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TV Club: Better Things goes to church

Out of all of Better Things’ seven episodes, “Duke’s Chorus” feels the most like a sitcom in a traditional sense. It’s really a classic comedic set up of opposites that is supposed to create a tension that is ultimately diffused by the breakdown of pre-conceived notions. Granted, it’s still a skewed via Sam’s world view “Duke’s Chorus” certainly felt like it had more traditional beats than the average Better Things episode. The biggest difference between “Duke’s Chorus” and another sitcom dealing with the introduction of religion into a non-religious environment is that this one ends with a cock joke.

There were two connections between the larger setpieces in this episode, one is more overt than the other. Sam feels her own problems so deeply because she is embroiled in them. She fights with Max and deals with Duke’s scheduling so she feels this …

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