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Sponsored Post: You’ve chosen a winner for the greatest dream sequence of all time

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There’s been laughter, there’s been tears, there’s been hour-long arguments about whether Leonardo DiCaprio is still in a dream at the end of the movie. After a week of voting, you’ve all determined which sequence from film or television deserves the title “Greatest Of All Time.” And trouncing its fellow finalist with more than double the votes needed for a victory, the winner of our Bracket Racket for the Greatest Pop Culture Dream Sequence is…

The Big Lewbowski

In the end, the Coen brothers’ trippy and imaginative dream sequence of Dudes, bowling balls, and Julianne Moore dressed like a cartoon Viking defeated The Sopranos’ more allegorical and understated dream—though to be fair, that one did feature a talking fish. But The Big Lebowski’s iconic …

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