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Newswire: ABC is making a TV sequel to Will Smith’s Enemy Of The State

Congratulations to anybody who had Tony Scott’s Enemy Of The State in Hollywood’s long-running game of Movie-To-TV Show Bingo: You’ve won yourself a new action drama on ABC. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jerry Bruckheimer has sold the network on a TV sequel to the Will Smith and Gene Hackman vehicle.

Released in 1998—i.e., back when a massive NSA surveillance program spying on American citizens was meat for a pulpy spy thriller, and not three-year-old newsEnemy Of The State saw Smith play a lawyer forced to team up with a mysterious surveillance expert to expose a massive cover-up. The new show sounds like it’ll follow a similar pattern, with an “idealistic” female lawyer and a “hawkish” FBI agent drawn into a conspiracy surrounding a Snowden-esque NSA spy. None of the parts have been cast—and we’re just going to assume fans shouldn …

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