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Great Job, Internet!: Everyone is dressing up as Harley Quinn this Halloween

If you’re planning to dress as Harley Quinn this Halloween, just know you won’t be alone. That’s the big takeaway from Google Trends’ Frightgeist site, which offers costume suggestions, a list of trending costumes, and a map that breaks down popular costumes by region. The latter two sections confirm that no matter where you go this Halloween, you won’t be able to escape Harley Quinn. Not only is she the number one trending costume nationally (followed by the Joker at number two and the generic “superhero” at number three), she’s also a top choice everywhere from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Honolulu, Hawaii. Which means that while little boys across the country don the capes of Superman and Batman, their female peers will be learning an important lesson in weaponizing their sexuality and forgoing weather-appropriate clothing for the sake of being trendy.

Screenshot: Frightgeist

There are …

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