good Place leaps into the unknown—and greatness

The Good Place is a good show that, tonight, takes the leap to a great one. Reliably inventive, weird, and funny, and possessed of a deep bench of talented actors, the show has charted its eccentric course with deceptive focus. If there’s been a knock on the proceedings in this most dysfunctional of eternal rewards, it’s been a lack of stakes. The publicity for the show plays up the creamy, pastel innocuousness of Kristen Bell’s Eleanor Shellstrop being the one undeserving egg in the show’s Easter basket, but The Good Place has always kept the underground grumble of menace humming along under the good place’s sunny streets. There’s more wrong in this supposed paradise than one bad egg, and “The Eternal Shriek” cranks up both the comedy and the horror in a riotous, thought-provoking half-hour.

William Jackson Harper, Kristen Bell (Photo: Justin Lubin/NBC …

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